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  1. Mr. & Elliot tried very hard to have a baby Mrs. Elliot “You dear sweet boy ” He was a p 25 years ure old She had seemed much she was 40 years younger old oet In reality She would ask him to tell her again that he had kept himself really in fact she had seemed not to have any He called it living straight for her. at all. age He had been in love with various girls before And told them that he had led a clean life Many people took her for cried when he brought her home Elliot’s mother All the girls lost interest in him but brightened very much when she learned that they were going to live abroad “You dear sweet boy ”

  2. She was sick She disintegrated very quickly They tried very hard to have a baby Mr. Elliot & Mrs. Elliot He had a number of friends all of whom admired his poetry He wrote a great number of poems She typed them for him She sent over her girl friend They were all very l o oooooooo ng She cried a good deal long It was possible to try to have a baby but she could not attempt it very often Mrs. Elliot’s years had been precipitated suddenly when she started travelling They were both disappointed sailed for Europe He was very severe about mistakes and would make her re-do an entire page if there was one mistake. comingover on the boat They tried in Boston in Paris in Dijon

  3. baby Mr. Elliot & Mrs. Elliot He had taken to drinking white wine She and the girl friend now slept together He wrote a great deal of poetry Things had not turned out the way it looked when it started They had many a good cry Mr. & Mrs. Elliot He lived apart in his own room by Adrian Rew and Christine Villanueva The friends began to drift back to Paris They were all quite happy in reality