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Mr. Krefft and Mr. Page PowerPoint Presentation
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Mr. Krefft and Mr. Page

Mr. Krefft and Mr. Page

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Mr. Krefft and Mr. Page

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  1. Mr. Krefft and Mr. Page Energy Managers

  2. What do Energy Managers do? Maintain Comfort by: … Monitoring operational efficiency of equipment Eliminate Energy Waste by: … Tracking & analyzing energy consumption Save Dollars by: …Minimizing unnecessary utility consumption

  3. Why do we need Energy Managers? Climate Change

  4. In most places, average temperatures are rising. Scientists have observed a warming trend beginning around the late 1800s. The most rapid warming has occurred in recent decades. Many believe this rapid change is due to human activities.

  5. Why Energy Managers? • Natural Resources … reliance on non-renewable, “dirty” energy

  6. Why Energy Managers? Money The cost of utilities (water, electricity and natural gas) is expensive and rising. The cost of electricity typically rises at a rate of approximately 6% every year! Over the last year, it has been closer to 15%!

  7. Money How much does the VRMS spend on utilities (water, natural gas, electricity) in just one year?

  8. $155,549.04 That’s a lot!

  9. Money What about the entire district in one year?

  10. $4,610,084.52 WOW!

  11. Don’t forget the 6% increase! If we did nothing at all, that amount, $155, 549.04, would increase by $9,333.00 per Year at VRMS alone! That equates to an average of $778.00 every month! At the District level, the $4,610,084.52 total would increase by $276,605.00! That would be over $23,000 per month! Just to use the same amount you used last year!

  12. What can be done about this?

  13. The Energy Pyramid

  14. Conservation The first step in reducing carbon footprint and saving money… -Thermostat settings -Turn off all unnecessary electricity using devices -Reduce VAMPIRE energy -The average U.S. household spends $100 per year to power devices while they are off or in standby. In U.S. alone, it accounts for over 100 billion kWh and over $10 billion in annual energy costs! -Understand “peak hours” 12 - 6 -Don’t let water run unnecessarily (state of emergency) -Understand watering hours (2103 driest year on record)

  15. Efficiency • Efficiency is how well something works. • From our perspective, it means how much energy does it use! • Fix what you have first. (Optimization) • Replace with newer, more energy efficient equipment (EnergyStar). (T12 lightbulbs) • Evaporation

  16. Renewable Energy • Solar • Wind • Hydro (water) • Geothermal

  17. Solar

  18. Obtaining solar Solar for the district would be upwards of $10 - $15 million dollars to produce approximately 20% of consumption. This means we would be paying for solar AND still paying SoCal Edison! A solar project will be viable only when conservation and efficiency measures are effective and sustainable and the “right deal” is available.

  19. Putting solar on Vail Ranch Middle School alone would be the same as adding solar to about 60 homes!

  20. Questions? Contact: