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  1. Employee Wellness Program

  2. About us Vidal Healthcare is a Health Management Services Company. We are in the business of leveraging our partnerships with some of best brands in the healthcare space to bring you integrated health management programs. These programs help you maintain and manage your health for the strategic asset that it is. Our Knowledge Partners

  3. Employee Wellness - Introduction Wellness – What? A proactive approach to attain optimum health, emotional and social well being. Employee Wellness – Why? Employee efficiency affects Organization’s success & fortunes. 3

  4. Wellness is good for business! 3.5x Creativity & Innovation 2.5x Profitability Attrition 8x Employee Engagement 4x Source: Global Benchmark Survey, December 2008, by Right Management. This covered 28010 employees across 10 sectors (incl. IT / ITES, Finance, Real Estate). Geographical coverage included India (Indian sample = 2800 employees) 4

  5. Elements of Employee Wellness Health Risk Assessment Disease Deferment Programs Stress Counseling Nutrition Counseling Health Awareness and Education Disease Management Programs 5

  6. Wellnessstarts with Health Risk Assessment (HRA) programs Positive HRA scores are correlated with Higher Performance Negative HRA scores are correlated with Higher Absenteeism Source: The vie life/IHPM Health and Performance Research Study. Author: Dr Peter Mills, chief medical officer, vie life), 2007 Annualized STD = average annual days of absenteeism due to health. Unilever’s global wellness program has been in existence since 2001. It includes a HRA, CDMPs, Triage lines, Stress and Nutrition counseling as its main dimensions

  7. Introducing: Healthex is Vidal’s proprietary Health Risk Assessment Program It embeds a comprehensive health check into a HRA to deliver a Personalized Health Improvement Plan for each employee. The Health Check is itself customized to the risk profile of each employee – we ensure that you do not pay for unnecessary tests. To make sure that the employee is counseled and convinced about the need to manage his health – each Healthex session includes a 20 minute counseling session with a Doctor. This counseling session is aimed at helping the employee adopt his Personalized Health and Wellness Improvement plan. 29 October 2012 7

  8. Healthex For more than 60 years, Milliman has pioneered strategies, tools and solutions worldwide. Milliman is the leader in providing actuarial consulting services to the health industry. 8

  9. Comprehensive Health Check up • Basic tests - For all employees • Drill down tests - Specific tests for diabetes, hypertension, etc. if the risk profile warrants such tests. Drill down tests are automatically triggered by the clinical protocol embedded in Healthex. Ensures that you do not pay for unnecessary tests.

  10. Service Delivery Network • Over 500 locations - 5600 Hospitals • 122 locations with over 930 Diagnostic Centres • 50 Nutritionists & Counsellors. • 30 Wellness Centres • Over 600 Doctors and specialists 29 October 2012 10

  11. Outputof Healthex

  12. -Employee Engagement Options Fitness Diet Diet tips. Fitness tips and tool. “Phone a Nutritionist” facility Online “Ask a trainer” facility

  13. - Employee Engagement Options Health talks Health Information Research based articles on the portal Health talks delivered by senior Doctors Lifestyle Management newsletter

  14. Analytics from Healthex: Case Study Profile: Mid sized software company N = 125 <18 LOW 2% 1% 2% 0% 0% BMI 18 – 23 IDEAL 8% 15% 8% 1% 0% >23 OVER WEIGHT 6% 8% 35% 14% 1% 18 - 25 26 - 30 31 - 35 36 - 40 41 PLUS AGE Provides justification for wellness spend. Example – in the above; nutrition management programs at the 26 to 30 age group would have maximum impact.

  15. Analytics from Healthex Profile: Mid sized BPO, Average Age: 31 N = 377 HIGH 18% 30% 25% 3% 5% 2% 0% 12% 46% 56% 56% 60% 48% MEDIUM 49% 80% 57% LOW 2% 23% 33% 16% 37% 32% 20% 37% Risk status % Disease Conditions

  16. Follow up programs Stress Counseling Nutrition Counseling Disease Deferment Health Awareness and Education Disease Management Programs

  17. Follow up programs : Stress Counseling Awareness Creation Stress Assessment Counseling Sessions

  18. Follow up programs : Nutrition Counseling • 1 to 3 day camps per quarter per corporate • 2 Nutritionists full time on site • Appointment based counseling • Anthormorphic measurements • Diet recall • Personalized diet plans • @Phone – follow up and reminders • Personal follow up sessions

  19. Creating annual wellness programs 2 3 4 C C C Nutrition Camp Stress Mgt Camp. Quarterly Health Talks 1 Month 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 9 Month 12 Health events – Quizzes, Treasure Hunts, Bicycle rides, Treks – half day outdoor and indoor events aimed creating a fun element around wellness. The Annual Wellness starts with a Launch Event. 1

  20. Expected outcome

  21. Employee Wellness Program

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