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Friday 3/28/14

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Friday 3/28/14. Please get out the following: New sheet of binder paper WWI research project packet. For Monday : 1. One paper copy of your final draft 2. One digital copy uploaded to 3. All research Logs 4. Your product.

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Friday 3/28/14

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friday 3 28 14
  • Please get out the following:
    • New sheet of binder paper
    • WWI research project packet

For Monday:1. One paper copy of your final draft2. One digital copy uploaded to turnitin.com3. All research Logs4. Your product

why did russia leave the war
Why did Russia leave the war?

Massive Casualties- Over 9 million dead or seriously wounded.

Millions of dollars spent on the war.

No serious victories and many serious defeats.

Intense social unrest leading to social revolution.

The end of Czarist Russia and the start of the Communist takeover that favored the people over the war.

Russian Soldiers running from the German army

by 1917
By 1917…

1917 Russia has fallen out of the war and into the Russian Revolution

Germany and their allies the Turks have succeeded in winning the Eastern Front.

Italy is about to fold under Austrian aggression.

All armies are made up of young boys and weary veterans.

Everyone is low on food and ammunition.

Germany believes they will win. Everyone else believes Germany will win too.

treaty of brest litovsk
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

Signed between the new Bolshevik Government in Russia and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria Hungary and Turkey)‏

Gave away a third of Russia's population in lost territories

Gave away half of Russia’s already small industry and 9/10 of coal mines

Russia gave Germany the territories of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, and the Ukraine.

Russia gave Turkey the territories of Ardahan, Kars, and Batumi.

Russia had to pay six billion marks (German $) = $173 million in war reparations to Germany.

monday 3 31 14
Monday 3/31/14
  • Please get out the following:
    • All WWI research materials
    • “US In and Russia Out” notes from Friday
staple in the following order
Staple in the Following Order:

Printed paper copy of final draft.

Separate paper versions of research logs (check names).

us joins the war but why now after 3 years of neutrality
US Joins the War:But Why Now After 3 Years of Neutrality?

Unrestricted Submarine Warfare- 1915 German U-boats sink British merchant ships and the occasional passenger liner. America loses money and a few citizens on the ships. (this was a mild contribution): Sinking of the Lusitania.

The Zimmerman Telegram- Germany encourages Mexico to attack America and keep the US out of Europe.


The Zimmerman Telegram

  • Listen to the Zimmerman Telegram.
  • Your Focus Questionis: Why would this document lead the USA into finally declaring war in 1917?

The Zimmerman Telegram

Go Back to your notes…


* Part of President Wilson’s presidential campaign was that he “would not take the US to war!” But, look what happened… *


The YanksAre Coming!

Woodrow Wilson, US President, April 2, 1917 "The world must be made safe for democracy."


Americans in the Trenches

“Infantry, Artillery, Aviation - all that we have - are yours to dispose of as you will. I have come to say to you that the American people would be proud to be engaged in the greatest battle in history.” Gen. Pershing

What effect will the Americans probably have on the war?What advantages do they bring to the allies? What disadvantages do they bring?Discuss in Small Groups: Be prepared to share.
wwi is a total war
WWI is a Total War
  • All the energy and work of every person in the country is directed to war.
      • Factories are transformed from making cars and radios to making tanks and artillery shells.
      • Commercial ship yards stop making trade ships and start making war ships.
      • Women enter the work force to take the places left my men fighting at the front.
      • Children collect scrap metal, paper, grease and other items to provide the mass of raw materials needed for the war.
      • Everyone goes on rationing. Food, gas, rubber and cloth are all regulated and restricted so that enough of all those things gets to the soldiers.
      • Every member of society participates in the war in some way.
desertions and strikes
Desertions and Strikes

April - June, 1917 Over half a million French soldiers mutiny, or "go on strike" and refuse to continue the failed offensive.

July, 1918 German troops being shipped from the Eastern to Western Front begin to desert in large numbers from their transport trains.

October 28, 1918 German sailors mutiny at port when asked to sail and fight a hopeless naval battle.

tanks break and trench warfare
Tanks break and Trench Warfare

At last, with American manufacturing, more advanced tanks, more personnel and supplies, the Allies finally start to take ground and advanced through Germany.

Allies develop depth charges and break the stranglehold of the German U-boats. Supply ships can move once again.



Even those men who lived were horribly scarred, crippled or emotionally destroyed.

What types of problems would a country that loses 9 million + people in 3 years will face?


But the problems are just beginning...

16 million dead and 37 million causalities

economic collapse
Economic Collapse

In Europe: Battles ruined crop land. Poisons left soil unfit to farm.

Civilians died from starvation and disease

Food Prices soared.

Other Costs of the war reached $338 billion.

  • 1918 – Widespread strikes and unrest
  • German army and navy begin to crumble
  • November 9, 1918 Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates (leaves his position)
  • November 11, 1918 Germany signs armistice
  • WWI comes to an end

Armistice (agreement to end the war) was signed at 11 a.m. November 11, 1918 in a railway car in France near Paris. Germany was not “surrendering” but responding to President Woodrow Wilson’s “Fourteen Points”. The Germans, British and French were present.


11 a.m., November 11, 1918

The Great War is Over...


Treaty of Versailles: Although the armistice signed on 11 November 1918, ended the actual fighting, it took six months of negotiations at the Paris Peace Conference to conclude the peace treaty. The treaty was registered by the Secretariat of the League of Nations on October 21 1919, and was printed in The League of Nations Treaty Series.

The “Big Four” (U.S., France, Great Britain, and Italy) were the main players in the creation of the treaty.


1. After heated debate over Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points, the Big Four only agreed on the 14th Point to create the League of Nations.

2. They also agreed to punish Germany in the “war guilt” clause, demanding war reparations to be paid

3. Borders throughout Europe changed as nations declared their independence.

happy block day
Happy Block Day!
  • Study the following items before Friday:
    • All of Ch. 13 Cornell Notes
    • In Class work, notes and activities
    • Unit 5 Review Sheet – suggested to complete ALL questions
  • Unit 5 Assessment will have the following:
    • MC questions
    • Map questions
    • Reading analysis questions (DBQs)