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  1. about The man is thinking about the new enterprise challenge.

  2. above The kite is flying above the boy’s head.

  3. across The boy drew a line across the page.

  4. after After the rain, the sunshine came out.

  5. against The cool dog is leaning against the door.

  6. in front of The man is standing in front of the wall.

  7. along The car is driving along the road.

  8. among Putting the cat among the pigeons.

  9. around The sun travels around the Earth.

  10. at We were late home because we were at the park.

  11. before I had to eat all my sandwiches before I could have some ice-cream.

  12. behind There was a loud knock behind the door.

  13. below Dad was feeling so unwell his temperature had dropped below normal.

  14. beneath Beneath the surface of the sea lives the shark.

  15. beside Mom accidentally left her briefcase beside the table.

  16. between The ball went straight between the posts.

  17. by Susan said the remote control was by the coffee table.

  18. down The band were rubbish, the judge gave them the thumbs down.

  19. during The defendants pleaded their innocence to the judge during the trial.

  20. except Everyone is invited to my party except for Penelope.

  21. for Holidays are for relaxing.

  22. from I received a letter from my pen pal today.

  23. into You must always insert the plug into the socket with dry hands.

  24. in Place the letter in the envelope carefully.

  25. inside I crawled inside the tent quickly, as it was so cold outside.

  26. instead of Sunil bought flowers from the florist instead of the supermarket.

  27. like The cat was so fat he looked like a balloon.

  28. near “Don’t stand too near the fireworks!” shouted mom.

  29. off “Keep off the grass!” shouted the park ranger.

  30. of I went to the shops to buy two pints of milk.

  31. on The plant pot had been placed on the table beautifully.

  32. on top of The pen was placed on top of the writing paper.

  33. onto The snow fell onto the roof tops.

  34. out of The woman was looking out of the window.

  35. outside The couple were sitting outside under the stars.

  36. over The horse jumped over the fence.

  37. past Joshua ran past Alan to win the race.

  38. since Tanya hasn’t been out since Ellie was born.

  39. through The man walked through the doors carefully.

  40. to The doctor was listening to Amerie’s heart beat.

  41. towards We were heading straight towards the storm.

  42. under It is bad luck to walk under ladders.

  43. underneath Mum’s slippers were hidden underneath the bed.

  44. until Tom couldn’t wait until lunchtime to eat his apple.

  45. up It was a hard walk up the mountain.

  46. upon The globe was resting very carefully upon the pile of books.

  47. with Dad was helping Maneesha with her homework.

  48. within The boss was worried because he needed to raise funds within two weeks.

  49. without Syrus was left to play his bongo drum without the rest of the band.