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How To Make the Most of the Placement Test PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Make the Most of the Placement Test

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How To Make the Most of the Placement Test - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Make the Most of the Placement Test
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  1. How To Make the Most of the Placement Test Get a head start at your success at Owens Community College

  2. Owens uses COMPASS as the placement test.

  3. What is the COMPASS Test? COMPASS is a computerized assessment in reading, math and writing that is part of Owens Community College's admission and advising process. The test is not timed, so the length of time needed to complete the test is determined by you. COMPASS scores will determine your academic level which will allow for proper course placement.

  4. Who needs to complete the COMPASS assessment? All new full- or part-time students who plan to: • receive a degree • receive a certificate • take courses that require prerequisites • plan to receive federal financial aid • enroll as post secondary students or early admission students.

  5. What will it mean? Your score will determine what courses your Advisor will help you to select. • If you score between 0-25 you will need to sign up for a FREE 8 week Extended Prep class that will prepare you for a credit bearing math class. This class is for GED/HS graduates only! • If you score 25-43 sign up for Math 089 or the Extended Prep class. • If your score is 46 or higher, you will go directly into Trigonometry or Pre-calculus! • In Reading, if you score between 35-48 sign up for English 095.

  6. So how can I prepare ? • Free COMPASS workshops are offered to help refresh your memory and give you strategies to succeed on the test.

  7. Who should take the COMPASS Workshop? • Any student who has been out of school for any length of time… • or wishes to brush up on their math, writing or reading skills, a short 3 hour workshop is recommended before taking the test.

  8. What is the value of the Workshop? Designed to relieve stress and improve scores! The workshop covers: • Strategies for test taking • Strategies for reading any test • How to analyze a question • Strategies for taking the writing test • Understanding story problems • Working with fractions, percents, exponents and more!

  9. To sign up for a workshop • Check the Learning Center website for a schedule and location then • In Toledo, call 567-661-2008 or in Findlay, 567-429-3141 to make an appointment.

  10. Do you want to test yourself? To see sample questions, simply visit:

  11. For additional practice visit •;_ylt=Aq48MpD_GGQFP5LFIzJkFZVtL8EF • • •

  12. To register to take the COMPASS • Call the COMPASS Lab to make an appointment: In Toledo (567) 661-7547 College Hall 128-B or in Findlay (567) 429-3508 Room 124

  13. For Extended Prep Questions: Call 567-661-2708

  14. More questions? • Once you have completed the test, you will meet with an Advisor who will recommend classes. • To contact an advisor call (567) 661-7777, College Hall 130 (T) (567) 429-3509, Commons (F) Or check out the Office of Enrollment Services on the web.