how to make the most of the mobile network n.
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How to Make the Most of the Mobile Network Boosters PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Make the Most of the Mobile Network Boosters

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How to Make the Most of the Mobile Network Boosters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile Network Booster has become one of the leading corporations dealing with Hi-Tech electronic gadgets. We are placed in Delhi, from where we distribute our products to all over India. Our Services includes Mobile Network Booster India, Mobile Signal Booster Dealer in Delhi, 2G mobile signal booster, 3G mobile signal booster, 4G mobile signal booster, CDMA mobile signal booster etc.

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How to Make the Most of the Mobile Network Boosters

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how to make the most of the mobile network

How to Make the Most of the Mobile Network


Let’s face it. Call drops and poor network are regularity today

and not even the most discerning mobile network companies

have – till date- been able to claim that they have been

successful in wiping out complaints in entirety. This is where we





boosters. And, the best way to make the most of these

“lifesavers of sorts” is to learn about them in the first place.

That’s exactly what we will be doing today. We will explore

ways in which a ​Mobile Network Booster Delhi ​​actually goes

on to help you. Read on in order to be duly guided.

Call Drops and Poor Network: Understanding the Problem

Now, there is no doubt about the fact that service carriers have actually gone on to bolster

user experience by adding towers and appending to the coverage area. However, poor

networking and call drops are issues that they have been grappling with for long. According

to the results of a survey 32% of the participants complained that they experienced call

drops at least a few times a week.

A mobile network booster for cell phone signal booster works with the help of the three main

components including amplifier, exterior antenna and interior antenna. These three

components together go on to pave the way for a system which bolsters cell reception.

How does a Network Booster Work?

This booster is nothing but a repeater system which entails the amplifier adding power to the

reception in several directions. The exterior antenna is responsible for receiving and

transmitting signals to a cellular tower having enhanced power and sensitivity. In general,

the dB gain does not plummet below 7dB and does not exceed beyond 10dB gain. The

mobile network booster is simply there to amplify the cell phone signal around your home,

office, car and workstation.

with mobile network

the main causes of call drop or poor signal

The main causes of call drop or poor signal are not hard to find either. One of the most

prominent reasons behind the same is definitely the distance from the closest cell tower.

Now, one must be aware of the fact that carriers actually provide cell coverage with the help

of a strong network of cell towers placed strategically. When you are within the network

covered by the company, the towers eventually get connected to your cell phone – as a

result of which you are able to stay connected with people from your personal and

professional spheres.

Please Contact Qualified Professionals

It is when you start advancing towards the periphery of the network covered, do you start

facing difficulties. There simply are no added towers to jump to your rescue in these cases

and this is actually the reason why you need to explore the benefits of mobile network


Make sure you are only posing your faith in the credentialed names providing mobile

networks or ​Cell Phone Repeaters in Delhi​​. There is no dearth of such professionals in the

city but do make sure that you are zeroing in on products only after researching reputation of


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