Adabas recovery using fast backup software
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Adabas Recovery using “fast backup” software. by Rich Crumley Keane, Inc. SAG disclaimer.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Adabas Recoveryusing “fast backup” software


Rich Crumley

Keane, Inc

Sag disclaimer l.jpg
SAG disclaimer

“Software AG does not recommend using such a database fastcopy as a substitute for a regular Software AG database (or delta) save. Not only does Software AG have no control over the datasets that are included in the database fastcopy, but it also cannot vouch for the success of the fastcopy. Moreover, delta saves cannot sensibly be run on a copy of the database, as the DSF status change effected by the delta save would occur on the database copy instead of the original.”

Agenda l.jpg

  • Backup process

  • Recovery process

  • Some possibilities

The backup process l.jpg
The Backup Process

  • Suspend update transactions

  • Execute “fastcopy”

  • Resume update transactions

Transactions suspend l.jpg

Optional Parameter - TTSYN

“Use this parameter to specify the maximum amount of time the nucleus is to wait for all ET users to reach ET status before it forcibly ends and backs out update transactions that are still running in order to quiesce the system. If this parameter is not specified, the default is the ADARUN TT value.”

Transactions suspend8 l.jpg

Optional Parameter - TRESUME

“Use this parameter to specify the amount of time in seconds the system is to remain quiesced after being suspended before the nucleus automatically resumes normal update transaction processing. If this parameter is not specified, the default is 120 seconds and the maximum is 86400 seconds or about 24 hours. The count begins when the nucleus has been successfully quiesced. ”

Transactions suspend9 l.jpg

Behind the scenes:

  • New update transactions held in the user queue.

  • In-flight transactions are allowed to complete (within TTSYN)

  • Buffer flush

  • Write checkpoint SYNC-73

  • ADADBS notified

Transactions suspend10 l.jpg


  • Read processing continues

  • Utility conflicts (collisions)

  • TTSYN value

  • TRESUME value

Transactions resume l.jpg

Behind the scenes:

  • Write checkpoint SYNS-74

  • Suspended transactions released from the user queue

  • ADADBS notified

Transactions resume14 l.jpg


  • Database not in SUSPEND status

Agenda15 l.jpg

  • Backup process

  • Recovery process

  • Some possibilities

The recovery process l.jpg
The Recovery Process

Database recovery:

  • Ensure database inactive

  • Execute “copyback” process

  • Start database in utility only mode

  • Regenerate transactions

  • Start database for normal processing

The recovery process17 l.jpg
The Recovery Process

File recovery:

  • Disable original file

  • Regenerate transactions on “snap” DB

  • Save file on “snap” database

  • Restore file to original database

  • Enable file for normal processing

Agenda18 l.jpg

  • Backup process

  • Recovery process

  • Some possibilities

Some possibilities l.jpg
Some Possibilities

How might the “snap” database be used?

  • Offline Save

  • Diagnostic utilities (ACK, ICK, VAL)

  • Static copy of Production database

  • Recovery purposes

  • ???