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Louisiana Access to Recovery LA-ATR

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Louisiana Access to Recovery LA-ATR - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Louisiana Access to Recovery LA-ATR. Understanding Addiction & Supporting Recovery Webinar Pastor Pythian Noah June 25, 2009. ATR was developed as part of the President’s Drug Treatment Initiative

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louisiana access to recovery la atr

Louisiana Access to RecoveryLA-ATR

Understanding Addiction & Supporting Recovery Webinar

Pastor Pythian Noah

June 25, 2009

what is atr
ATR was developed as part of the President’s Drug Treatment Initiative

24 Access to Recovery (ATR) grants were awarded by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) / Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) around the nation

OAD received an ATR grant in the amount of $13.2 million, which is to be utilized over the next three (3) years to support recovery to the target population

What is ATR?
goals of atr
Goals of ATR
  • Expand capacity
  • Accessible treatment and recovery support services
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Faith and Community based providers
how atr has accomplished these goals
How ATR has accomplished these goals?
  • Outreach to public and private sector
  • Development of a web-based electronic voucher system
    • Collect data to measure outcomes
    • Uniform decision summary for level of care
    • Recovery Support Services
    • Best Practices
  • Allow consumer Freedom of Choice
atr target populations
ATR Target Populations
  • Adult & Juvenile Criminal Justice Population

Note: Emphasis on Re-Entry and Probation/Parole Clients

atr ii target locations
ATR-II Target Locations
    • New Orleans Area
    • Baton Rouge Area
    • Northwest LA
    • Northeast LA
    • Acadiana Area
    • Florida Parishes Area
    • Northwest LA
    • Northeast LA
expanding capacity with atr
Expanding Capacity with ATR
  • OAD’s goal is to serve 5,999 additional consumers over the next 3 years
    • Clinical Treatment Services
    • Recovery Support Services
client criteria for atr ii
Client Criteria for ATR-II
  • Target Populations (Priority Admissions)
    • Criminal Justice Involvement in past 12 months
    • Methamphetamine use in past 90 days (includes Ecstasy)
  • *Criteria 1: Client has clinical diagnosis of alcohol and/or drug abuse or dependence
  • *Criteria 2: Client meets income eligibility criteria

*ALL clients must meet clinical and financial eligibility criteria

the atr process
The ATR Process
  • Screening
  • Assessment
  • Treatment
  • Recovery Support Services
  • Care Coordination
atr screening
ATR Screening
  • Criminal Justice Involvement (Priority Admission)
  • Methamphetamine User (Priority Admission)
  • Identified substance abuse problem through screening instruments (Required for all admits)
  • Financial Eligibility Criteria: At or below 200% of the poverty level
atr assessment
ATR Assessment
  • Central Intake Unit within Jails/Prisons and Probation/Parole Offices
  • Intake within ATR approved Treatment Agencies
  • ASI (Addiction Severity Index)
  • CASI (Comprehensive Adolescent Severity Inventory)
    • Comparison Reports Available
    • Appropriate Patient Placement
    • Identify Recovery Support Services Needed
atr ii treatment services
ATR-II Treatment Services
  • The following Treatment Services will be provided by ATR through community, faith, public and private based DHH licensed providers:
    • Outpatient
    • Intensive Outpatient
atr outpatient treatment services
ATR Outpatient Treatment Services

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

  • Minimum of 9 hrs per week and 3 sessions per week
  • Voucher will reimburse for 6 weeks of IOP

Daytime Intensive Outpatient Treatment

3-Day ($80 per session)

4-Day ($60 per session)

5-Day ($48 per session)

  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Maximum of 3 outpatient sessions will be allowed per week at a rate of $30 per one-hour session
          • Note:Additional treatment services 4 individual therapy sessions and 4 family therapy sessions at $50 per session
atr recovery support services
Job Readiness

Housing (License Reqr’d)

Childcare (DSS Licensed)


Life Skills

Family Reunification Services

Spiritual Support Groups

Alcohol & Drug Free Social Activities

Anger Management

Family Education & Reunification Services

Note: A maximum of $3,000 will be allowed for recovery support services per each voucher

ATR Recovery Support Services
care coordinator
Care Coordinator
  • Available at each treatment provider
  • Ensures that consumer is properly linked to recovery support services
  • Ensures that consumer successfully transitions to the next level of care
freedom of choice
Freedom of Choice
  • Consumer will be given a choice amongst a list of providers for recommended level of care
  • Freedom of Choice verification form will be signed by consumer
  • It is required that at least one of the options be of no religious affiliation
atr provider eligibility criteria
ATR Provider Eligibility Criteria
  • Must be licensed/accredited to provide service
  • Must have necessary computer and internet access
  • Must have EFT capabilities for payment of services rendered
  • Must complete mandatory OAD trainings and become ATR approved
  • Must agree to all reporting requirements mandated by Federal government with ATR grant
outcomes evaluation reports seven domains
Outcomes Evaluation& Reports (Seven Domains)
  • Social Connectedness
  • Access/Capacity
  • Family and Living Conditions
  • Employment/Education
  • Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Abstinence from Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Retention
la atr ii statewide outcomes
LA-ATR II Statewide Outcomes
  • Average Length of Stay in Treatment – 116 Days
  • Completion of Treatment – 44%
  • Over 3,700 individual served since January 2008

95 Total Providers Statewide

  • 26 Faith-Based Organizations
  • 16 Community-Based Organizations
la atr ii statewide performance outcomes at discharge
LA-ATR II Statewide Performance Outcomes at Discharge
  • Abstinence (No illegal alcohol/drug use in past 30 days) – 87%
  • Crime & Criminal Justice (No arrests in past 30 days) – 99%
  • Employment/Education – 56%
  • Social Connectedness – 92%
  • Stability in Housing – 41%
  • Health/Behavioral/Social Consequences (No alcohol or illegal drug related health, behavioral, social consequences) – 98%
access to recovery atr
Access to Recovery (ATR)

A collaborative effort to help individuals and families recover from the disease of addiction in Louisiana

Pastor Pythian Noah

Grace Outreach Center

E-Mail: noahpythian@netzero.com

Tel: (504) 494-998