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The Disability Resource Centre

Mick Dillon BArch DipArch PGDipArch RegArch Chief Executive . We’re all the same….honestly! 5 th August 2014. Introduction and Welcomes The Disability Resource Centre (DRC) W hat's this Disability thing all about ? Disability and the Workplace.

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The Disability Resource Centre

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  1. Mick DillonBArch DipArch PGDipArch RegArch Chief Executive .We’re all the same….honestly!5th August 2014

  2. Introduction and WelcomesThe Disability Resource Centre (DRC)What's this Disability thing all about ?Disability and the Workplace

  3. Employ 60 staff in Bedford, Dunstable & Northampton. (21 declared their disability in 2013) Receive 8,000 new disability enquiries and 12,000+ visitors each year Annually supports over 5,000 vulnerable people on an on-going basis to live independently Supports 2,000 Direct Payment recipients and manages 1,200 Holding A/Cs valued at c£10m £2million+ turnover, monthly wage bill £110,000+ The Disability Resource Centre The Disability Resource Centre

  4. What's this Disability thing all about then? Can anyone define disability? “A physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on a persons ability to carry out normal day to day activities” Thesaurus definition of Disability Inability, incapability, incompetent Legal definition vsSociety definition ”you can’t do this” ”you don’t looked disabled”

  5. What's this Disability thing all about then? How many disabled people are there in Great Britain? (All ages) There are over 11 million people with a limiting long term illness, impairment or disability. 2012 Labour Force Survey What % of disabled people (of working age) in Great Britain are unemployed 56% of working-age disabled people are not in employment compared to 24% of working-age non-disabled people16% of the working age population have declared they have a disability

  6. What's this Disability thing all about then? What do we think are the key issues about employing disabled people? What are your concerns about retaining a member of staff who becomes disabled? Productivity and Efficiency, absence, increased medical appointment, cost, image, time keeping, accessible offices, impact on other staff, ability to travel?

  7. What's this Disability thing all about then? Capability or Disability? Performance or absence issues? What’s the Culture, Attitude, Need, Risk and Ambition of the Company? Do the right thing or the right thing to do? Take disability out of the equation, what does the issue look like now? Understanding staff environments away from the workplace

  8. What's this Disability thing all about then? Practical Steps around Disability Staff will naturally be compared to each other Look at the entire picture of the employees environment Engage fully and don’t be afraid to ask reasonable questions Use HR policies and procedures the same with everyone Explore the Access to Work Scheme fully Be clear what the best outcomes are for all parties Be open minded and flexible where possible Keep paper trails of approaches and discussions Be totally equitable with everyone Is the above approach exclusive to Disability?

  9. Does disability affect educational opportunities? 6.5% of working age non-disabled do not hold any formal qualification compared to 19.2% of working age disabled people 28.1% of working age non-disabled people hold degree-level qualifications compared to 14.9% of working age disabled people 2012 Labour Force Survey Is disability an age related issue? The p Disability rises with age Around 6% of children are disabled, compared to 16% (2m) of working age adults and 45% of adults over State Pension age What are the most commonly-reported impairments • mobility, lifting or carrying

  10. What's this Disability thing all about then? LanguageWords to be avoided: • Victim – use person who has/with/who has experienced... • Handicapped – use disabled person • Crippled by – use a person who has / with… • Suffering from – use person who has / with… • Afflicted by – use person who has / with… • Wheelchair bound – uses a wheelchair… • Mental handicap – use person with a learning difficulty… • Mental illness – use person with a mental health issue… • Invalid (literally means not valid) – use disabled person. • Blind – use impaired vision, low vision, or partially sighted • Deaf – use hearing impaired • Avoid ‘what is wrong with you?’ or ‘have you always been.. • Words to be carefully considered

  11. Disability and the Work Place. I’m an employer I want to recruit and retain the best quality staff When recruiting new staff, what does any employer need and hope for? • Good knowledge, reliable, able, loyal, good time keeping, good customer focus, smart? • Effective & efficient? Shall we say Employability?

  12. Mick DillonThe Disability Resource CentrePoynters House, Poynters RoadDunstable, Beds. LU5 4TP Call: 01582 470900 Twitter: @DisabilityMick Website: www.drcbeds.org.uk Email: mickdillon@drcbeds.org.uk Registered Charity No 1041712 Our Patron: The Duke of Bedford

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