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Trinity Logistics

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Trinity Logistics
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  1. Trinity Logistics

  2. Trinity Logistics • An Overview • What is a 3PL? • Software Applications • How Does it Work? • Why Outsource?

  3. Trinity’s TMS System for Today’s Ecomony • Only 38% of companies currently utilize some form of a TMS system. • 60% of them produce $5 billion or more in annual sales. • Trinity Logistics allow shippers to access a single point of contact to • select and qualify carriers. • Manage cargo claims. • Leverage significant investment in software technology and provide • mode, lane and carrier selection expertise. • Collect and more importantly manage the transportation data. • “Can’t miss” business application with high ROI returns. • Planners can go from 10-12 shipments a day to 100 -120 loads with • automation. • Shippers will need to react to economic recovery. • Most carriers have downsized to “stay afloat” in current market. • TMS allows first to tender technology.

  4. Software Applications • Technology • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) • EnVision Suite • Virtual Traffic Dept. (VTD) • Small Package Module (SPM)

  5. Electronic Data Interchange Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the means by which businesses exchange information; freight carriers are no exception. Trinity Logistics uses the following EDI formats: 204 - Electronic tendering of bills of lading 210 - Standard for electronic freight invoices 211 - Electronic tendering of bills of lading 214 - Tracking of freight through the shipping process 997 - EDI acknowledgement receipts

  6. EnVision Suite • The EnVision suite is a client-server-based software package dedicated to the auditing, payment and reporting of freight carrier invoices. • Its features include: • Human, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or ERP system freight bill input • Automated Freight Bill Auditing • Freight Carrier Check Writing • All freight mode reporting • Full integration with The Virtual Traffic Department

  7. Virtual Traffic Department • The Virtual Traffic Department®(VTD) is a web-based Transportation Management and Supply Chain Visibility System that streamlines the transportation processes, reduces transportation related costs, and provides full visibility to the transportation and logistics processes. The VTD accomplishes this by giving the shipper all the tools they need in one easy-to-access website, enabling them to do their job more efficiently and effectively. • The VTD focuses on six key components: • Carrier Cost Comparison • Automated Bill of Lading Creation • Automated Carrier Shipment Notification • Consolidated Shipment Tracking and Tracing • Freight Bill Auditing • Transportation Management Reporting

  8. Small Package Module • Each day, approximately 900,000 packages shipped by UPS, FedEx, or DHL, arrive late or not at all. This means that almost a million consumers receive sub-standard service, which hurts the reputation of the manufacturer or seller, and over $7,000,000 in refund money goes unclaimed daily. • Trinity Logistics’ Small Package Module (SPM) is specifically designed to help. SPM does this by: • Retrieving service-guaranteed refunds • Making address corrections • Gathering data to provide carrier performance reports and carrier rate negotiation bids • With the capabilities of our Small Package Module, your business can improve the reliability of its small package shipping, reduce the amount of money spent on sub-standard performance, and use its gathered data to analyze your shipping performance and make the best carrier rate negotiation bids possible.

  9. More Than Freight Cost We have invested considerable time and cost to address and simplify the transportation process. This effort alone affords you time savings that can be put towards other priorities.  Our information management tools allow your company to instantaneously save time and money.  We have developed web-based software that allows us to audit, track, and drop invoices directly into your existing software.  This allows time for your employees to remain focused on developing and increasing your customer base.  Research shows that it often cost companies $11.00 to $20.00 to process and pay a single invoice.  With Trinity’s IT solutions we can immediately offer you drastic savings on this process. 

  10. How Does it Work?

  11. Trinity Logistics not a vendor but a Partner What can Trinity do for your company: • Lower your company’s shipping cost. • Increase service levels. • Reduces administration cost and increase return on investment. • No large upfront investment in technology. • Audit all freight shipments. • Integrate to produce seamless relationships with customers and vendors. • Knowledge is power. Trinity will allow you to understand your supply chain. • No contracts.