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section e12 s radical production of n.
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Section E12’s Radical Production of: PowerPoint Presentation
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Section E12’s Radical Production of:

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Section E12’s Radical Production of:
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Section E12’s Radical Production of:

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  1. Section E12’s Radical Production of: Mother Courage and Her Children By: Bertolt Brecht

  2. What it’s all about... • OUR AUDIENCE OF COURSE!! • We’re setting our sights on YOU! Our hopes are that post-secondary students from near and far will come to see our production. • Why are we focusing on you? It’s because we think you will be the most receptive to this unconventional play that examines themes of anti-war and capitalism. We also like to think that post-secondary students are open minded and of the highest intelligence and can therefore comprehend our wacky messages.

  3. What it’s all about... • Where it’s playing: • We plan to stage our show in Dinwoodie Lounge* located in SUB. • In this venue, we are able create a dark and dingy atmosphere that engages the audience. It is also desirable because of its convenience and ease of access to students. • We will set up our seating area in either a casual style with the audience seated around tables, or setup only chairs for a “theatre in the round” arrangement. *In the event that Dinwoodie Lounge is booked the day of the performance, we will move the show to the roof of a greenhouse... Updates as to the whereabouts of said greenhouse may be posted at a later date.

  4. What it’s all about... • Costumes, theme and setting: • Our production’s slant on Brecht’s play is the profit and greed of war. The constant transition of time period (and with it, costumes) as well as the changing background reflect this idea. • Our characters will be dressed in suits. The point of this is to highlight the feelings of “business and profit of war” and uniformity that our production emphasizes. As time passes in the drama and different time periods are depicted, the character’s neck ties will change. Similarly, Mother Courage, played by Martha Stewart, will start off wearing an apron and eventually be wearing something much more expensive, showing that she is profiting from other people’s sacrifices.

  5. What it’s all about... • Tune-skis... • As music is usually a large part of the emotional aspect of theatrical productions, our group has decided to use musical styles that counter the time period to create an anachronistic effect. • Example: A classical setting with punk rock playing in the background. • The effect this creates is like something of Brechtian theatre in that it is not real, nor is it dramatic.

  6. What it’s all about... • Our star-studded cast: • Mother Courage: Martha Stewart • Eilif: Vin Diesel • Swiss Cheese: Napoleon Dynamite (John Heder) • Kattrin: Scarlet Johansson • The Cook: Sean Connery • Chaplain: Bob Barker • Yvette: Angelina Jolie

  7. **DISCLAIMER** This event may not actually happen. Professor Mingay has promised us free beverages and an unlimited budget. As a result, we may be overcome by greed and close the doors in our customers’ faces and horde all the free beverages and famous people for ourselves. If this is indeed the case you will be warned only minutes before the show and sent home crying. All ticket sales are final. We’re mean like that.