hydroelectricity n.
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Hydroelectricity. How hydroelectricity is made. Hydroelectricity in N.Z. hydro-dams are used all over N.Z this is just one of them at Lake Karapiro

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hydroelectricity in n z
Hydroelectricity in N.Z
  • hydro-dams are used
  • all over N.Z this is just
  • one of them at Lake
  • Karapiro
  • in Cambridge. {that’s
  • the lake where they
  • do all the rowing}
benefits of hydroelectricity
Benefits of hydroelectricity
  • Hydroelectric energy is a continuously renewable resource.
  • Hydroelectric energy is non-polluting.
  • Hydroelectric energy has no fuel cost and with low operating and maintenance costs
  • Hydroelectric stations have a long life.
the future of hydroelectricity
The future of hydroelectricity
  • Hydro dams are expected to remain around for several decades to come. Because they have low pollution levels and are very safe for both people and the enviroment.
why we should use hydroelectricity
Why we should use hydroelectricity
  • The main reason we should switch to Hydroelectricity is the elimination of the cost of fuel. The cost of operating a hydroelectric plant is nearly immune in the cost of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal. Fuel is not required so it need not be imported.
disadvantages of hydroelectricity
Disadvantages of hydroelectricity
  • Environmental Damage- Hydroelectric plants can be disruptive to aquatic ecosystems.
  • Greenhouse Gases- The reservoirs of power plants in some regions may produce amounts of Methane and Carbon Dioxide.
  • Population Relocation- People will need to relocate because of where the plants are built.
  • Dam Failures- While the failures of Dams are Rare they can be very serious.
  • www.planete-energies.com
  • www.dayout.co.nz
  • www.daviddarling.info
  • www.google.co.nz
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