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Hydroelectricity . By: Addie, Riley.H, and Anthony. How it works? . The penstock carries the water to the turbine . The water spins the turbine then it goes into the tailrace . When the turbine spins against copper it causes electricity. Who uses it?.

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By: Addie, Riley.H,and Anthony

how it works
How it works?

The penstock carries the water to the turbine. The water spins the turbine then it goes into the tailrace. When the turbine spins against copper itcauses electricity.

who uses it
Who uses it?

After it goes through the power lines. It goes to some homes , Yahoo , and Geico companies.

Geico gecko

where is hydroelectricity
Where is hydroelectricity?

One place you can find Hydroelectricity is in 1995 Broadway St, Stockport, OH there are other places in NC to.

they both produce electricity
They both produce electricity.



  • It’s generated from water falling on turbines.
  • Its source is perennial in­exhaustible.
  • It causes no pollution.
  • It is cheaper in the long run.
  • It is generated from petroleum (oil) or coal.
  • Its sources (coal and oil) are exhaustible.
  • On burning coal and oil they cause a lot of pollution.
  • It is expensive in the long run.
example of wheel being spun by water this method is sometimes used in making hydroelectricity
Example of wheel being spun by water. (This method is sometimes used in making hydroelectricity.)
why should people use hydroelectricity
Why should people use hydroelectricity?

Hydroelectricity uses natural resources and recycles water. Hydroelectricity only costs a little bit of money.

youtube video about hydroelectricity
YouTube Video about Hydroelectricity

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