hydroelectricity n.
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  1. Hydroelectricity Pollution Busters

  2. Contents • What is Hydroelectricity? • How does it work? • Advantages • Disadvantages • Examples and Pictures • Future- for this renewable energy • Facts • Online Quiz • Quiz have you been listening? • Question Time

  3. What is Hydroelectricity? • The name Hydroelectricity comes from the Greek word ‘hydro ’that means water. • When we use the energy in flowing water to produce electricity, we call it hydroelectricity. • Hydroelectricity makes a major contribution to the worlds energy supplies- more than any other kind of renewable resources

  4. How does it work? • There are two main ways of using the energy in flowing water to produce electricity. • Hydroelectric dams trap flowing water then release it again under greater pressure. • A river flowing through a valley is blocked by building a large concrete dam. • The valley is flooded by the river, creating a reservoir of water, like a man made lake.

  5. Advantages • Once construction completed, operating costs are very low. • No waste or pollution is produced. • Electricity can be generated constantly, because water can be stored and used when needed.

  6. Disadvantages • Dams are very expensive to build. • Hydroelectricity sites are often remote, which leads to higher distribution costs. • Suitable sites for large-scale projects are hard to find.

  7. Examples and pictures

  8. Future We think that the future for hydroelectricity is very bright, but finding a place to manufacture it could be quite hard during the economical downturn in Ireland. Hydroelectricity is a very smart idea, and in the future will probably produce lots of jobs in Ireland.

  9. Facts • One of the best ways to produce electricity is through moving water. • China generates more hydroelectricity than any other country in the world. • Hydroelectricity is the term referring to electricity generated by hydropower. • Lester Pelton invented hydroelectricity.

  10. QUIZ HAV E YOU BEEN LISTENING • The name Hydroelectricity comes from the Greek word “____” that means water. • Dams are very ________to build. • The Aswan dam is in _____.

  11. Thank you for watching bye • Thank you very much for watching are presentation about Hydroelectricity Hydroelectricity