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OIS Updates November 10, 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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OIS Updates November 10, 2009

OIS Updates November 10, 2009

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OIS Updates November 10, 2009

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  1. OIS UpdatesNovember 10, 2009 Presented by: Elizabeth Behringer International Student & Scholar Advisor Kelia Hubbard International Student & Scholar Advisor 320 Daniels Hall 515-2961

  2. Updates to Curricular Practical Training (CPT) • CPT Information Packet is available on the OIS web page • Eligibility to work during the academic semester • Final semester CPT • Changes in Advisor’s Recommendation Form for CPT

  3. CPT During the Academic Semester • Students eligible to engage in part-time CPT during the academic semester: • The part-time practical training must compliment a full course load • Requires recommendation from DGP • Full-time CPT during the academic semester will only be authorized if the practical training is a required or integral part of the student’s degree program/thesis as recommended by the DGP • Full-time CPT will not be authorized late in the student’s program (i.e. final semester of enrollment or during semester of defense)

  4. Updates to Optional Practical Training (OPT) • Determining program end date and on campus employment end date • Advisor’s Recommendation Form for OPT • Student’s options for OPT start date • 90 day unemployment rule • Unpaid practical training • OPT Information Packet on OIS web page

  5. Program End Date for OPT • Student can choose to use the defense date or the last day of the student’s last semester of enrollment. • Student can choose an earlier OPT start date and meet the graduate school’s “no registration required” deadline. • Student is instructed to follow the graduate school requirements concerning graduation. • Student cannot continue working on campus (as a student) after the program end date. • OIS must update the program end date on I-20.

  6. Advisor’s Recommendation Form Student inputs OPT start date within 60 days of program end date DGP/Advisor confirm anticipated completion date GPA RA/TA termination date Defense Date – must be scheduled prior to submission of OPT application

  7. OPT Continued • Students are responsible for keeping documentation during OPT • Students are limited to 90 days of unemployment during the entire 12 months of OPT. • Unpaid practical training does count towards maintaining F-1 status during the 12 month OPT period; • Must be considered as practical training (related to field of study and commensurate with degree level) • Consultation with HR concerning labor laws and regulations

  8. Updates to Change in Curriculum processing • NEW: Changes between thesis options does not necessitate a SEVIS update nor any OIS paperwork from student or the department. • As a result, completion date on student’s I-20 remains the same until student requests a program extension or employment benefits based on earlier completion • Burden on student to be aware of his/her completion date and take any action necessary to extend or shorten program

  9. Change in Curriculum/Change in Level • Implications of a co-major • New: Asking for completion date of an “en route” degree, CIC/CIL Form • Implications of a downward Change in Level

  10. Reduced Course Loads in SEVIS • The OIS Reduced Course Load form is not required for all reduced course hour scenarios – contingent on Graduate School enrollment policy • Necessary only when final semester enrollment is deemed by the Graduate School as “half-time” enrollment • OIS relies solely on Graduate School policy for understanding enrollment status and does not advise on what is/is not considered full-time enrollment • Once a student is authorized in SEVIS as a “Drop Below Full Course of Study” in the final semester, a completion date is reported in SEVIS. A student’s I-20 cannot be extended. Student should meet with an OIS advisor to discuss post-graduation options.

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