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Livestock Updates 2009

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Livestock Updates 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Livestock Updates 2009. Items to Cover. Websites for Reference Livestock ID reminders State Fair Rule Changes State Fair Entry Changes FSQA COOL and Premise ID State Program Opportunities Questions. Websites to Bookmark.

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items to cover
Items to Cover
  • Websites for Reference
  • Livestock ID reminders
  • State Fair Rule Changes
  • State Fair Entry Changes
  • FSQA
  • COOL and Premise ID
  • State Program Opportunities
  • Questions
websites to bookmark
Websites to Bookmark

websites to bookmark4
Websites to Bookmark

livestock id
Livestock ID
livestock id6

Protocol for 2009 Iowa State Fair

    • Market Beef, Market Sheep, Meat Goats
      • Retinal Images (both eyes) for each animal
      • Completed 4-H 106 Form (be sure breed information is complete for purebred beef animals)
      • Parent/Exhibitor Waivers (available on website, final version will be up next week)
      • Collect $5/head from 4-H’er
      • Upload images to online web system,
      • Optibrand will invoice for $1/head fee
Livestock ID
livestock id7
Livestock ID
  • What to Send to State 4-H Office
      • Completed 4-H 106 forms
      • Signed Exhibitor/Parental waivers
      • $1/head


Market Beef – Weigh-ins completed by Jan. 15th - Images uploaded, forms, & payment to State Office by Jan. 31st

Sheep/Goats - Weigh-ins completed by May 15th - Images uploaded, forms, & payment to State Office by May 31st

livestock id8
Livestock ID
  • Ak-Sar-Ben Protocol
      • Refer to communication sent via Ak-Sar-Ben Office
        • Animals listed on 4-H 106 Form
        • DNA hair required for all animals
        • Exhibitor/Member Waivers if not in attendance
        • $5/head fee (no matter if animal is for State Fair or not)
        • County Staff or 4-H families are allowed to pull DNA
      • ALL DNA samples, copies of waivers, copies of ID forms & payment go directly to Ak-Sar-Ben Office
      • Deadlines for DNA submission to County Office
        • Jan. 15th for Market Beef
        • June 15th for Market Sheep, Meat Goats, All swine, Feeder Calves (only allowed for AK exhibition)
livestock id9
Livestock ID
  • Protocol for 2009 Iowa State Fair
    • FFA Protocol
      • Coordinate/Communicate with FFA Advisors
        • Nose Prints and DNA
        • Retinal Imaging (must also collect DNA and Prints)
      • $4/head if 4-H is collecting and sending to State 4-H Office
livestock id10
Livestock ID
  • Retinal Imaging Information

livestock id11
Livestock ID

general id reminders
General ID Reminders
  • Be sure 4-H 106 Form is complete and correct
    • This is the exhibitor’s responsibility!!
    • Any missing information on the ID form is due by Jan. 31st for Market Beef
    • Forms are available on the website,, or through EDC (for carbon-style)
  • Remind new 4-H’ers of deadlines via newsletters
  • Post signs at your weigh-in of reminders:
    • July 1 State Fair deadline
market beef id form
MarketBeefID Form

If not filled out completely on weigh-in day, State 4-H Office MUST receive info. by Jan. 31st


sheep id form
SheepID Form

Use this

form for

ALL sheep

County Fair


State Fair


beef updates
Beef Updates
  • New Rule for 2009: No artificial tails allowed

Existing Rule Clarifications

  • Fitting rule clarification (all species)
      • Family member is defined as: parent (mom, dad, step-parent or legal guardian), brother, sister, step-sibling
  • No coaching rule
      • No coaching will be allowed from or near the ring. This includes verbal or non-verbal coaching. Violators will be escorted from the barn/showing area for the duration of the show.
  • Remember: Commercial heifers MUST have a tattoo
  • Hard to read tattoos:
    • Be sure family checks them PRIOR to Fair
    • If re-tattoo is necessary, have Extension Staff present to verify and notify Mike @ State 4-H Office
horse updates
Horse Updates
  • Updated “Rules & Regulations for 4-H Equine Shows in Iowa”, 4H 511C – July 2008

To be used for ALL Iowa 4-H horse shows:

County Fairs

State Fair

horse updates17
Horse Updates
  • Walk/Trot class will be combined into one age group. Showmanship is the only other riding class the exhibitor will be allowed to enter.
  • Substitutions are allowed for State Fair entries IF the replacement horse is listed on the LS 106 ID form by May 15th; July 25th deadline for substitutions along with a letter from the vet
  • Looking at allowing 4-H horses to arrive Monday afternoon/evening for State Fair
horse updates18
Horse Updates

Coming Soon…

Adobe Connect webcasts

  • Informational sessions for 4-H’ers, parents, leaders, Extension Staff

Three Evenings

    • Mon. Feb. 2nd
    • Mon. March 2nd
    • Mon. May 4th

Topics include: Jamboree, How to Start a Judging Team, Vaccinations, ID process requirements, etc.

meat goat updates
Meat Goat Updates
  • New for 2009: Wethers and does will be allowed to show
sheep updates
Sheep Updates
  • Adjustments made to Performance Lamb carcass formula
  • Purebred registration papers
    • ORIGINAL paper MUST be presented
    • No copies or faxes allowed
swine updates
Swine Updates

NEW for 2009

  • Check-in paint number MUST be legible upon entering the show ring or the animal will not be allowed to show
  • Derby show weigh-backs will be eliminated

Rule Clarification

  • All farrowing dates for purebreds will go by the date on the registration paper (if conflicting with date on ID form)
state fair entry process changes
State Fair Entry Process Changes

Dairy, Dairy Goat Cards

state fair entry process changes23
State Fair Entry Process Changes

NEW for 2009

  • Counties will NOT be receiving cards from State Fair Office
  • Cards will be MAILED to exhibitors with exhibitor letter in July after entries processed from State 4-H Office
  • Exhibitors will bring cards with them to State Fair check-in
  • Dairy cattle cards will also be mailed to FFA exhibitors

Dairy, Dairy Goat Cards

fsqa update
FSQA Update
  • Youth PQA Plus – rolled out in 2008
  • New Youth PQA Plus program requirements
    • April 2009 – Iowa will re-submit its state FSQA program to National Pork Board
    • FSQA will need added material for the new animal welfare and handling curriculum
    • New material will consist of adding Power Point slides, and bullet points for counties to include with GPP’s for 2009
  • 2010 – New FSQA manuals will be printed with the new material added in
fsqa update25
FSQA Update
  • Website has sample Power Points, Tests, Chapter Rotations, Activity Guide
  • Counties are encouraged to submit new activities, Power Points for web posting

More Info.

cool country of origin labeling
COOL(Country of Origin Labeling)
  • Final implementation took effect on Sept. 30th, 2008
  • What products are included?
    • Muscle cuts of beef (including veal), lamb, chicken, goat, and pork; ground beef, ground lamb, ground chicken, ground goat, and ground pork; perishable agricultural commodities (fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables); macadamia nuts; pecans; ginseng; and peanuts
cool country of origin labeling28
COOL(Country of Origin Labeling)
  • What main species for 4-H’ers are affected?
    • Beef, meat goat, poultry, sheep, and swine
    • But also, animals that may not be sold until year(s) down the road
      • Cull Dairy cattle or dairy goats
      • Breeding stock
    • All animals eventually get harvested
  • Two main categories of livestock
    • Type A – born & raised in U.S.
    • Type B – born in foreign country but fed/harvested in U.S.
  • Most 4-H animals will be Type A
cool country of origin labeling29
COOL(Country of Origin Labeling)
  • What 4-H’ers Need to do:
    • Ask for documentation from their seller
    • Keep documentation for min. of 2 years

Examples of Documentation

**Balance sheet, income statement, other financial records, scale tickets and purchase and sales receipts, closeout records and/or feed records or bills, health papers, vaccination or other health treatment records or receipts, shipping records, farrowing, calving, or lambing records, breed association registered pedigrees

cool country of origin labeling30
COOL(Country of Origin Labeling)

Country of Origin Label Declaration

Date: __________________

Seller contact information



City and State: __________________________________

Phone Number:__________________________________

Number of animals: ______________________________

General description: (i.e. color, sex of animal, tag #, ear notch, etc.) _____________________________________________________________


Based on the documents in my possession these animals were born in _____________________ (i.e., United States)

and were raised in __________________________________. (i.e., United States)

Signed: _____________________________________, Seller

  • Example Affidavit for 4-H’ers to obtain
cool country of origin labeling31
COOL(Country of Origin Labeling)
  • What County Offices Should Do:
    • Have 4-H’ers sign the updatedAnimal Care & Disclosure Statementfor their particular species (market animals) and keep these on file. COOL verbiage has been added.
    • Fill out/sign the appropriate affidavit for your particular packer
      • Tyson has a specific affidavit for county fairs
      • Otherwise, a general affidavit, signed, and a general listing of exhibitors and animals
      • Communicate with your local buyer/packer on what they will require from you
cool country of origin labeling32
COOL(Country of Origin Labeling)

USDA Audits


County Fair



Each entity should have documentation:

One Step Forward, One Step Back

cool country of origin labeling33
COOL(Country of Origin Labeling)

More Information

  • One-page flyer (front & back) being developed for counties to give to 4-H families, print off, put in newsletters, etc.
  • Refer to website, where information will be posted
premise id
Premise ID
  • Completely separate program than COOL
  • Required for:
    • Tyson swine
    • Hormel swine
  • Optional for State Fair exhibitors & other packers
  • Animal Care and Disclosure Statements have been updated with a Premise ID line
special programs
Special Programs
  • Horse Judging & Horse Jamboree
  • Premier Exhibitor
  • Livestock Judging Circuit Program
  • Dairy Recognition Awards
horse judging jamboree
Horse Judging & Jamboree
  • State Horse Judging typically held in June, but 2008 was in November; coincided with State Judge’s training
  • Youth Jamboree – April 3-5, 2009
    • Open to all youth (4-H, FFA, breed clubs,etc.)
    • In conjunction with Iowa Horse Fair, Des Moines
    • Team Grooming, Quiz Bowl, Hippology, Posters, Art, Public Speaking, Photography, Poetry, etc.
    • More Info.,
Premier Exhibitor
  • Held during the State Fair (can pre-enter or at time of contest)
  • Beef, Sheep, Swine
  • Tests knowledge of animal production and the animal industry
  • Criteria
    • Written Exam (25%)
    • Skillathon (25%)
    • Interview (25%)
    • Showmanship (15%)
    • Highest show ribbon earned (10%)
  • Scholarships & Plaques awarded to Top 3 each specie

More Info.,

livestock judging circuit
Livestock Judging Circuit
  • Points accumulated throughout the various contests around the state
  • 2 Divisions
    • Jr. 4-H
    • Sr. 4-H
  • Team Awards and Individual Awards
    • Jackets, Plaques, etc.
  • Ceremony held during Supreme Champion 4-H Heifer at State Fair
  • Start a Judging Contest at your County Fair!
  • More Info.,
dairy recognition awards
Dairy Recognition Awards
  • Due to State 4-H Office by July 1
  • Nat’l Dairy Conference
    • Late September in Madison, WI
  • State Dairy Awards
    • Dairy Production
    • Breed Promotion

More Info.,

today s broadcast
Today’s Broadcast
  • Power Point will be posted to 4-H Ag Homepage
  • Session is being recorded for later viewing; link will be available on website

Other updates will be posted on the 4-H Website periodically this fall/winter

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