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Elementary/Middle Lightning Round Two PowerPoint Presentation
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Elementary/Middle Lightning Round Two

Elementary/Middle Lightning Round Two

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Elementary/Middle Lightning Round Two

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  1. Elementary/Middle Lightning Round Two

  2. Two Point QuestionsQuestion One • In the Tea Act , which British Tea Company was given exclusive right to sell tea to the Colonists? • East India Company • Lipton Tea Company • West India Tea Company • Celestial Seasonings Company

  3. Correct Answer: A. • East India Company

  4. Question Two 2. The Constitutional Conventionor the Federal Convention took place from May to September of 1787 in this city. • Boston • New York • Philadelphia • Federal City (Washington D.C.)

  5. Correct Answer: C. Philadelphia

  6. Question Three 3. He was one of the most celebrated of America's Founding Fathers, a man who enjoyed success as an inventor, scientist, printer, politician, and diplomat. He helped to draft both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. • Samuel Adams • John Adams • Benjamin Franklin • Thomas Jefferson

  7. Correct Answer: C • Benjamin Franklin

  8. Question Four 4. He was known as the Father of the Constitution, for he was responsible for writing much of it. He was also responsible for drafting the Bill of Rights that was added to the Constitution in 1791. • John Adams • Thomas Jefferson • Alexander Hamilton • James Madison

  9. Correct Answer: D • James Madison

  10. Question Five 5. On May 10, 1775, the 175 Green Mountain Boys of Vermont led by Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen captured this fort. • Fort Lee • Fort Ticonderoga • Fort Washington • Fort Necessity

  11. Correct Answer: B. • Fort Ticonderoga

  12. Question Six 6. On the morning of December 26, 1776, American troops surprised Hessian troops in this city. This victory was critical to building morale amongst Washington's army. • Battle of Trenton • Battle of Princeton • Battle of Germantown • Battle of Brandywine

  13. Correct Answer: A • Battle of Trenton

  14. Four Point QuestionsQuestion Seven 7. “The American Revenue Act of 1764”, commonly titled The Sugar Actwas enacted by the British Parliament. It was a prohibitively high tax on a product imported from the British West Indies. Though several commodities were taxed and caused contention between the colonies and Britain, which commodity caused the most contention? • Rum • Sugar • Paper • Whiskey

  15. Correct Answer: A. •  Rum

  16. Question Eight 8. The Coercive Acts or “the Intolerable Acts” were a series of laws passed by Parliament made in direct response to which one of the following? • The Quebec Act • The Battle of Lexington • The Battle of Breeds Hill • The Boston Tea Party

  17. Correct Answer: D. • The Boston Tea Party

  18. Question Nine 9. The Committees of Correspondence performed the planning for which one of the following? • The Second Continental Congress • First Continental Congress • The Patriots Against the Tea Act • The appointment of Washington as Commander of the Continental Army

  19. Correct Answer: B. • The First Continental Congress

  20. Question Ten 10. Who is quoted in referring to the Daughters of Liberty by saying, “With ladies on our side, we can make every Tory tremble.”? • John Adams • Joseph Reed • George Washington • Samuel Adams

  21. Correct Answer: D. • Samuel Adams

  22. Question Eleven 11. The appointment of George Washington as Commander of the Continental Army was done by which one of the following? • The First Continental Congress • The Second Continental Congress • Articles of Confederation • Declaration of Independence

  23. Correct Answer: B. • The Second Continental Congress

  24. Question Twelve 12. When the British army marched to Concord, what was the purpose of the mission? • To destroy military supplies • To capture John Adams • To destroy the Concord Fort • To kill as many Patriots as possible

  25. Correct Answer: A. • To destroy military supplies

  26. Six Point QuestionsQuestion Thirteen • This American victory in New York State was a major turning point in the war. It convinced France to enter the war as an ally for the fledgling United States. • Battle of Bunker Hill • Battle of Germantown • Battle of Yorktown • Battle of Saratoga

  27. Correct Answer: D • Battle of Saratoga

  28. Question Fourteen • This battle on March 15, 1781 in Greensboro, North Carolina lasted only ninety minutes, and although the British technically defeated the American force, they lost over a quarter of their own men. • Camden • Kings Mountain • Guildford Courthouse • Cowpens

  29. Correct Answer: C • Guilford Courthouse

  30. Question Fifteen 15. He was the commander of the Southern Department of the Continental Army. He was defeated at Charlestown and taken prisoner. Following a prisoner exchange, he returned to service and was present at the Battle of Yorktown. He was given the honor of receiving Cornwallis’s sword of surrender after his defeat at Yorktown. • Horatio Gates • John Burgoyne • Nathanael Greene • Benjamin Lincoln

  31. Correct Answer: D • Benjamin Lincoln

  32. Question Sixteen 16. Though he spoke no English, he systematically trained the amateur American troops at Valley Forge in discipline and battle-readiness. This rigorous training saved the troops from complete defeat during the Battle of Monmouth. • Baron von Steuben • Thaddeus Kosciuszko • Marquis de Lafayette • Baron Johann de Kalb

  33. Correct Answer A • Baron von Steuben

  34. Question Seventeen • The Battle of Saratoga was really two battles spread over two and a half weeks.  The second battle resulted in a decisive American victory. Who was the British commander who surrendered at the second battle of Saratoga? • Colonel Simon Fraser • General  Riedesel • General John Burgoyne • Major Acland

  35. Correct Answer: C. • General John Burgoyne

  36. Question Eighteen 18. In the Battle of Bunker Hill, sometimes called the Battle of Breeds Hill, the British lost nearly a third of their forces. When the colonial forces retreated, they were forced to do so for which reason? • Most of colonists were dead or wounded • Too many colonists deserted • They ran out of ammunition • The British overran the fort

  37. Correct Answer: C. • They ran out of ammunition