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Introduction of DGS/DES-1210 series Smart III Switches PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction of DGS/DES-1210 series Smart III Switches

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Introduction of DGS/DES-1210 series Smart III Switches - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction of DGS/DES-1210 series Smart III Switches. D-Link International, August 2010. D-Link confidential. 2010/Aug. Update. Contents. Product Overview It’s Not Just A Switch Product Briefing Benefits Advanced Hardware Design Extensive Layer 2 Features Secure your Network

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Introduction of DGS/DES-1210 series Smart III Switches

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Presentation Transcript

Introduction of

DGS/DES-1210 series

Smart III Switches

D-Link International, August 2010

D-Link confidential

2010/Aug. Update

  • Product Overview
    • It’s Not Just A Switch
    • Product Briefing
  • Benefits
    • Advanced Hardware Design
    • Extensive Layer 2 Features
    • Secure your Network
      • Strengthened Security
    • Versatile Management
    • QoS & Bandwidth Control
  • Unique Selling Point
    • Green Technology
    • Versatile Management
    • Security
    • QoS
    • Lifetime Warranty
  • Product Application Guidelines
  • Competitive Comparison & Analysis
    • Competitive Models
    • Key Comparison
product overview
Product Overview

D-Link DGS/DES-1210 Series Smart III Switch integrates more management and security functions that deliver performance, scalability, ease-of-use and affordability.

This new series continues to retain innovative security features, like D-Link Safeguard Engine and for voice ready network, the DGS-1210 Series provide Auto Voice VLAN to ensure the highest priority cater for voice traffics.

It’s Not Just A Switch!

product overview1
Product Overview
  • Product Briefing
  • DES-1210 series provides all the features that typically found in managed switches without adding complexity or additional cost.
  • The user-friendly, easy-to-use Web-based management makes it the best choice for SMB networks.
  • DES-1210 series comes with 24 and 48 10/100 ports with 2 Combo SFP/1000Base-T ports & 2 1000Base-T ports. Flexible uplink ports design helps for SMB to deploy network connections between client PC, servers, and core network backbones.
product overview2
Product Overview
  • Product Briefing

Advanced Hardware Design

  • Fan-less technology: Ideal for open offices that require silent operation.
  • Smart Fan offered:Switches to High Speed only when ambient temperature goes beyond defined threshold.
  • Single LED per port: Provides at-a-glance port status. In comparison with traditional multi-LED per port design, a single LED per port consumes low power consumption.
  • Flexible Uplink Ports: The four SFP expansion slots ports design provides SMB flexible options to deploy network connections between client PC, servers, and core network backbones.

Extensive Layer 2 Features

D-Link’s 1210 Series equipped itself with L2 line-ups featuring IGMP Snooping, Port Mirroring, Spanning Tree and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP).

Network Maintenance features which includes Loopback Detection and Cable Diagnostic.


Secure your Network

D-link’s security parameters include D-Link’s innovative Safeguard Engine that protects the switches against traffic flooding and virus attacks.

Access Control List, Port Based Security & ARP Spoofing


Strengthened Security:

  • DHCP Server Screening: to screen rogue DHCP server packets from user ports to prevent unauthorized IP assignment.

DHCP Server

DHCP Server Screening

Sorry, you’re illegal

Normal DHCP assignment

I’m DHCP Server

DHCP Server Packet

Rogue DHCP Server




Strengthened Security:

  • ARP Spoofing Prevention- to prevent the network from being cut off or eavesdropped by hackers using faked ARP that pretend to be PCs, servers, routers and gateways.

ARP Spoofing Prevention


R r 26

A a 2

B b 12

C c 16



MAC: r

You’re not Router

You’re not PC-A

Faked ARP


MAC: c

Faked ARP


MAC: c




I’m PC-A


MAC: a

I’m Router


MAC: c


MAC: b


Versatile Management

Providing multiple means of Network management:-

  • Web-based
  • SmartConsole Utility
  • CLI (Command-Line Interface)
  • SNMP (D-View 6.0 or 3rd Party Network Management Software)

given users the flexibility and selection of tools based on their level and needs.


QoS & Bandwidth Control

With QoS and Bandwidth Control, the DGS-1210 Series switches prevents client from abusing the network bandwidth and at the same time ensuring the best use of available bandwidth within the network.

unique selling point
Unique Selling Point

Green Technology

  • DGS-1210 series implements power saving features by detecting link status and cable length, providing thebest power saving compared with competitors.

Power Consumption Matrix (DGS-1210-24 vs. competitors)

unique selling point1
Unique Selling Point

Versatile Management – SmartConsole Utility

SmartConsole – Allows Users to discover multiple D-Link Switches within the same L2 Network and providing the ease of basic configuration like changing of password and upgrades of firmware.

unique selling point2
Unique Selling Point

Versatile Management – Web-Based Management

  • Web-Based Management
  • Enables Administrators to control their network remotely even down to port level.
unique selling point3
Unique Selling Point

Versatile Management – SMNP (D-View 6.0)

SNMP (D-View 6.0) – A network management system which facilitates the central administration. It provide auto discover of network topology, batch configuration/ firmware and monitor real-time network status.

unique selling point4
Unique Selling Point

Security – D-Link Safeguard Engine

  • A robust and innovative technology that automatically throttles the impact of packet flooding into the switch’s CPU.
  • This function protects D-Link Switches from malicious viruses or worm attacks.
unique selling point5
Unique Selling Point

Security – ACL (Access Control List)

Access Control List (ACL) allows you to establish criteria to determine whether the Switch will forward packets.

unique selling point6
Unique Selling Point

Security – Port Based Security

  • Controlling the number of users who can access the configured port.
  • Clients’ access to the port can be controlled based on their physical addresses (MAC address).
unique selling point7
Unique Selling Point

Seamless Voice and Data Integration

DSCP-based QoS: Classify voice, data and multicast into different levels to prioritize network traffic

IGMP Snooping: Optimize the performance of multicast streaming between servers and clients

Auto Voice VLAN: Eliminates the need to configure VoIP devices and ensures the high-bandwidth of VoIP devices automatically.



Automatically detects VoIP devices

by predefined or user defined MAC


Auto Voice VLAN


Brand Predefined OUI

Cisco 00-03-6B

3Com 00-E0-BB

Avaya 00-09-61

VoIP traffic from these devices

will be in Voice VLAN automatically

and given highest priority.

Brand User Defined OUI

D-Link 00-26-5A-C0-34-8B

unique selling point8
Unique Selling Point

D-Link business solution product lines, which offer one of the industry's most comprehensive products portfolio, now come with Limited Lifetime Warranty to give you greater confidence and assurance of quality products purchased.


Target Market

  • SMB
    • With easy-to-use switch interface and a variety of management options, DGS-1210 series is suitable for SMBwho have limited budget but require enterprise-class features.
  • Campus or Enterprise Access Switch
    • DGS-1210 series incorporates advanced security features with ACL filtering, making it an ideal access switch for Enterprise network
  • Voice Ready Network
    • The Auto Voice VLAN feature seamlessly integrates with SMB/Enterprise voice network, delivering comprehensive voice quality

Deploy D-Link Web Smart Switch as a core to give administrators control over security, bandwidth and management of the network, while at the same time provide better performance for network users.

competitive analysis
Competitive Analysis

SMB requires simple management, useful features and advanced security features without additional price and complex settings. DGS-1210series focus on easy-to-manage & easy-to-sell, and endeavor to make it most affordable & reliable.

Competitive Models

The DGS-1210-24 advanced design outranges the competitors in price/features ratio.

Netgear GS724T/724AT

Linksys SLM2024/SRW2024

3Com Baseline 2928 Plus

HP 1810G-24

competitive comparison analysis
Competitive Comparison & Analysis
  • DGS-1210-24 Highlights

Source of MSRP: (July 2010)