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Online Marketing

Online Marketing. Romina Vassallo Lesson 3. Mobile Development. Mobile phones are changing the way we access the Internet and communicate. More than half the world’s population use mobile phones. Facts. Global Expenditure in B$.

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Online Marketing

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  1. Online Marketing Romina Vassallo Lesson 3

  2. Mobile Development

  3. Mobile phones are changing the way we access the Internet and communicate.

  4. More than half the world’s population use mobile phones.

  5. Facts Global Expenditure in B$ More people now have a mobile phone than an Internet-connected PCs 99% of all text messages are read by the recipient ABI Research About90%of all textmessages are read within 3 minutes of their delivery On average, small banner ads on mobile devices produce thesame level of brand recall as the typical 30-second TV spot IAG research on behalf Verizon Wireless Direct Marketing Association’s 2010 Response Rate Trend Report

  6. Mobile technology is changing rapidly.

  7. One phone can do a lot

  8. Why use the mobile phone for marketing?

  9. 1. Personal 2. Always carried 3. Always on 4. Built-in payment system 5. Available at the point of creative inspiration 6. Accurate audience measurements 7. Captures social context of media consumption

  10. Why mobile web development?

  11. Provides both opportunities and challenges.

  12. Opportunities: Mobile websites – access to your brand from anywhere! Mobile applications – connect with the customer

  13. Challenges • Small screens • Navigation limitations • File formats • Connections and bandwidth

  14. Mobile websites can be accessed using any Internet enabled device. Image credit: Flickr, creative commons, DruBlumfield

  15. Basic phones: Basic call and text messaging capabilities • Image credit: Creative commons, Macic7 en.wikipedia

  16. Feature phones: More capabilities than basic phones A few multimedia apps (camera’s mp3 players, calendars etc.) Internet access • Image credit: creative commons, Rodrigo Senna, http://flickr.com/photos/negativz/38422354/

  17. Smartphones: Benefits offered by pc’s Video and still cameras, dictaphones, radios, music and video players, calculators, gaming devices and eCommerce options Make calls and access the Internet too

  18. Tablets Touch screen personal computer devices Wireless adapters for Internet connectivity Often recognise both virtual keyboard input and handwriting recognition Used by individuals and users to interact directly with the machine

  19. Mobile applications are designed for specific handsets or operating systems. Image credit: Flickr creative commons, Yutaka Tsutano

  20. Mobile websites can reach a large audience. Mobile applications are more for targeted niche audiences.

  21. When designing, know that it will almost never display across multiple handsets...

  22. But stick to web standards

  23. It should be a pared down version of the original site.

  24. Desktop

  25. Mobile

  26. Ask yourself why someone is visiting your mobile site. Bored and browsing? Task driven and looking for information? Performing a repeated action (checking the weather etc.)?

  27. What navigation options do they have (touch screen, keypad, QWERTY)? How powerful is their mobile device (Smartphones vs. feature phones)? Image credit: Flick creative commons, Andrew Currie

  28. Make the mobile web work for you by: Designing the site around your marketing goals Understanding your site users

  29. Include the essentials: Contact details Directions or map The basics - who you are, what you do etc.

  30. Use a click to calllink

  31. Examples: Facebook.com vs. m.facebook.com Gmail.com vs. m.gmail.com Twitter.com vs. m.twitter.com m.youtube.com

  32. Use mobile web standards. Make sure mobile users are directed to the mobile version.

  33. Ensure your markup is valid and error free with the W3C XML validator. http://validator.w3.org/

  34. Avoid frames and tables - keep your site size down to a minimum.

  35. Keep URLS short and memorable. www.m.gmail.com

  36. Ensure your images are in a compressed format (gif, jpg).

  37. Do not clutter with excessive navigation or menus.

  38. Do not use pop-ups, and keep scrolling to one direction. • http://www.w3.org/TR/mobile-bp/#SCROLLING

  39. Submit your sitemap to Google

  40. Don’t use Flash

  41. Use emulators and recruit actual contacts to test the content display

  42. Some emulators: DotMobi - http://mtld.mobi/emulator.php Test iPhone - http://www.testiphone.com/ Blackberry - http://www.blackberry.com/developers/downloads/simulators/

  43. Develop a branded application

  44. Your brand can win a dedicated spot and repeated attention from a targeted consumer You can also extend brand identity by offering utility or entertainment

  45. HTML 5 and mobile

  46. Will only work on modern phones

  47. Enables rich multimedia to be made lighter Video and audio content can be played without Flash Designers can create rich interactive experiences by drawing on web pages through the canvas feature

  48. Offers optional installation of applications - they'll be available via app stores or via web browsers Enables search engine spiders to crawl HTML5 applications Allows deep-linking in a part of an application

  49. Benefits Engagement Highest Reach Highly Targeted Cost Efficient / Best ROI Trust Immediate

  50. Channels Targeted SMS Toyota Test drive the next generation Toyota Prius. Experience it to believe it! Harmony between man, nature & machine. Reply with your name & email for a PRIUS drive • Age • Gender • Location (Postal Address) • Mobile Spend • Mobile Type • Text: 160 characters including spaces • Sender: 8 – 11 characters, ex:’Vodafone’

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