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Negotiation. What is Negotiation?. The process of two or more parties working together to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution of one or more issues. What is Negotiation?.

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what is negotiation

What is Negotiation?

The process of two or more parties working together to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution of one or more issues

what is negotiation1

What is Negotiation?

Negotiation is a give and take bargaining process that when conducted well, leaves all parties feeling good about the result and committed to achieve

negotiation occurs when
Negotiation occurs when
  • Create something new which neither party could have done on their own
  • To resolve a problem or dispute to the mutual satisfaction of both parties
negotiation is a voluntary process

Negotiation is a voluntary process

Seldom are we required to negotiate. Negotiation occurs when there is no system, rules and procedures for resolving conflict

  • In negotiation, both parties need one another.
  • Goals need not be convergent. Different parties may be looking at different things
  • Parties look for the win-win situation where ideally both parties get benefited as against the situation if they had to fend for themselves alone.
mutual adjustment
Mutual Adjustment
  • Rarely would any party get the decisions going his/ her way, and therefore, what is the extent you one would be willing to adjust?
  • A necessary step in all negotiation is to clarify and share information about what both parties really want as outcomes.
in business you don t get what you deserve you get what you negotiate dr chester l k arass

“In business , you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate” – Dr Chester L Karass

What separates the professional negotiator from the amateur is the professional’s ability to find creative solutions that help all parties obtain their interests

dilemmas in negotiation
Dilemmas in Negotiation
  • How honest should I be in the negotiation?
  • How much can I trust my opponent as regards what he says?

Satisfaction with a negotiation is as much determined by the process through which an agreement is reached as with the actual outcome obtained

Deliberately short-circuiting this process may jeopardise the entire negotiation or may adversely affect the feelings of satisfaction and success for either party