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  1. Negotiation

  2. Gender and Negotiation • Women ask less • This is largely due to both real and perceived gender discrimination around negotiation • Women are more likely to be perceived as greedy, demanding, and “not nice” compared to men when negotiating raises (by both men and women) • More likely to think that their hard work and accomplishments will be recognized and they will be rewarded without asking • Women are as good or better than men when negotiating on the behalf of others • Expectation can drive behavior • Stereotype Threat: When women were told that women negotiate poorly, they did worse than men.

  3. Negotiation Tips (Gender Neutral) • Every bad deal you have gotten, you have agreed to SO… • Do your research • Time your negotiation • Before you being the process figure out your Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) • Your walkaway point • DO NOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION, but try to get theirs. • Always negotiate in person if possible

  4. Negotiation Tips (Gender Neutral) • Set up a friendly rapport before starting the negotiation • Think of the person your negotiating with as your negotiation partner, not opponent or adversary • Set the opening price/package, if possible • Set it just slightly above of your desired salary/package • Justify your request with your research • Endure the silence. • BUNDLE your requests • Use if/then language • You can concede on one issue and have the other concede on another

  5. Negotiation Strategies for Women • Rational: By getting a better deal, you can then work to move yourself to a place where you are able to help women and change these stereotypes • Women are more effective when they are position themselves as being communally oriented • How they love this university, how they benefit the university, want to improve it, etc. • Women are more effective when they communally problem solve and ask for help • I have this other offer but I would really like to stay here, can your help me?

  6. Negotiation Strategies for Women • Doubly important for women to package their negotiation points • Think about yourself negotiating on the behalf of others (partner/spouse/children/family/pets/whoever!) • Defer blame if possible • It was recommended to me by so and so that I come here and negotiate for a better deal.