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Are you Ready to Graduate? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are you Ready to Graduate?

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Are you Ready to Graduate?
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Are you Ready to Graduate?

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  1. Are you Ready to Graduate? Things you need to know! Presented by Kathy Hein - Associate Registrar Lillian Kluka - Graduation Analyst Dorothy Cureton - Graduation Analyst

  2. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR ACADEMIC RECORD! • You are ultimately responsible for your academic record…not your advisor! • Educate yourself. Empower yourself. • Your advisor is there to assist. Ask questions!

  3. When Should You Apply for graduation? • Discuss your anticipated graduation date with your advisor • Apply for graduation once you have earned 90 credits • The Graduation Application Timeline is available on the Registrars webpage.

  4. How Do You Apply for Graduation? • Apply online through your myWCU account. • Click on “Apply for Graduation” and follow the prompts. • Once you apply for graduation online, come to the Registrar’s office to make any changes to your graduation term. • If you do not see your graduation term then go to the Registrar’s office to apply in person. • Keep in mind applying late for graduation may result in your name not being included in the Commencement Brochure!

  5. After you Apply for Graduation…What Happens next? • A Graduation Fee of $56 is charged to your account. • Your Graduation Analyst will review your academic record to check to see that you have fulfilled your general education requirements. • Keep checking your WCU email. Your Graduation Analyst will email you with important information. • Your advisor/academic department will check to see if you have completed your major/minor academic requirements after your last semester is graded.

  6. Important Tips • Take charge of your academic record! • Run a Degree Progress Report (DPR) every term before you meet with your advisor. This will assist you to keep moving toward degree completion. (From your myWCU account click on Degree Progress Report) • If you have questions about anything on your DPR….ask your advisor! • If your advisor can’t answer your question, go to the Chairperson.

  7. Common Pitfalls • Keep your record cleared of all “holds”. You will not receive your diploma if you have holds on your record. • Make sure you have a 300/400 level “Writing Emphasis” course. • BIO 102/ESS102/ENV102 do NOT count as a science gen ed courses. • Transfer Students: make sure all transfer credits are posted. Check this by reviewing your DPR. • Transfer Students: you must have 60 WCU credits to attain commencement honors.

  8. Common Pitfalls (continued) • Check your total adjusted credits on your DPR. You need a minimum of 120 total adjusted credits! • A few majors require more than 120 credits. • In some majors you can complete all gen eds and major requirements and still not have 120 credits. Example: Criminal Justice and English • Be aware of any minimum GPA and the total credit requirement within your major. • If you must take summer course work to complete your degree then you must apply as an August graduate (not May).

  9. Commencement Ceremony • There are two commencement ceremonies each year: December and May. • December commencement is always held indoors in Hollinger Field House and requires an A.M. and P.M. ceremony. • May commencement is held outdoors, weather permitting, in Farrell Stadium at South Campus. • All August graduates walk in the May commencement. • All commencement information and the list of graduates are posted on the Registrar’s webpage.

  10. Commencement INFO • Caps and Gowns are included in the Graduation fee. Pick them up at the WCU Bookstore. • Graduation Announcements available at the WCU Bookstore • Honors Cords available for purchase ($5) at WCU Bookstore for eligible students. • Diplomas At the commencement ceremony you receive a diploma cover only. • Diplomas are mailed @ 8 weeks after commencement: December commencement –late February mailing May commencement – late July mailing August grads – late October mailing

  11. Take Charge of your academic record !

  12. questions? • Ms. Lillian Kluka, Graduation Analyst, reviews: College of Business and Public Affairs College of Education College of Visual and Performing Arts • Ms. Dorothy Cureton, Graduation Analyst, reviews: College of Arts & Sciences College of Health Sciences

  13. Are you Ready to Graduate? All students are welcome to attend! Things you need to know! Presented by Kathy Hein - Associate Registrar Lillian Kluka - Graduation Analyst Dorothy Cureton - Graduation Analyst Check the Registrar’s webpage for dates and times: