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  1. Advertising/Media

  2. What Makes a “Good” Ad

  3. What Makes a “Good” Ad • Breaks through • Memorable • Achieves one or more of the following • Creates awareness • Explains a product • Develops an image • Closes the deal

  4. Social Media and Marketing Digital has been widely embraced by consumers and by many organizations Still, the adoption of digital channels for marketing use — Web sites, mobile apps, online sales and customer service, and other smart touches — has often occurred haphazardly Three ongoing issues: 1) inconsistent brand experiences 2) poorly invested resources 3) the limited strategic impact of digital on the overall business

  5. One Solution: Change the funnel Awareness Consideration Preference Purchase

  6. Solution: Put customer in center

  7. Starts with Strategy Discover Explore Buy Engage Complement Enrich Extend Best Buy said Tuesday it is discontinuing Twelpforce, a Twitter-based tech support initiative it launched nearly four years ago.

  8. Create a Complete Meal Fruits & Veg Web site Mobile site Blog Twitter Advertising Paid search Sponsorships Carbs WOM Buzz “Viral” Protein

  9. Different channels may work better than others when developing a campaign; however integrated marketing maintains a holistic view Marketing Funnel Stage Placement/ Product Sampling Awareness Radio Television Billboards Website Magazines Consideration Social media E-Mail Evaluation Cellular Social media Direct Phone Commitment Retail Ordering Point of Sale Mail Face-to-Face Rewards/Loyalty Programs Usage Customer Service Advocacy Word-of-Mouth Social media Peer-to-Peer Website Blogs

  10. A word about Product Placement

  11. Advertising

  12. Presentations Questions/comments/Teams…

  13. Presentations • Teams should have 4-5 members. You should let me know your team by October 28th. I will form teams for those not on a team by October 29th • Teams must submit their proposed topic and point-of-view by October 29th • The schedule of presentations will be decided by end of October; presentations will be November 11 and 18 • The presentations can use whatever visuals are feasible and desired (power point is fine) • The presentations should last NO MORE than 10 minutes, plus 5 for questions • Each team member must participate in the presentation • The assignment is to explain a facet of marketing using a case study with a point-of-view: how should the rest of us think or feel about the issue or the case? • The only deliverable is the presentation, including the presentation materials (i.e., no “report” is needed, but I would like a copy of presentation)

  14. Keys to a Good Grade • Communicate clearly upfront why the topic is of importance to the audience and what you want them to take away • Seamless coordination among your team/stick to timing • Effective use of graphics/visual aids • Clear point-of-view with implications in summary • Succinct, insightful, engaging presentaitons will be what elevates a team to a good grade

  15. Tonight Quiz Advertising Presentations

  16. Quiz: Tiffany & Co • For over 170 years, the name Tiffany has been synonymous with romance, style, quality and luxury. • While the US has struggled to recover from a recession during the last couple years, Tiffany’s share value surged 45% • Looking to 2013, the company wants to broaden its target to include the 21-34 year old segment: • What is its competitive advantage • How should it position itself to this segment • What are the 2-3 marketing messages it should use to support its positioning to this segment