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New Features

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New Features
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  1. New Features • Visual Voicemail • Single Number Reach

  2. What is Visual Voicemail? • Visual Voicemail is an application that provides an alternative method of interacting with your messages. • Rather than using audio prompts to sort through your voicemail, it is presented visually on your desk phone. • Scroll down to the message you would like to hear, delete an old message you no longer need, or forward a message to a colleague without listening to the voice prompts. • Presented as an option when “Messages” is pressed on the phone. • Uses existing voicemail password

  3. What does it look like?

  4. “Messages” Menu

  5. Deployment • NETS and other friendly testers will try it before deploying more widely at UCAR. • Will be deployed to all UCAR phones. Why? • It is unobtrusive, users can choose to keep using the voicemail the way they do today, or try the new option of visual voicemail. • We will announce in Today@UCAR and provide information on our user web pages. • Timeline? • Early March

  6. Questions?

  7. Single Number Reach • Single Number Reach (SNR) is a telephone system feature that enables you to manage business calls using a single phone number - your UCAR extension.   • Incoming calls ring simultaneously on your UCAR desk phone and configured Remote Destinations local numbers only (cell phone, home phone, etc).   • With SNR is enabled, the first phone to answer is connected to the call and the other phones stop ringing.  

  8. Benefits • SNR is ideal for UCAR users that work at multiple locations, travel, or often need a way to receive business calls while they are away from their desk.  • Provide callers 1 number to reach you • You can switch between your office phone and cell phone during a call • Single business voice mailbox • Restrict what numbers can reach your other phones • Create a schedule to turn it off at the end of the day

  9. Limitations • Destinations can only be local numbers. • 2 Destinations per user. • Uses an additional trunk for each call. • Web page setting descriptions aren’t very intuitive.(answer too soon, delay before ring) • Scheduling tool needs to have more options. • Has a licensing component. • Some Administrative overhead at setup.

  10. How Do We Sign Up? • We have deployed this to NETSEasier to reach staff that travel between sitesEnables NOC to call 1 number for issues • Looking for other friendly testersNCAB members? • Roll out to users that currently forward their office phones to their cell phones. • Announce in Today@UCAR as being available by request only.

  11. Questions?