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S.J.C INC. IPod Distribution. Nissan Leaf SL!. Nissan Leaf SL. The Nissan Leaf is a car that runs on battery powered engine. When you apply the breaks to slow down or stop this car does not waste the energy, it actually charges the car more.

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S j c inc


IPod Distribution

Nissan leaf sl1
Nissan Leaf SL

  • The Nissan Leaf is a car that runs on battery powered engine.

  • When you apply the breaks to slow down or stop this car does not waste the energy, it actually charges the car more.

  • At a constant 38 mph with a temperature of 68 degrees and the climate control off, you can get a range up to 138 miles.

  • An average 24 mph with a temperature of 72 degrees and the climate control off, you can get a range up to 105 miles.

  • An average 55 mph with a temperature of 95 degrees and the climate control on, you can get a range up to 70 miles.

  • This car will cost up to $26,220 and more.

S j c inc

  • We distribute boxes of iPods from the company distributing facility to other stores that carry our product.

  • All the stores are located within a four hundred mile radius.

  • We distribute in regular cars so it wouldn’t be suspicious and decreases the level of robbery if to occur (bigger commercial vehicles advertise that there is expensive material in the truck, therefore grabs the attention of people seeking to gain money or merchandise.)

  • The car does run on gas. Gas is more reliable, and can go faster across the distance we have to travel.

  • The expense isn’t that expensive- the profit we gain from the merchandise exceeds the cost of fuel to drive the distances.

  • The only problem we would have with the gas is the amount of CO2 that is let out into the atmosphere.

  • This car is very reliable, fast, fuel efficient, and roomy enough for the few boxes of iPods that we have to distribute.

S j c inc

  • The back seats fold down to make more room, and yet still much room for two passengers in the front of the vehicle, one to drive and one to assist.

  • The car is very stylish, taking on a look that is flashy and almost like a sports car, but in the form of a five passenger SUV.

  • It seats five, but can also fold for extra cargo space 40/60.

  • The Nissan Juke rides 24-27 mpg in the city and 30-32 mpg on the highway, depending on choice of transmission and use of front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

  • At the front, the ‘sump guard’ forms part of the air intake assembly but rather than use a simple meshed grille, the design team have developed the molding into a series of circular slots… which are suggestive of biotic elements.

  • The rear of the roof incorporates an integral spoiler to reduce aerodynamic lift to help high speed stability.

S j c inc

  • The Juke is also outfitted with a generous amount of standard features, including iPod and Bluetooth® connectivity, air conditioning, keyless entry, and an auxiliary input jack. 

  • The mid-tier SV trim adds push button start, power moon roof, and the I-CON driving system. 

  • Opting for the top-tier SL trim ups the ante even further, with leather seats, navigation system with touch-screen monitor and Rearview camera, and an upgraded stereo with USB connection.

  • Nissan’s advanced air bag system, including side-curtain and side-impact airbags, helps keep you safe in the event of a collision, while a traction control system, antilock brakes, and electronic stability system help to keep you out of an accident.

Toyota prius phv

Toyota Prius PHV

It’s the best of both worlds! Electric driving range of approx. 13 miles then 50 MPG hybrid driving that eliminates distance anxiety.

S j c inc

The Facts:

  • The Toyota Prius PHV has the same storage ability of the gas powered Prius.

  • The rear seats fold down to accommodate a load of products to distribute.

  • “if a person regularly drives fewer than 13 miles, and recharges the vehicle often, it's possible that Prius PHV wouldn't use any gas at all—in that case, it would be achieving infinite mpg. However, if the vehicle is operating in regular hybrid mode, Toyota anticipates that a combined city/highway rating of 50 mpg might be possible.” –(toyota.com)

  • Its going to cost approx. $28K

  • 2010 Toyota Prius PHV

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