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Marjan Inc. Tin - Silver Coatings Chrysler Corporation. Marjan Incorporated. Established in 1972 – Family owned Company Marjan specializes in 100% Pure Tin, Tin-Lead (60/40 & 90/10) and Tin-Silver Coatings (95% Sn – 5% Ag). **ROHS Compliant Marjan coats Copper based alloys and Carbon Steel

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marjan inc

Marjan Inc.


Chrysler Corporation

marjan incorporated
Marjan Incorporated
  • Established in 1972 – Family owned Company
  • Marjan specializes in 100% Pure Tin, Tin-Lead (60/40 & 90/10) and Tin-Silver Coatings (95% Sn – 5% Ag).
  • **ROHS Compliant
  • Marjan coats Copper based alloys and Carbon Steel
  • Pre-plate in coil form. From 3” to 14” Wide. Gauges of .003 to .062”
  • Thickness ranges: Commercial Coat: Mechanical Wipe & HALT: Tin Coverage to .00008” Intermediate: .00005” to .00015”HALT. Hevi-Kote .0001” to .001” HALT
  • We ship World Wide
  • We are a service company to all major mills, service centers and O.E.M.’s

Under the Hood Applications and throughout Vehicle ! Pure Tin upgrade, Pure Silver Option and for Gold, where it makes sense. Ie: Outside of the squib area !

why tin silver coatings
Why Tin-Silver Coatings?
  • 1.) An upgrade from Pure Tin Coatings.
  • 2.)A replacement coating for Pure Silver Plated female terminals mated to Pure Silver headers.
  • 3.)A replacement coating for both male and female Pure Silver Plated Terminals.
  • 4.) A Gold alternative. Where it makes sense. Ie: Under-the-Hood Applications
why the tin silver push
Why the Tin-Silver Push?
  • Throughout the vehicle, there are many terminal designs with as many platings.
  • Each use of these platings are because of A.)Cost and B.) Temperature Class requirement.
  • Improvement needed in insertion forces.
  • A harder coating than Pure Tin.
  • The 95-5 Sn-Ag coatings have been tested to all US Car Class environments 1 thru 4 with success.
  • Low normal force terminals from 1.5 to 8 Newtons.
  • One pair of coating types A.) Silver B.) Tin-Silver throughout the vehicle can expedite engineering design.
mating forces test
Mating Forces Test
  • Ralph and Rich,
  • I was asked to summarize the insertion results we got from the various plating types we use on our Apex 1.2mm female terminals (modified from our 1.5mm female terminal tooling). These terminals are used in our 3 way cam, crank, and coil-on-plug connectors released for Daimler Chrysler use.
  • All values shown are in Newtons. Also, the results shown are from "first insertion" readings.
  • Please contact me if you have any questions.
  • Tin Plated: (mated to a Tin plated device blade)
  • AVG - 10.66
  • MAX - 12.15
  • MIN - 9.15
  • Tin/Silver (95/5) Plated: (mated to a Silver plated device blade)
  • AVG - 5.81
  • MAX - 6.25
  • MIN - 5.05
  • Gold Plated: (mated to a gold plated device blade)
  • AVG - 3.66
  • MAX- 4.30
  • MIN - 3.15 
  • Regards,
  • Jeff Burnside
  • FCI Automotive
  • (248) 592-2831 Courtesy of FCI

1.) HALT(100%)coatings were assigned a value of 1.0000. Other platings reflect cost % from HALT.2.) Percentage values based on a cost per pound of base material coated. Prices were gathered based on a coating thickness of .00005”/.00015” (1.2 – 3.9 um) per side of strip. Base metal .010 x 6” copper alloy strip.3.) **** These are value added costs for PLATING ONLY****

testing already performed
Testing already performed
  • F.C.I.’s 3-Way 1.2mm Cam, Crank & Coil Sensor. 3.5 Newtons of Normal Force.Tested to US Car-2 Class 4. Sn-Ag Passed. **In Production.
  • Tyco’s Junior Power Timer.Tested to Temperature rise of 160 C. 95-5 Sn-Ag outperformed Thermic Tin and Europe’s version of Tin Silver. 98-2 Sn-Ag. The Eutectic of 2%Ag is too low. The melting point would be around 218 C. Below Pure Tin which is 232 C.
  • Kostal’s 1.2 mm MLK family at 120 grams normal force.
  • Yazaki North America-Internal Evaluation of the Kostal 1.2 mm MLK system. Road Vehicle test performed.
  • Delphi HVT 1.2 mm Program. Tested at Class 3 US Car-2. Sn-Ag passed and is spec’d out for production.
  • F.C.I.’s 2.8mm Terminal System Engineering Evaluation (EE) Level. 95-5 Tin-Silver passed all phases of testing.
us car 20 test
US Car-20 Test
  • **An OEM tested their 150 series terminal family with a Pure Tin male and Pure Tin female against the Sn-Ag male and Sn-Ag female version. *3.5 Newtons of Normal Force.
  • Tested to US Car-20 Class 3 125 C until failure.
  • The results: 95-5 Tin-Silver passed and Pure Tin failed.
  • This test showed that Sn-Ag is an upgrade.
  • ** Lets say for example: Emission Control Terminals. The warranties increase from 5 years to 15 years or 150,000 miles. Would this test put you in the comfort level if most of the terminals were 3 to 5 Newtons in normal force with the potential of Class 3 to Class 4 environments?
  • I propose that Sn-Ag does.
  • The fact that you can mate Tin-Silver female terminals to Pure silver headers without effecting performance.
  • In many cases, Tin-Silver females to Tin-Silver males. More of a cost savings.
  • In Gold applications, the worry of tin being mated to gold platings during assembly. No More!
  • One Stop shopping without effecting your existing supplier base.
advantages of hot dip tin coatings
Advantages of Hot-Dip Tin Coatings
  • Formability
    • Cast structure on hot-dip coatings, can go through severe deformation with no cracking
    • Due to porous structure and stresses inherent in electroplate, cracks can develop at sheared edges
grain structures
Grain structures
  • Hot-dip coating Electro matte

courtesy of AMP, Incorporated

Please refer to Marjan’s web site atwww.marjaninc.comfor more data on Tin-Silver coatings.THANK YOU
marjan incorporated18
Marjan Inc.

44 Railroad Hill Street

Waterbury, Ct. 06708

Tel: 203 573-1742

Fax: 203 755-9263

Cell: 203 592-9184

Attn: Rich Strobel


Marjan Hot Tinning Inc.

1801 Albright Road

Montgomery, Il. 60538

Tel: 630 906-0053

Fax: 630 906-0058

Cell: 630 841-7164

Attn: Bill Strobel


Marjan Incorporated