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Yum Franchise super pizza xpress PowerPoint Presentation
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Yum Franchise super pizza xpress

Yum Franchise super pizza xpress

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Yum Franchise super pizza xpress

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  2. Company Agenda • American concept fast food market in India • American concept Fast Food culture – An Opportunity • About American concept fast food outlet format • About Super Pizza Xpress menu, Taste , Appearance, Pricing, Experience • About Super Pizza Xpress franchise plan • Franchise partner – key Requisites • Franchise partner’s responsibility • Franchisor company responsibilities Contact Us

  3. AMERICAN CONCEPT FAST FOOD MARKET IN INDIA • American Fast food culture has grown to a large extent and bounds in our country. Fast food restaurants like for e.g.: Pizza Hut , Dominos Pizza, Pizza Corner, Mc Donalds , Subway etc. to name a few have become a hot spot for the young and old alike, and you can notice one in every nook and corner of the country • American fast food has become more of lifestyle in major cities and is heading towards developments in food industry • Tremendous growth in the industry for the last 10 years • Consumers are open to trying out new concepts & Brands for better taste and opportunities • Annual spend on eating out ( organized + unorganized segments ) is more than Rs:35,000 Crores Contact Us

  4. FAST FOOD CULTURE – AN OPPORTUNITY • Specialty Pizza, Burger, Sub Sandwich, Garlic Bread, French Fries, Pasta, Appetizer, Multi Variety Salad, Ice-Cream, Milkshake, Soft Drinks, Mojito, Mixers, Slurpy etc. are most popular foods and drinks in India and across the globe • Widespread acceptability amongst the young and old population alike • Easy to and manage without any hassle. • Good returns on the investment approximately net profit 40% of the sale . • Relatively lower cost of investment for starting the business • High profits margin • Zero percent of wastage • Easy availability of manpower across the country Contact Us

  5. Restaurant Take Away Outlet / Dine in Restaurant Format • Beautifully designed cafe with self service format (90sft-150sft) to be positioned in major locations apart from malls, shopping complexs, business centers, residential colonies etc. • 300sft- 600sft outlets to be positioned in the major locations with bright light ambience with good visibility and parking facility to cater all segments of the society • Take Away format , kiosk format, dine in format , delivery format, drive thru formal etc.on high streets • Dine in Format • Specially designed dine in restaurants 500 sft. – 1500 sft. outlet with different kind of sitting arrangement. These restaurants combine the style and luxury of international quality with the lively ambience and comforts • With exquisite interiors, exotic menu and thematic music offers a whole new experience to the customer while assisting the later through its team of hostesses who are poise and style incarnate and are looked upon as fashion icons Contact Us

  6. Super Pizza Xpress Menu , Taste , Appearance, pricing , Experience & Aim • Our menu includes Pizzas ,Burgers, Sandwiches, Appetizers, Garlic Breads, French Fries , Soups, Special American 20 item salads, Cold Drinks, Milkshakes, Ice -creams, Ice-cream Sundays etc. and lots more • Our exiting range of specialty products is having excellent taste and appearance to that of International Quality. • Our pricing is very economically priced so that all the sectors of the society can enjoy the meal and visit our outlets very often. • Our fast food outlets would more of an entertainment center than a typical restaurant • As per our experience our fast food outlets which brings young and old of different cultures and caste to our stores that goes excellent with our products • Our aim is to bring to the Indian customer a unique dine in experience through a nation wide American concept fast food chain of restaurants, in all the major parts of the country.. Contact Us

  7. Fast Food Culture- Business Facts • From the first outlet opened in 2006 , at present with 23 outlets and a target to expand with at least 25 more outlets by the end of 2014 PAN INDIA • Already commands 40%of the organized fast food market • Already more than 2,00,000 customers served with approx. 90 % customers are 100% satisfied with the product quality and taste • Innovative menu, excellent taste ,professional service and aggressive and competitive pricing • High quality trained and professional training staff • Not dependent on labor for daily activities • Well defined and planned business module with training process to maintain constituency in day to day operation and similarity nation wide • Super Pizza Xpress franchise plans • Now planning to expand its network nationally and internationally through the franchise network • Focus on the take away / dine in / delivery / drive thru formats • Franchise program designed to ensure your success as the leading fast food restaurant operator in your territory • Invitation to like minded entrepreneurs to join hands as franchise partners Contact Us

  8. Franchise Partners- Key Requisites Personal Traits Drive to succeed. willingness to work hard & passion for delivering quality Premises Access to minimum 90 sq ft to 1500 sq ft of prime retail premises on the ground floor in a key location ,retail market, shopping malls, entertainment centers, high streets, corporate business centers, etc Investment capacity Capacity to invest Rs. 2- 20 lacks for restaurant ( mentioned amount is excluding space and could vary depending on the premises) Experience Prior service sector experience of franchisee experience in any sector would be a definite plus point. Contact Us

  9. Franchise Partner’s Responsibility Space Identifying, securing & fitting out suitable premises as per quality and standards of Super Pizza Xpress specifications At least 4 of the following sectors are inevitable to support our business and locations namely commercial, shopping, entertainment, education centers, etc. Staffing Identifying and recruiting suitable staff as per Super Pizza Xpress specifications Investment Managing all upfront investments as well as all day to day expenses of running the outlet including food raw materials, salaries, rent, utilities, local promotions & miscellaneous tasks Effective management of the outlet on a daily basis and maintaining 100% standards of the company at all given times and situations Contact Us

  10. Franchisor Company Responsibilities • Initial Set up • Lay out planning • Equipment selection • Staff training, launch activities etc. • Training & Expertise • Supports all training related activities with professionally designed courses • Operating standards • Proven standard operating manuals • Supply Chain Management • Supply of standardized food items on a regular basis to ensure constituency • Identification of local procurement of raw material, as per company standards Contact Us

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