hire me now o nline job s earch engine software n.
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“Hire Me Now” ® O nline Job S earch Engine Software

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“Hire Me Now” ® O nline Job S earch Engine Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Hire Me Now” ® O nline Job S earch Engine Software. By: Ms. Victoria Castro, Director and CEO of Aspire ® Education & Training Center. To the Unemployed:.

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hire me now o nline job s earch engine software

“Hire Me Now” ® Online Job Search Engine Software

By: Ms. Victoria Castro, Director and CEO of Aspire ® Education & Training Center

to the unemployed
To the Unemployed:
  • At Aspire ®, we understand the difficulties that jobless folks face, especially those with limited skills and education. If you fall into this category, we imagine that you tire of spending large amounts of time searching endlessly for jobs online and getting nowhere. Look no further! As an institution committed to teaching students the necessary and basic skills demanded by employers and the workforce, we have developed a convenient software program that performs all of your job hunting work. All you need is your social security card. Turn months’ worth of application processes into only a few days as you breeze from one job application to the next!
about our latest software program
About Our Latest Software Program
  • Fully accredited by the government, “HireMeNow”.com automatically builds resumes, cover letters, resume lists, and more, based on all of your work/volunteer history. You are matched with the most suitable jobs near your area, and unlike many popular search engines of today (i.e. CareerBuilder.com, Indeed.com, etc.) our program presents you with jobs that are often hidden from the public (such as those that do not require a degree). We realize as you do you that job search engines shouldn’t be limited to those with a degree. At Aspire ®, we feel that everyone has the right to a job, and the right to utilize modern technological resources to find them.
presentation overview
Presentation Overview
  • What exactly is the HireMeNow.com software?
  • What is included?
  • How does it compare to the competition?
  • Why is this software the best and most effective program for job seekers?
  • Statistics
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • HireMeNow vs. the Competition
  • Conclusion/Presentation Review
software contents
Software Contents
  • The first thing a user must do is create an account on the online website as a form of registration for service usage. This is how we keep track of data.
  • Cost Effectiveness:
    • Unlike many speedy and excellent job search engines, HireMeNow.com won’t cost you a dime, which is a huge deal for its amazing abilities and the amount of work it perfoms. We assure you and results are well worth it.
services and options included
Services and Options Included
  • Once your account is set up, you are able to use the following options:
  • Resume Star ® Builder
  • Application/Cover Letter Tools
  • Reference List Project
  • Each service requires you to enter your Social Security number. Strictly using your work/volunteer information, the software builds your material in a matter of minutes.
our software vs the competition
Our Software vs. The Competition



  • It’s made for all users; not just those with degrees.
  • It is a resourceful tool for those with limited skills and education
  • Free services, fast, and saves a lot of time and money
  • Comes with instructions
  • All you need to provide us with is your trust and social security card
  • Friendly screen servers, sounds, and background themes, etc. make the search more pleasant
  • Fully accredited by the U.S. government
  • Do not cater to those with limited education and skills; their search engines are aimed at those who have degrees
  • Search results are seen as a form of privilege and unfairness, which makes these websites less popular
  • Sites are extensive, boring, and plain
  • Search results often present far-away jobs, not always those strictly nearby
why choose us
Why Choose Us?
  • Not only is HireMeNow.com fully accredited by the U.S. government, but it strongly supports our institutional goal to lower the national unemployment rate and help boost the economy by helping people find jobs or pointing them to the appropriate resources.
  • Unlike most job search engines of today, ours is unique and original because it creates job application paperwork manually and finds job for less educated job seekers (the majority of America).

Modern Unemployment Rate

statistics cont
Statistics cont.

Future Unemployment Rate

  • These numbers will only increase in the coming years. What can we do to help boost the economy? Start by utilizing the services of HireMeNow.com!

HireMeNow.com is free to the public, and is not limited to users with some kind of degree. All we ask is that you trust us with your personal information and have faith that we will find something for you with our latest detailed, accurate and precise invention. Trust that we have your best interest at heart as we help you find the job you need (which is often difficult to find because it isn't advertised).

conclusion and review
Conclusion and Review
  • Comments, Questions, or Concerns?
    • Visit our website at www.HireMeNow.com, AspireCenter.edu, or call 1-800-585-9000.
    • Thank you for your time and good luck in your job search!