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Health and Human Rights Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Health and Human Rights Education

Health and Human Rights Education

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Health and Human Rights Education

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  1. Health and Human Rights Education Michael A. Grodin, MD Boston University School of Public Health Global Lawyers and Physicians

  2. RESOURCES AND MATERIALS Michael Grodin, MD Rosario Isasi, JD Suganthi Narayanasamy

  3. Education • Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Database on Human Rights Education • This database provides information on organizations, materials and programmes for human rights education. The database constitutes a contribution to the UN Decade for Human Rights Education (1995-2004) • Boston Center for Refugee Health & Human Rights • Contains a very useful Web course on Caring for Survivors of Torture and Refugee Trauma.

  4. Education • Getting Online for Human Rights • Excellent source particular for science and human rights information, include links to other organizations sorted by topic and region. • The Association for Progressive Communications • Interesting site containing training materials and technical resources.

  5. Education • Human Rights Education Associates • Includes curriculum, lesson materials, reports and articles on human rights education. • Human Rights Internet • An international NGO, documentation center and publishing house. The website is most useful for human rights NGO’s and professionals.

  6. Education • Education in Human Rights Network • Resources on human rights education, newsletter, curriculum and education links. • Human Rights Education Initiative • Resources on methodology for teaching human rights.

  7. Education • The People's Decade of Human Rights Education • Site dedicated to human rights learning, contains methodology and learning materials on human rights, video training on CEDAW . • Teaching Human Rights Online • Library of case studies on human rights.

  8. Directories • Online Appendix for the Book: Emerging Issues in Health and Human Rights A Guide to Resources for Future Research on Health and Human Rights ed. Gruskin, Grodin, Marks, Annas •

  9. Directories • University of Minnesota Human Rights Library Collection • A premier site, its focus is on international materials, contains international instruments, decisions from the Inter-American Court of human rights, links to other sites; great source for reference materials on human rights. • American Association for the Advancement of Science - AAS • Very comprehensive site, contains links to other organizations sorted by country and topic.

  10. Directories • Derechos: Concise Guide to Human Rights on the Internet • Offers a variety of human rights information including reports, actions, links and documents. • European Court of Human Rights • Contains the basic documents of the European system, full text of judgments of the Court.

  11. Directories • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights • Contains a large part of the material produced by the different UN human rights bodies: resolutions, reports, special rapporteurs, working group and treaty monitoring bodies. Also contains the latest press releases. • Harvard Law School Library • Basic tool for introduction to human rights research, contains a survey of online resources.

  12. Directories • Amnesty International • Comprehensive database on human rights issues, country reports, campaigns and links to other sites. • Women’s Human Rights Resources, Bora Liskin Library University of • Documents, bibliographies and links to Internet resources on women’s human rights.

  13. Directories • Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems International • Focus on dissemination of public information on human rights, site contains resources for information handling, documentation, training courses and regional networks on human rights. • Harvard World Health News • Useful resource for up-to-date international health news.

  14. Directories • United States National Library of Medicine • General health information, access to Medline.

  15. Directories • American University, Inter-American Human Rights Database • Contains documents in English and Spanish adopted by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights since its first session. • Immigration Index • Contains very useful information on different human rights issues, focus on refugees and asylum.

  16. Treaty Collections • University of Minnesota Human Rights Library Collection • UNHCHR Collection • The UN Treaty Collection

  17. Treaty Collections • Organization of American States - OAS • European Council

  18. International Law • Bibliography for Research on International Human Rights Law • Part of the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library, extensive compilation of human rights instruments. • Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet • Good source for legal research.

  19. International Law • Derechos Human Rights Links: Law • Contains legal materials from different countries and about different human rights issues. • Asil Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law: Human Rights • Contains primary and secondary sources.

  20. Human Rights Reports • US State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices • Very good source of human rights information, in general very objective and accurate reports on human rights violations. • Amnesty International Publications • Press releases and reports organized by country, focus on violations of the right to life, physical integrity and a fair trial.

  21. Human Rights Reports • Human Rights in Latin America • Links to numerous reports on human rights in Latin America organized by country. Most of the reports are in Spanish. • UN High Commission for Refugees • Information pertaining to refugee and asylum matters, including treaties, national legislation and case law, background papers, country reports and news.

  22. Human Rights Reports • Writenet Country Papers • Reports by country with focus on forced migration.

  23. International Organizations • World Health Organization • General website of the organization, contains health topics, information resources and country data. • International Red Cross • Information and documents on humanitarian law. • International Criminal Court • Information on the conference and the treaty of Rome.

  24. International Organizations • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights • General web site of the UNHCHR, contains resources about human rights issues, documents and treaties, links to related sites. • Organization of American • Information on the Inter-American human rights covenants and resolutions, including the Inter-American Commission and Court on Human Rights.

  25. International Organizations • Pan American Health • Regional office for the Americas of the WHO. General information on health topics, data and other resources. • UNESCO • UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization, information and full text of the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome.

  26. NGO’S • Global Lawyers and Physicians • Works toward the global implementation of the health-related provisions of the UDHR and the ICCPRI, ICESCR. Site contains a database of human rights resources • Francois- Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights - USA • Explores the link between health and human rights, site contains a comprehensive database of human rights resources.

  27. NGO’S • Physicians for Human Rights • Mobilizes health professionals and enlists support from the general public to protect and promote the human rights of all people. • Canadian Human Rights Foundation • NGO dedicated to the defense and promotion of human rights through education, site contains education resources.

  28. NGO’S • Consortium for Health and Human Rights • Joint educational and advocacy project of health and human rights organizations. • International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims • Very comprehensive resource for issues related to torture, includes international instruments, links to other organizations. • Human Rights Watch • Extensive information about human rights conditions sorted by country and region.

  29. NGO’S • Amnesty International • Comprehensive database on human rights issues, country reports, campaigns and links to other sites. • Lawyers Committee for Human Rights • Legal issues and assistance, lawyer-to-lawyer network. • Doctors Without Borders - USA • General information related to the organization activities, press releases, publications.

  30. Regional Resources • Human Rights in China • Contains links to human rights education materials and advocacy resources with a focus in China. • African HR Resource Centre • Part of the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library, contains links to African based NGO’s and Human Rights Tribunal.

  31. Regional Resources • The Balkans Human Rights Web • Human rights issues in the Balkans, country information. • INCORE Regional Internet Guides • Provides information about internet resources on conflict and ethnicity for selected countries in Africa, Middle East and Europe.

  32. Regional Resources • Georgetown University: Political Database on the Americas • Information specific to Latin American countries, includes Constitutions, comparative legislation and government information. • Alliances for Africa • NGO that focuses on the promotion of human rights, peace and development, acts as a collaborative body with links to various NGO’s in Africa.

  33. Publications • Health and Human Rights : a reader, J. Mann et al. Editors. (1999) Routledge, USA. • Health and Human Rights: An International Quarterly Journal. FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, Harvard School of Public Health, USA. • Human Rights Education for the Twenty-First Century, G. Andreopoulos editor. (1997) University of Pennsylvania, USA.

  34. Publications • Human Rights in the World Community, Issues and Action, R. Pierre editor. (1992) University of Pennsylvania. • Encyclopedia of Human Rights, L. Edward, editor. (1991)Taylor and Francis.

  35. Publications • Human Rights Law JournalQuarterly. N.P. Engel, Gutenbergstr, Germany. • Human Rights Quarterly. John Hopkins University Press, Journals Division, USA. • Human Rights Tribune. Human Rights Internet, Canada. • Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights. Netherlands Institute of Human Rights, The Netherlands.

  36. Publications • Guide to Human Rights Research, Tobin, Jack; Green Jennifer. (1994).Harvard Law School Human Rights Program, USA. • Access to Human Rights Documentation: Documentation, Databases and Bibliographies on Human Rights UNESCO. (1991), UNESCO, France.