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Verizon Partner Solutions

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Verizon Partner Solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Verizon Partner Solutions

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  1. Verizon Partner Solutions Last Updated: 5/30/07

  2. Executive Summary • Verizon is positioned as a leading provider of advanced global communications solutions • Verizon Partner Solutions was created to serve the US domestic wholesale market • Verizon Partner Solutions provides a complete portfolio of services from basic voice to advanced IP services • We will continue to work to grow our relationship with you by (1) focusing intently on your needs and (2) providing quality solutions through a single sales team You spoke. We listened. We hope you will see the efforts we are taking to improve the customer experience.

  3. Extensive IP, Optical, and Ethernet Centric Product Portfolio Full Service Sales Team that understands your business Expansive Global, US LD and Local Networks Industry-Leading Service Quality Ability to create end-to-end solutions that work for your business A Full-Service Wholesale Provider Striving to meet your needs

  4. Company Structure Verizon enterprise unit serving US domestic wholesale customers. The one face to US wholesale service provider customers for all of their communications needs. Verizon enterprise unit serving large business, the Federal government, and internationally headquartered wholesale customers.

  5. Partner Solutions Organization Switched access, unbundled elements, resale services, collocation, and the Wholesale Advantage product suite Access and next-generation services, sales engineering and support Sales of wholesale Verizon Telecom and Verizon Enterprise services and interconnection negotiations

  6. Other Services - AIN Platform - Calling Card - Wireless Interconnection - SS7 - CIP Operator Services - Directory Assistance - Operator Assistance - Listing Services • Private Line • - Metro Private Line • Ethernet • Wavelength • - National • - International / Long Haul • - Out of Franchise • Optical Networking Services • Ethernet Services • Special Access Services • (DS0, DS1, DS3, VG) • IP Services • - IP VPN • - Carrier IP Termination • - SIP Gateway Voice Services - Switched Access - 1+ - Toll Free - Dedicated LD Access-Based Classic Transcend - International Toll Free Internet Services - Access Dedicated Dial-up Ethernet via Frame Relay - MAE Service - IPRS - DSL - ISDN-PRI Database Services - LNP - 800 DB Access - LIDB - Carrier Selection Service • Local Services • Wholesale Advantage • - DSL • - VM • - DirecTV • - Inside Wire • Resale • UNEs A Full-Service Wholesale Provider • Core products demonstrate our commitment to provide technologically advanced solutions • A full suite of services build on our total capabilities • Technologies include Ethernet, WDM, Fiber, IP and TDM • Network presence is crucial • 13.6M+ fiber miles in the US • 750k+ fiber miles globally • Presence in 20 of the top 25 US markets • Solutions exist for all customers: Local service providers, resellers, wireless carriers, ISPs, cable MSOs, interexchange carriers, and integrated communications providers

  7. Featured Solutions • Bandwidth on Demand • Trial began September 2006 • General availability in NYC targeted for Q3 2007 • Provisioning reduced from weeks to hours • Use of optical control plane technology in a mesh architecture • Wholesale Advantage • Expansion of product portfolio • DSL, DIRECTV, Voice (including Voice Mail) • A Triple Play! • Inside Wire Maintenance Plan

  8. Featured Solutions • Pseudo-wire Services • IP USA ETAG • Trial expected to begin in 2Q 2007 • General availability targeted for 3Q 2007 • Uses fiber-based access to MPLS core • Forbearance • Packet, Ethernet and SONET Services • Move to true business-to-business arrangements with negotiated commercial agreements • Grandfathering of most services during 1H 2007

  9. Featured Solutions • Ethernet Services • Strong portfolio of Ethernet solutions including • Switched Ethernet (Transparent LAN Service/TLS) • Ethernet over SONET (Verizon Optical Networking) • Individual Forbearance contracts can be tailored to address your needs • Combine the reach of the Verizon network with your network for cost effective, efficient solutions • Several options available • Various levels of protection • Multiple Classes of Service options • Multiple Quality of Service options

  10. 2007 Planned Service Launches • Bandwidth on Demand • National Pricing Plan • 2007 National SLA Plan • IP USA (ETAG and PAS) • Transparent LAN Service (TLS) enhancements • IntelliLight Broadband Transport (IBT) STM1 • SONET SLAs • International VoIP

  11. Summary • Verizon Partner Solutions will: • Deliver a full portfolio of advanced services to US domestic wholesale customers • Create a single account interface within Verizon • Give you access to one of the best sales and sales support organizations available today • Deliver the best customer experience possible • Your account teams are available to help you in reaching your business goals. Our success is dependent upon your success. 888-483-9594

  12. Legal Disclaimer This presentation provides a summary of certain Verizon products and services (collectively, "Services", and individually "Service"). The summary of the Services contained in this presentation is being provided for your reference, but is not intended to provide a complete description of the terms and conditions of the applicable Service.  You should not rely on this summary for the specific terms and conditions of each Service.  The actual terms, conditions, restrictions, limitations, and the like for the Services will be those that are set forth in the agreement between you and Verizon, or in the applicable Verizon tariff for such Service, and shall govern over any inconsistent representations, statements, or pronouncements set forth herein. Any failure by Verizon to fully set forth all relevant terms and conditions associated with these Services shall not be deemed to bar Verizon from exercising its rights under its applicable agreement or tariff for such Services. Some of the proposed enhancements, pricing plans, and Services set forth in this presentation, including Bandwidth on Demand Service, IP USA Ethernet Transport Aggregation Service, and IP USA Packet Access Service, are not currently available and it is unknown when these Services, enhancements, or pricing plans will be available for your use.  Verizon shall have no obligation to provide you with all or any of the proposed Services, enhancements, or pricing plans described herein.   The Services are not available in all areas served by the Verizon operating telephone companies and are subject to availability of facilities and equipment.