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There are many myths and apprehensions about using vaporizers for weed available in the market. Some say they are good when compared to smoking and some oppose the notion.

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Article 3:

FAQ’s Associated with Vaping and Weed Vape Pens

There are many myths and apprehensions about using vaporizers for weed available in the market.

Some say they are good when compared to smoking and some oppose the notion. However, vaping

done by good vaporizers can be a great way to enjoy cannabis. This article will give you an overall

understanding of the vaporizers by answering many FAQs associated with vaping cannabis. It will

also focus on the variety of vape pens available in the market. Let’s get started –

What are vaporizers?

Putting it simple -a vaporizer is a device that is battery operated which is used to turn the medium

(like – herbs, oils, wax, e-liquids and etc) into vapor. Further this can be used for recreational

inhalation and medicinal consumption purposes. The popularity of vape pens has immensely

increased worldwide. One reason for this rise in popularity is that the vape pens permits you to have

cannabis without inhaling the burning weed. Because of their discreet nature and look of vape pens

some users feel that it helps in lessening the negative persona that is linked with joints and bongs.

Also, marijuana vape pen also offer a healthy way to inhale THC (an active ingredient in marijuana).

How do the vape pens/ vaporizers work?

The simple mechanism of vape pens works like e-cigs. Almost everyone today understands what e-

cigs are and how they work. Vape pens integrate the same technology as e-cigs where, instead of

nicotine, concentrated weed wax, cannabis oils, dry herbs etc. are used. When the weed vape pens

heat wax, oils or dry herbs, temperatures reach approximately at 400 °F or 205 °C — just before

combustion, allowing the user to inhale pure vapor with no risky toxins found in smoke. One

important thing about weed vape pen is that not all the vape pens are same. Some use dry herbs

and some wax due to which there can be difference in their functionality. Thus when you wish to

buy one, make sure you check on the type of the weed vape pen.

Are vaporizers legal?

Yes they are legal until they are not used for consumption of drugs. Vaporizers are legal in many

countries only if they are using tobacco or other plants or chemicals extracts to vaporize (except


Types of weed vape pens

Depending on the kind of marijuana used and in which form, there are numerous brands who sell

the best vape pens at affordable prices. You get oil vape pen, dry herb vaporizer (considered to be

safest and the most popular) and wax vaporizer pens (it is the most discreet and often cheaper than

the other portable vape pens)..All these vape pens are portable and easy to use. You can carry them

in your pocket.

To wrap up, there are lot of studies associated and conducted on the health effects and usage of

cannabis over smoking, which has proved out to be in favor of vape pens and vaporizers. Whatever

you choose, be healthy and safe! Enjoy vaping!

For more information on vaporizers for weed, visit


Article 3:


Vitaly Becker is an expert when it comes to the practice of vaping and the many plus points

associated with the habit. He loves writing interesting articles and blogs on the topic, helping people

explore this amazing new format of smoking and recommends as the name to

trust if you are looking for vape pens for weed.