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The harmful Effects of Smoking

The harmful Effects of Smoking

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The harmful Effects of Smoking

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  1. The harmful Effects of Smoking Smoking have many serious effects. The principal effect is the deteriorate of a smoker health. Smoking increase the risk of lung disease, increase blood pressure, increases the risk of heart attacks and reduces the flow of oxygen to the brain. Smoking creates respiratory problems prolonged use may leads to emphysema and the need to be hook up to a machine to pump enough oxygen into the lungs. Another effect of this habit was that smoking breed halitosis; a smoker's breath alway smells foul and repulsive. The strong, offensive odor of smoke clings to smokers' clothing hair, and skin. The final effect of smoking is that it depletes the pocketbook, smoking have always being an expensive habit, and the price of cigarettes continues to raise. The negative effects of smoking are many, which leaves one wondering why people do not find a way too break this harmful addiction.

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