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VPF New Employee Orientation

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VPF New Employee Orientation. December 14, 2011. Michael W. Howard Vice President for Finance. Vice President for Finance. Budget, Finance & Treasury (BFT) Allen Marcum. Budget, Finance & Treasury. Allen Marcum Director, Budget, Finance & Treasury. Office Manager. Finance. Budget.

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VPF New Employee Orientation

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Presentation Transcript

Allen MarcumDirector, Budget, Finance & Treasury

Office Manager



Accounting Services


Accounts Receivable


Danielle Khoury-Galou


Joy Matos

Cheryl Whelan


John Donnelly

Donna Cairns

Assistant Accounting Officer

Senior Financial Analyst

Tax Manager

Assistant Director, Budget, Finance & Treasury

Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager

Senior Accounting Officer

Accounting Officer

Jim Thompson

Cathy Levins

Donna Lagrotteria

Jo Lyn Whitlock

Carol Schultz

Yeo Jin Kim

Rebecca Berger

Allison Parisi

Rob Slauzis

Open Position

Ying Liu

Kenneth Suprin

Pat Crosby


Sue Ellen Howe

Jeff Blundell

Alicia Ma

Eileen DesRosiers

Henry Leung

Yan Jiang


Senior Financial Analyst

Financial Assistant II

Tax Accountant

Operations and Systems

Staff Accountant

Senior Staff Accountant

Staff Accountant

Senior Financial Analyst

Tax Co-Op

Accounting Officer

Accounting Officer

Financial Assistant II

Senior Financial Analyst

Tax Analyst

Financial Assistant

Accounting Officer

Accounting Officer

Accounting Officer

Payroll Benefits Accounting

vpf financial operations
VPF Financial Operations

What’s important to Financial Operations?

  • Seeing what we do through the customers’ eyes
  • How can we make our customers’ lives easier?
  • Opportunities to use automation to improve service
  • Operational excellence

Gerry O’TooleDirector of Financial Operations

Procurement Assistant

Business Systems

HR/Payroll Services

Sourcing & Procurement

Strategic Initiatives


AP Services

Financial Accounting

Mae Jones

Marsha Dailey

Tricia Sullivan-Mullen

Cathy Cherico

John Larkin

John Goddard

John Doyle

Tony Flaherty

Sara Malconian

Wayne Dwyer

James Walsh

Doug LeVie

Manager, Business Systems

Manager, HR/Payroll Service Delivery

Assistant Director of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

Assistant Director

Assistant Director

Senior Accounting Officer

Manager, HR/Payroll Accounting

Andy Barnes

Senior Business Systems Analyst

Senior HR/Payroll Representative

HR/Payroll Service Center Representative

Staff Accountant

Assistant Accounting Officer

Accounting Officer

Contract Administrator

Senior Data Analyst

Purchasing Agent

Cecilia Talamantes

Kristen McCormick

Ana Ludwig

Monica Hammond

Minerva Tirado



Dimana McDonald

Christina Lo

Michael Flaherty



Emily Do



Ladawyna CoxEudarck SantosSteven Siwy

Yimin Mao


Rich Corrente

Janet Mulstay

Queen Grover

Beth Kelly

Darren Levie


Janice Headley

Derek Welcome

Brenna Niles

Michelle Williams

Priya Rhodes

Laurie Farinella

Jeff Rosa

Carl BiancucciLindsay Grace

Darren Scartissi

Cornel Louis

Anna Kovaleva

Jimmy Kontoravdis

Paul Morrison


Lilian Garcia

Nicole Valente

Denise LeBlanc

Ann Julian

Lucia Sander

Catelin Matos

David Petricone

Scott Ball

Joanne Reynolds

Stephen Newman

Sheila Kisich

Senior Accounts Payable Assistant

Financial Operations Staff Accountant

Payroll Operations Specialist

Payroll Assistant

HR-Payroll Representative II

Contract Administrator

Purchasing Agent


Accounts Payable Assistant

Staff Accountant

Vendor Maintenance Specialist

Senior HR/Payroll Representative

HR/Payroll Service Center Representative

Strategic Sourcing Analyst

Assistant Contract Administrator I


Financial Operations Staff Accountant

Accounts Payable Assistant

Senior SAP & Budget Process Analyst

HR/Payroll Service Center Representative II

HR/Payroll Service Center Representative

Purchasing Agent

Purchasing Agent

Senior Accounts Payable Assistant

HR/Payroll Accountant

Administrative Assistant

Short-term Employee

Strategic Sourcing Analyst


Leslie Wright

Senior Accounts Payable Assistant

Distribution/Time Administrator

Senior Business Systems Analyst

Strategic Sourcing Analyst


Senior Accounts Payable Assistant

Accounts Payable Assistant

Financial Assistant II

Strategic Sourcing Analyst


Senior Accounts Payable Assistant

Short-term Employees

Strategic Sourcing Analyst

Short-term Employees

vpf senior director areas
VPF Senior Director Areas

VPF-wide viewpoint

  • Represent DLC perspective
  • Focus on meeting community needs
  • Connectivity to MIT administrative areas and DLCs

Robin ElicesSenior Director

Communications, Training & Customer Satisfaction

Travel &

Procurement Card Services


Special Projects

Sponsored Accounting

Kevin Milligan

Scott Rolph

Janet Sparks

Pam Schickling

Kathy McGrath

Senior Communications Officer

Manager of Travel Operations

Associate Director of Property

Special Projects Officer

Manager of Sponsored Accounting

Mike Savio

Bill DeOliveira

Richard Janus

Kim Harmon

Joanne Chute

Yan Ting Sun

Devin Mead-Ward

Michael Yates

Rich Schiavoni

Jordan Lewis

Kara Sechrist

Mike McCarthy

Mike Khaykin

Rahul BishtMichelle GrahamVardan KirakosyanBikram Shrestha

Brian Pierson

Ellen Sico

Michael DiPalma

Dale Twomey

Vietnam Le

Ryan McAlarney

Andrew Tivnan

Al Martignetti

Tim Vacha

Ken McLaughlin

John Erkkila


William Hodkinson

Virginia Johnson

Barbara Nickerson

Margaret Benson

Rhonda Dragon

Communications Coordinator

P-Card Administrator

Accounting Officer, Government

Business Analyst – ARRA Reporting

Manager of Property

Manager of Property

Senior Property Accountant

(TAT) Training Coordinator

Travel Assistant

Senior Staff Accountant – NSF, DOD

Staff Accountant – Billing and Collections

Property Administrator

Government Property Administrator

Travel Assistant

Senior Staff Accountant – DOE, NASA

Staff Accountant

Property Accountant

Inventory Assistant

Senior Travel Officer

Staff Accountant -- NIH

Staff Accountant – Billing and Collections

Senior Property Inventory Assistant

Senior Property Inventory Assistant

Short-term Employee

Senior Staff Accountant – Other Federal

Senior Staff Accountant – Industrial

Property Auditor

Senior Property Inventory Assistant

Administrative Assistant – Wires, Draw-downs

Warehouse Attendant (Short-term Employee – part-time)

Short-term Employees


Ann E.W. HarveyDirector, Human Resources & Administration

Human Resources & Administration

Valerie Alleyne

Suzette Clinton

Receptionist Administrative Assistant

HR Business Partner

mit s budget system nimbus
MIT’s Budget System – Nimbus

Nimbus functionality

DLC budget submissions

Salary increases (global budgeting)

Secondary cost calculation (EB, F&A)

Budget change transactions

GIB carryforward calculation at closing

SAP/Data Warehouse


Nimbus-web – DLC Access

Budget data

Budget submissions

Draft JV

Cost object master data

Current budget

bf t treasury cash management
BF&T – Treasury & Cash Management
  • Two-fold mission:
    • To ensure adequate liquidity through proper cash forecasting
    • To provide an investment strategy for working capital

Daily operations (Bank of America)

  • Ensure daily liquidity (bills, tax payments, debt service, payroll)
  • Manage banking relationship (new accounts & services, troubleshooting, CashPro)

Long-term planning (BOA/MITIMCo/State Street Bank)

  • Ensure long-term liquidity
  • Provide working capital asset allocation
treasury daily operations
Treasury – Daily Operations

Ensure daily liquidity in the Campus Master account

  • Check bank balance
  • Review disbursements sent to treasury@mit.edu
  • Calculate funding needed
  • Wire operating $ to Campus Master account
    • Recently simplified process
current daily wires boa
Current Daily Wires – BoA

BoA Pool C



As needed


Wire to BoA Campus Master

Wire to SSB


Operational funding (#6603)

As needed

what we do
What We Do

Business cycle for billing and collection in support of MIT activities via following functionality in general accounts receivable:

  • Quarterly close
  • Billing
  • Dunning
  • Collection
  • Reporting
  • General Accounts Receivable: accounts-receivable@mit.edu

As of Q1FY12 ($1000’s)

general accounts receivable
General Accounts Receivable
  • FY11 Invoices - 1350 each month
  • FY11 Dunning Letters - 450 each month
  • Areas include:
    • Benefit Accounting
    • CMSE
    • Document Services
    • Endicott House
    • Housing & Dining
    • Libraries
    • Machine Shop
    • Major Agreements
    • Medical
merchant services what we do
Merchant Services-What We Do
  • Monitor compliance – Ensure merchants continuously meet compliance requirements (questionnaire, scanning, penetration testing)
  • Set up new merchant accounts
  • On-going merchant business support (request tracker)
  • Work with IS&T and merchants to develop new functionality
    • Wireless Solutions
    • PayPal
    • PE Systems
  • Merchant Services: chargemit@mit.edu
what is pci dss
What is PCI-DSS

PCI-DSS is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

PCI – DSS provides a framework for security best practices that minimize security risks and costs associated with data breaches.

These standards were set by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB, Mastercard Worldwide, and Visa International.


PCI Executive

  • Committee
  • Oversee MIT PCI program
  • Escalation body
  • Funding

Michael W. Howard

Marilyn Smith

Deborah Fisher

PCI Oversight

  • PCI compliance
  • Security and business policy & procedures
  • Enhancement governance

PCI Compliance Officer

Donna Cairns

Tim McGovern

Merchant Type D Support

  • Campus
  • PCI Consultant
  • Ann Flanders-Doland
  • Medical
  • PCI Consultant
  • Ann Flanders-Doland
  • Lincoln Lab
  • PCI Consultant
  • Ann Flanders-Doland

Ongoing Operational Support

IT Business Analyst


Seth Seligman

IT Technical Analyst


Garry Zacheiss

PCI Compliance

Specialists - VPF

Cheryl Whelan


merchant statistics fy2011
Merchant Statistics – FY2011
  • MIT has over 110 operating merchants – DLCs/groups accepting credit card payments
  • $41.4M sales (Excludes credits, refunds for VISA/MC)
  • 250K transactions
cashier s office functions
Cashier’s Office Functions
  • Check deposits
    • DLCs may send checks to Cashier’s Office or deposit checks directly into on-campus Bank of America locations
  • Handling Cash
      • Office became a cash-free facility in July 2010
    • DLCs set up to deposit cash directly into bank
    • Alternate service for DLCs that infrequently receive cash
  • Manage petty cash funds
  • Process incoming non-sponsored wire transfers
questions assistance

Please contact:

Cheryl Whelan



what we do1
What We Do

Compliance with Federal, State and International tax laws at the entity(i.e. non-payroll) level

who we are
Who We Are

Tax Manager

Tax Accountant

Tax Co-op

Open position – Tax Analyst

finance mission scope
Finance: Mission & Scope

Integrate the bold and evolving mission of MIT with a sustainable financial model

Operating Resources


Facilitate decision-making through fact-based analysis

Capital Base

Intergenerational Balance & Financial Equilibrium

budget model update fy11 proposed budget 8 25 investment return in fy10
Budget Model Update – FY11 Proposed Budget8.25% Investment Return in FY10
  • Planning model demonstrates the effect of the following factors:
  • 8.25% investment return assumed for FY10
  • Impact of FY11 budget cuts
  • 18% payout reduction in FY11 with Tobin rule thereafter
hr payroll


Mae Jones

our focus
Our Focus
  • The HR/Payroll group is responsible for processing Payroll impacting transactions for all employees and students accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Assist the community in processing complex non standard actions.
  • ensure that all transactions are compliant with MIT HR/Payroll policies, practices and procedures.
  • Respond to all customer inquiries regarding payroll issues and process off-cycle payments as requested by the community.
  • Provide customer service that exceeds our customers expectations
key metrics
Key Metrics

Key metrics for Fiscal Year 2011

# of Employees Paid Monthly: 12,458

# of Employees Paid Weekly : 3,800

# of Pension Retirees Paid : 5,695

Total off-cycle checks requested by departments: 2015

Total off-cycle checks due to Processing Errors : 76

Total off-cycle checks : 2090

Total Transactions Monthly average : 18,938

Total Manual Transactions Monthly average : 2,562

Total Automated Transactions Monthly average : 16,376

helpful links
Helpful Links

VPF HR/Payroll website


SAPweb Employee Services


HR / MIT Personnel Policy Manual


Human Resources Officers


our focus1
Our Focus
  • Procurement of goods and services of approximately $1.2 billion annually
  • Identifying partner suppliers based on the needs of the MIT community
  • Working to yield significant savings to MIT
  • Developing and maintaining efficient and customer-friendly methods of buying products and services
  • Providing the highest level of customer service to the MIT community
procurement at mit
Procurement at MIT
  • Preferred methods to purchase products and services at MIT:
  • MIT Procurement Card (ProCard)
      • 187,500 transactions this year
  • Electronic Purchasing Tools (SAPweb)
    • Electronic Catalogs (eCat)
      • 94,000 transactions this year
    • External and Internal Requisitions (Purchase Orders)
      • 48,500 transactions this year
helpful links1
Helpful Links

Procurement web sitehttp://vpf.mit.edu/procurement




Procurement Formshttp://vpf.mit.edu/procurement/forms

Electronic Request for Payment (eRFP)http://vpf.mit.edu/erfp

accounts payable
Accounts Payable

Our mission: To pay MIT’s bills accurately and in a timely manner.

  • Processed 146,000 manual invoices (FY11), down from 182,000 in FY10.
  • Processed 385,000 non manual transactions in FY11.
  • Types of payments
    • Purchase order based
    • Non-purchase order based
  • Launched eRFP in July 2010 – over 99% adoption
  • Emphasis on more electronic invoicing and payments, we expect to add approximately 35 vendors to electronic invoicing next year. Another goal is to reduce paper check payments.

Vision: End-to-end electronic buy-pay process



  • Air, hotel, car, private sedan, visa/passport processing
  • 3 preferred travel agencies (one of which fulfils the online booking tool “Concur Travel”)
  • All travel discounts may be used for both business and leisure travel – conditions apply
  • If needing local accommodation due to inclement weather feel free to contact me at x 32756 as I may be able to negotiate a low cost room
travel at mit
Travel at MIT

What we do:

  • Manage the Expense Reporting and Reimbursement process to assure compliance with MIT’s Travel Policy and meet the needs of Travelers and Administrators
  • VPF Travel processes an average of 3,159 Travel Expense Reports per month
  • The average monthly spend on Institute Travel is $2.5 million
  • Currently there are 2,706 MIT Travel Card Holders

How to learn about MIT’s Travel Policy and requirements for MIT Business Travelers:

  • Please visit the Policy and Procedures section of our website at:


Are there Travel Agencies MIT works with to receive special rates?

  • Yes, MIT’s preferred Travel Agencies are as follows:

- BCD Travel (online booking tool linked with the Concur Expense Reporting System)

- OT&T Travel Management

- Travel Collaborative

  • These agencies and other Travel Supply Partners can be found on VPF’s website:


travel at mit1
Travel at MIT
    • Paying for your Business Related Travel:
    • The MIT Travel Card is a purchasing tool available to MIT Travelers.
    • MIT Travel Card Transactions are linked with/fed into our online Travel and Expense Reporting System, Concur.
    • To apply for the MIT Travel Card Please send an email to travelsupport@mit.edu
    • Post Trip Expense Reporting:
    • Travel Expense Vouchers to either reconcile MIT Travel Card Transactions or request reimbursement for out of pocket Travel Expenses are handled online using the ConcurTravel and Expense System.
    • The Concur Travel and Expense System can be accessed via SAPweb Self Service under the Money Matters Tab: http://web.mit.edu/sapwebss/PS1/home.shtml
    • Contact Us:
    • Travel
  • 600 Technology Square, NE49-4037
  • travelsupport@mit.edu
  • Please see Travel website for staff phone numbers: http://vpf.mit.edu/site/travel/staff
sponsored accounting
Sponsored Accounting

Responsible for the financial reporting and billing of sponsored awards estimated at $650 million annually.

Four Teams:

  • Government
  • Industrial
  • ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act)
  • Billing & Collections
what we do2
What We Do
  • Additional bullets
  • Additional bullets
  • Additional bullets
    • Next level if desired
the team
The Team

Clarel Auguste

Yan Jiang

Henry Leung

Ying Liu

Alicia Ma

Joy Matos Jim Thompson

what we do3
What We Do

Monthly/Quarterly closing of the Institute’s books

SAP Non-WBS Master data creation / updates

JV approvals

Benefits accounting & analysis

Quarterly schedules/analyses

what we do4
What We Do

Bank reconciliations


Internal Reporting and Projects

Point-of-contact for general ledger and JV questions for the MIT community

how we support vpf
How We Support VPF


Customer Satisfaction


  • Website
  • VPF Newsletter
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Events
  • Project-based
  • Templates – Branding
  • VPF Online Community
  • Support and Guidance
  • Development of Online Training
  • Support and Guidance for Face-to-Face Training
  • MIT Training Alignment Team
  • Training Partners
  • Road Shows
  • Customer Feedback Sessions
  • Rapid Response, Customer Centric, Coordinated
vpf online community
VPF Online Community


vpf tech
VPF Tech

Computer Support

  • Hardware
  • Software

Contact Info

  • Email – vpftech@mit.edu
    • Automatically creates a Request Tracker ticket
  • Phone – x3-0739
    • Voice Mail automatically creates a Request Tracker ticket

Coverage Hours

  • Monday - Thursday 8:00 – 12:00, 1:00 – 5:00
  • Friday 8 :00 – 12:00
vpf tech1
VPF Tech


  • Peter Milt
  • Steve Alexandris

VPF Liaison

  • Tricia Sullivan-Mullentsmullen@mit.edu617-253-4809
what we do5
What We Do
  • Recruiting
  • Employee Relations
  • Growth & Development
  • Partner with MIT central HR on policies and procedures
we are partners
We Are Partners
  • Communication
  • Effective Practices
  • Employee Expectations
  • Conflict Resolution
diversity inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion

You are welcome here!

  • Varied backgrounds
  • Difference in viewpoints & ideas
  • Varied Experiences
  • Difference in talents

Respect and valuing differencesis what we strive for.

rewards recognition more
Rewards & Recognition & More

Your Contributions are Acknowledged!

  • MIT Institute Wide Program
    • VPF Spot/Appreciation Award
    • VPF Infinite Mile Awards—Submit a Nomination!
    • MIT Excellence Awards
  • Life Events (Weddings, Baby, Sympathy, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You)
  • VPF Fun Committee
vpf administrative team
VPF Administrative Team

VPF Admin (vpf-admin@mit.edu)

  • Valerie Alleyne
  • Joanne Reynolds
  • Carol Ann Schultz

Services include:

  • Office supply orders
  • Booking of VPF/NE49 Conference rooms
  • Reception — for visitors coming to either floor
  • Ordering food for meetings
  • Questions or issues around office space or the NE49 building
  • Lost & Found
  • Assistance with obtaining building and card access
  • Ordering business cards or letterhead/envelopes
  • To borrow a projector
  • Issue with a copy or fax machine
  • Others……