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Introduction to PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to PowerPoint

Introduction to PowerPoint

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Introduction to PowerPoint

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  1. Introduction to PowerPoint SPS Technology Department

  2. While Waiting • Launch PowerPoint • Create a blank presentation • Name and Save Presentation to Desktop SPS Technology Department

  3. Introduction to PowerPoint By the end of this session you will know and be able to: • Collaborate with classmates and teacher to create a slide presentation with existing template. • Collaborate with classmates and teacher in creating a multimedia presentation to communicate learning with others. SPS Technology Department

  4. Standard 3. Demonstrate ability to use technology for research, problem-solving, and communication. Standard Addressed SPS Technology Department

  5. You Will Demonstrate This By ~ • Creating a 5 slide presentation • Using backgrounds, clip art and text • Save the PowerPoint • Sharing the presentation SPS Technology Department

  6. What is PowerPoint? Why should I learn how to use it? • PowerPoint is a high-powered software tool used for presenting information in a dynamic slide show format. Text, charts, graphs, sound effects and video are just some of the elements. Whether it's a classroom lesson, a parents' group meeting, a teachers' seminar or an unattended kiosk at the Science Fair - PowerPoint shows you how to make a powerful impression on your audience. SPS Technology Department

  7. Launching PowerPoint Icons Start Menu Shortcut bar SPS Technology Department

  8. Creating a Presentation After opening PowerPoint you will see a screen such as this one. You can choose to: • open a previous presentation • create a new one • or use a template SPS Technology Department

  9. The Task Pane This is a pop down arrow, clicking on this button will give you more choices. SPS Technology Department

  10. Slide Layout • Text Layouts • Content Layouts • Text and Content Layouts • Other Layouts SPS Technology Department

  11. Slide Design • Design Templates • Various backgrounds • Color Schemes • Changes the color of slide background • Animation Schemes • How slides appears SPS Technology Department

  12. Slide Transition • Various styles on how the slides move from one to another • Modifying the transition Speed Sound • Advancing the slide SPS Technology Department

  13. Views Normal View Slide Sorter View Slide Show View These are seen in the bottom left side of the window SPS Technology Department

  14. Save-vs.-Save As Keyboard shortcut Save button Save button SPS Technology Department

  15. Undo Your new best friend!!!! SPS Technology Department

  16. Selecting & Deleting Text • Move cursor to the end of the word • Click and hold then drag the mouse backwards over the word so that is selected ( it will be highlighted) • To delete text press the Delete or backspace on the keyboard • You can also select the text by holding down the shift and pressing the arrow keys SPS Technology Department

  17. Text Formatting SPS Technology Department

  18. Cut, copy and paste • Ctrl + X = Cut • Ctrl + C = Copy • Ctrl + V = Paste • Or use the toolbar shortcut SPS Technology Department

  19. Inserting Slides Creating New slides: • Click insert select “new slide” • Ctrl + “M” • New slide shortcut button on toolbar SPS Technology Department

  20. Inserting Slides • From an existing PowerPoint • Click insert • Select slide from file • Navigate to location the file has been saved • Select file and click open • You may choose to insert the entire PowerPoint or select individual slides SPS Technology Department

  21. Inserting Clipart • Click Insert • Select Picture • select from clipart… • And a search pane will open • Type in a keyword in the “search for:” and box click “go” SPS Technology Department

  22. Drawing Text Boxes • This is a text box button • Click on the button, you will see an upside down “t” using this draw your box • You may resize the box after typing in the text • Using a text box allows you to move a section of text around easily, you may also rotate the text box and create animation with the text box SPS Technology Department

  23. Your Task • Create a 5 slide presentation • Use different layouts for each slide • Use text boxes • Add clip art • Transitions • Use a minimum of 3 design templates • Change one color scheme SPS Technology Department

  24. Be prepared to share SPS Technology Department

  25. Links There are an immense number of website tutorials… Here are a few to get you started: • • • • SPS Technology Department

  26. Teacher Name: Student Name:     ________________________________________ SPS Technology Department