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dave vanhoose: how to make a killing as a professional spea

Dave VanHoose shares with us some of his best techniques (scam free) for making a killing as a Professional Speaker. Scam artists have hurt the speaking business over the years, so the first thing you need to do is to build your credibility. Having credibility before you hit the stage will help you sell more than you thought possible … So what are some ways to build credibility as Professional Speaker?

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dave vanhoose: how to make a killing as a professional spea

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  1. Professional Speaker Training: Speaker Training Will Explode Your Business! Professional Speaker Training: Speaking Training Is Critical To Your Success!

  2. Professional Speaker Training is the source of all success for speakers who really know what they are doing. Jim Rohn is famous for saying - Success is First a Study, Then a Practice.. s

  3. Many speakers try to skip the study part as if the speaking business is simple and there is nothing too it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Or they make the opposite error, trying to learn the business through hundreds of different books, training courses and seminars. Never fully getting the right information and a full and thought out plan of action, specific to their need

  4. At Speaking Empire we make this all go away through a comprehensive Professional Speaker Training Program (Power Days). We carefully evaluate your business and your needs and develop a custom designed program for you.

  5. When you redone with our 3-day Professional Speaker Training program you will walk out with a carefully scripted presentation that will boost audience responses and greatly increase your sales. We can typically help speakers double or triple their closing rates. You will also have your PowerPoint slides redone for you to maximize sales and look incredibly sharp.

  6. You will receive Professional Speaker Training on how to improve your speaking for greater sales and connection with the audience. We will teach you how to capture your audience, hold them, and ultimately close more sales. These skills will amaze you and are easy to learn. We will also record the entire Professional Speaker Training day for you to review whenever you want to.

  7. Next we continue the Professional Speaker Training by bringing in our Online & Offline Marketing Experts to develop customized ways to better market your business, products and services. After completing the Marketing portion of your Professional Speaker Training, you will have a customized plan to build your business online and offline. This may include email marketing, social media, Joint Venturing (JV), affiliate strategies, mailing campaigns, copywriting strategies, testimonials, credibility building, videos, webinars, articles, Guest speaking, and much more!

  8. This Professional Speaker Training day will blow your mind and show you more ways to make money than you ever thought possible. These professional speaker marketing strategies will help you make money fast!

  9. The next stage is to give you Professional Speaker Training on Product Development. We will show you ways to develop products faster and better than you can imagine! These techniques are amazing and will help make you more profitable than ever before.

  10. We will show you how to create a funnel of products that will get you a stream of sales for the same customers over and over again! We will also show you how to create a marketing funnel to get new customers flowing into your business.

  11. Finally the Professional Speaker Training will show you how to get on more stages, webinars and interviews so that you will regularly be getting in front of your new customers and building your customer list. When you are on the stage, we will use our Professional Speaker Training to show you how to turn your audience into raving-fans who not only buy from you ... but send you more customers.

  12. Give us a call today to learn how you can benefit from our Professional Speaker Training (Power Days). Call us at (813) 938-2160 ... Tell them Paul sent you ... and you will get a special bonus. We will give you a FREE 20 minute consultation on how we can help your Professional Speaker Business explode

  13. Paul Cline Speaking Empire - Your Professional Speaker Training Experts • http://www.speakingempire.com • http://davvanhoose.com • http://internetmovement.com Professional Speaker Training

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