english is the world language n.
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English is the world language. PowerPoint Presentation
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English is the world language.

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English is the world language. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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English is the world language. Done by T urutina Tatiana, the 7 th grade.

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english is the world language

English is the world language.

Done by Turutina Tatiana,

the 7th grade


Everyone have their reasons to learn English. Someone learning it because their parents want them to do it. Some people think that English be useful in their future profession or they living in the English speaking country.


Where are many English speaking countries. They are the United Kingdom,

the United States of America, India, Nigeria, Philippines, Canada, Australia, Bahamas, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Swaziland, Barbados,Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana.


English is the language of business.

All computers are in English, especially the World Web.


There are many ways of learning English, but most people begin it in school. They are have grammar and vocabulary drills, read texts, writing dictations, speak about different things, learn poems by heart.