benefits of precision alignment l.
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Benefits of Precision Alignment

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Benefits of Precision Alignment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Benefits of Precision Alignment. Ron Sullivan VibrAlign, Inc Richmond, VA 804-379-2250 Who is VibrAlign?. Laser Alignment Systems Machinery Diagnostics Machinery Alignment Training Programs. Who am I?. Ron Sullivan

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benefits of precision alignment
Benefits of Precision Alignment

Ron Sullivan

VibrAlign, Inc

Richmond, VA


who is vibralign
Who is VibrAlign?
  • Laser Alignment Systems
  • Machinery Diagnostics
  • Machinery Alignment
  • Training Programs
who am i
Who am I?
  • Ron Sullivan
  • 19 years experience
  • Machinery diagnostics
  • Machinery positioning
  • Training programs
  • Instructor
what are my objectives for today
What are my objectives for today?
  • Discover
  • Instruct
  • Dialog
  • Influence
  • Partner
what is maintenance
What is maintenance?
  • Do you have a maintenance mission statement?
  • Does it address precision alignments?
  • Can your people recite your mission?
  • Ask your people: What is your job?
some benefits of precision alignment
Some Benefits of Precision Alignment
  • Reduced vibration amplitudes
  • Improved product quality
  • Longer bearing life
  • Longer seal life
  • Less unscheduled downtime
  • Some have seen lowered energy consumption
misalignment bearing life
Misalignment & Bearing Life



dynamic capacity x load rating

L =




= Hours of life

what are some common problems
What are some “common problems”?
  • Base bound situations
  • Bolt bound situation
  • Soft foot
  • Bad bases
  • Long spans
  • Excessive runout
  • Non-rotating shaft
  • Limited or obstructed rotation
what are the real problems
What are the real problems?
  • Getting started (implementing a precision alignment process)
  • Understanding the basics of alignment
  • Understanding the objective of precision alignment
  • Using technology to cover a lack of understanding
rotational centers
Rotational Centers
  • All shafts, whether they are straight or bent, rotate on an axis called the rotational center.
  • The rotational center forms a straight line.
  • Two shafts are said to be collinear when their respective rotational centers form a single line.
  • Shafts are misaligned when the two shafts are not collinear.
the objective of precision alignment
The Objective of Precision Alignment?
  • It is not about “coupling alignment”
  • It is about:
  • finding the rotational centers of the machines
  • positioning the machines
  • so their centerlines meet a tolerance
  • when the machines are at operating conditions
stationary movable machines
Stationary & Movable Machines
  • The driven component is usually designated as the stationary machine, the driver as the movable machine.
  • Therefore, misalignment is expressed by describing the position of the movable machine relative to the stationary machine.

Stationary Machine Movable Machine

horizontal misalignment
Horizontal Misalignment
  • Machines may be misaligned horizontally...

Top view


vertical misalignment
Vertical Misalignment
  • ... or vertically.

Side view


types of misalignment
Types of Misalignment

Offset misalignment is often thought of as two coupling hubs which are offset vertically or horizontally.

offset misalignment
Offset misalignment
  • Offset misalignment is deviation of the shaft centerlines at the power plane(s)
  • Offset is the deviation anywhere along the length
types of misalignment21
Types of Misalignment

Angular misalignment is often thought of as two coupling faces which are not parallel.

angular misalignment
Angular Misalignment

Angular misalignment is centerline deviation where the offset is not constant.