today s target s 12 3 2013 n.
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Today’s Target’s 12/3/2013

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Today’s Target’s 12/3/2013. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO: Understand background knowledge prior to reading “The Odyssey” HOMEWORK: In your notes section define the following: Epic Hero Homeric Simile Invocation Imagery. Unit Focus. Essential Question: What shapes an individual’s identity?.

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today s target s 12 3 2013
Today’s Target’s 12/3/2013

YOU WILL BE ABLE TO: Understand background knowledge prior to reading “The Odyssey”

HOMEWORK: In your notes section define the following:

  • Epic Hero
  • Homeric Simile
  • Invocation
  • Imagery
unit focus
Unit Focus
  • Essential Question:
    • What shapes an individual’s identity?

Well what do you need to know? I am an infamous warrior who has been gone for 20 years, traveling to magical islands, visiting the underworld and fighting off mythological monsters….nbd.


the judgment of paris
The Judgment of Paris
  • Eris (Discord) - unpopular and not invited to an important wedding
  • Revenge with an apple – “For the Fairest”
    • Aphrodite – goddess of love
    • Hera – main goddess
    • Pallas Athena – war and wisdom
  • Zeus wanting no part sends them to Paris
    • Aphrodite – offers most beautiful woman in the world
    • Hera – Lord over Europe and Asia
    • Athena – great general conquering Greece

For the Fairest

homer s poems
Homer’s Poems

The Illiad

  • Written about Helen.
  • Runs off from her husband Menelaus to be with Paris (Troy).
  • Menelaus wasn’t the biggest fan of this….
  • Thus the saga of the Trojan war begins…
  • Helen
    • Greek princess / most beautiful woman in the world
    • Many sought her hand = pact
  • Menelaus
    • Chosen as husband
    • Invited Paris into his home – host / guest
    • Paris steals Helen and takes her to Troy
  • Agamemnon
    • Commander in Chief of Greek army
    • Sacrifices daughter to appease Artemis
the war
The War
  • Achilles
    • Greatest Greek hero of his time
    • Kills Hector and disgraces body
  • Hector
    • Trojan Prince and hero
    • Iliad (Ilium or Troy) ends
  • Achilles death
    • Apollo, siding with the Trojans, guides Paris’ arrow
    • Achilles heel
    • Paris is later killed with the dead Hercules’ arrows (shot by new owner)
the trojan horse
The Trojan Horse
  • Odysseus came up with plan – emerging as the Greek hero
    • At first didn’t want to fight in war
    • Establishes self during war and earns Achilles’ armor
    • Comes up with plan to trick the Trojans: the Trojan horse, a giant, hollow, wooden structure.
  • The plan
    • Build a horse and put best warriors inside
    • All the Greeks pretended to sail away and left Sinon
    • Trojans fooled with Sinon’s lies – Laocoon tried to help but . . .
    • Trojans bring the horse into the walls
    • That night, the Greeks conquered Troy
the aftermath
The Aftermath
  • The Greeks destroyed Troy, a favored city
  • Rather than give thanks to the Gods, they committed many dastardly actions, one being a sacrilege to Athena’s altar
  • Athena and Poseidon, above all, were angry and got their revenge
  • Revenge lasted the longest for Odysseus
    • First Greek value: respect the gods
the odyssey
The Odyssey
  • Odysseus’ struggle to return home to Ithaca from the Trojan War in Troy
  • 20 years absence from home
  • Gods intervene positively and negatively



characteristics of an epic hero
Characteristics of an Epic Hero
  • an impressive hero
  • an important setting (known and unknown)
  • a journey of importance
  • supernatural forces
  • glorification of the hero at the end
  • based in a culture or society

Amazing, I am all of these things…

values of the greeks
Values of the Greeks
  • Hospitality
  • Loyalty to home and family
  • Respect for the Gods
terms to know
Terms to Know
  • Epic Hero
  • Homeric Simile
  • Invocation
  • Imagery
the odyssey central themes motifs and symbols
The Odyssey: Central Themes, Motifs, and Symbols
  • Themes
    • One needs to experience struggles before he can fulfill his duty.
    • Slyness/sneakiness at times can be more powerful than strength.
    • There are consequences when one is tempted to be unlawful.
  • Motifs
    • Disguises
    • Storytelling
    • Homecoming
  • Symbols
    • Odysseus’ bed
the odyssey key characters
The Odyssey: Key Characters
  • Odysseus (Epic Hero)
  • Penelope (Odysseus’s wife)
  • Telemachus (Odysseus’s son)
  • Athena (Goddess of wisdom)
  • Calypso(Sea nymph)
  • Poseidon(God of the sea)
while reading
While Reading…
  • Be sure to define unknown vocabulary.
  • Be sure to annotate by using Post-it tabs to track important themes, motifs, characters, figurative language, imagery, etc., and the values of the Greeks.
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