Studies in multicultural societies
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Studies in Multicultural Societies. Different Peoples, One World Hari Srinivas Room: I-312 / 079-565-7406. Course objectives. Objectives: This course focuses on the characteristics and the relative advantages / disadvantages of a “multicultural” society. Course details.

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Studies in multicultural societies

Studies in Multicultural Societies

Different Peoples,

One World

Hari Srinivas

Room: I-312 / 079-565-7406

Course objectives
Course objectives


This course focuses on the characteristics

and the relative advantages / disadvantages

of a “multicultural” society

Course details
Course details

Method of instruction: Formal lectures, combined with group discussions, simulation games and brain-storming

Text: PowerPoint slides, handouts, and other resources provided on the class website/blog

Reference: Documents and web links uploaded to the class website/blog

Evaluation: Term paper to replace final examination

Other info: Students are expected to take a active role in group discussions and simulation games

Student evaluation: Standard KGU Student Evaluation, plus free discussion during the final class

Other specifications: This class will be delivered in English

Course keywords: culture, diversity, heritage, globalization, United Nations, policies, tourism

Course sessions
Course sessions

  • Class session titles:

    • Introduction to Multicultural Societies

    • Historic and Immigration-based Multiculturalism

    • Multicultural Societies as a Subset of Globalization

    • Homogeneity and Diversity: The Case of China

    • Diversity and National Identity: The Case of India

    • Politics of Multicultural Societies: The Case of EU

    • ASEAN and Multiculturalism

    • Multicultural Societies in Island States

    • Japan as a Multicultural Society?

    • Promoting Multiculturalism in the United Nations

    • The Economics of Multicultural Societies

    • Policies Promoting Multiculturalism at the National and Local Levels

    • Branding Multiculturalism for Tourism

    • Closing Discussion and Debate: So is Multuculturalism a Good Thing?

Class website
Class website

All course materials, including powerpoint files,

notes, coursework reports, websites etc.

will be available at the following website:

Contact me
Contact me …

Prof. Hari Srinivas

Room: I-312

Tel: 079-565-7406


Office hour: Thursday, 11:10 – 12:40