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Government of Gujarat

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Government of Gujarat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparing budget estimates using IWDMS Tata Consultancy Services. Government of Gujarat. Structure of Presentation. Overview of the Budget process IWDMS for preparing Budget estimates Benefits Missing links Milestones. Components of the Budget. Budget consists: Receipt Estimates

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Government of Gujarat

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Preparing budget estimates using IWDMS Tata Consultancy Services Governmentof Gujarat Finance Department

    2. Structure of Presentation • Overview of the Budget process • IWDMS for preparing Budget estimates • Benefits • Missing links • Milestones Finance Department

    3. Components of the Budget • Budget consists: • Receipt Estimates • Expenditure Estimates • Revised Estimates Finance Department

    4. Tax Revenue Non Tax Revenue Grant-in-Aid Loans from Central Government Public Debt Pay and allowances Pension Repayment of capital and interest Subsidies Grant-in-aid to Local Bodies Major Componentsof the Budget Revenue Expenditure Finance Department

    5. Expenditure Types Plan Expenditure: Development related works and establishment expenditure for that purpose Non-Plan Expenditure: Liabilities of State Government like salaries; pensions; administrative expenditure; certain grants-in-aid and subsidies; repayment of loans and interest; maintenance and repairs; expenditure for most CSS Finance Department

    6. Expenditure Plan Non-Plan Standing Charges Section – II Continuous Item Section – II Continuous Item Section – II New Item (Coming for the First Time) Recurring ≤ Rs. 5 lakh Non-recurring ≤ Rs. 10 lakh Section – II New Item (Coming for the First Time) Recurring ≤ Rs. 5 lakh Non-recurring ≤ Rs. 10 lakh Section – I New Item Those not meeting the above criterion Section – I New Item Those not meeting the above criterion Finance Department

    7. Revised Estimates Revised Estimates: Are finalized on the basis of 8 months expenditure incurred from April to November for the current year and expected expenditure for remaining 4 months from December to March. Supplementary Demand: When Revised Estimate is > Budget Estimate a supplementary demand is presented after considering available savings under the same sanctioned grants. Finance Department

    8. Time lines for the Budget Finance Department

    9. 2. IWDMS for preparing Budget estimates Finance Department

    10. Navigation to Budget applications • Open Website using URL • Click on the link IWDMS Application Support • Click on the link • Login into IWDMS • Click on Applications module • Click on Budget Module Finance Department

    11. Overview of Budget applications • Budget Head Structure Setup for Expenditure and Receipt • Preparation of Estimates in concerned branch of Admin. Department • Expenditure Estimates (Standing Charges, New Item, Continuous Item, New Works, Works-in-progress) and Grant Release Order • Revised Expenditure Estimates • Receipt and Revised Receipt Estimates • Supplementary Demand and Supplementary Grant Release Order • Re-appropriation and Surrender of Fund Finance Department

    12. Overview of Budget applications Processing of above Estimates in Administrative Department as per Subject-Hierarchy (Channel of Submission) detail Processing and Approval of Estimates in Finance Department Online Budget Book Publication printing Finance Department

    13. Process Flow (Forward Direction) Administrative Department HoD Finance Department .. Loads Estimates submitted by HoDs in IWDMS Prepares Estimates in Excel and submits electronically: 1. Standing Charges 2. New Item(s) 3. Continuous Item(s) 4. Revised Estimates 5. Receipt Estimates 6. Revised Receipt Estimates Creates File by pulling estimate details from Administrative Department’s file Consolidates Estimates of HoDs Approves Estimates Approves Admin Departments’ Estimates Intimates Finance Department Finance Department

    14. Process Flow (Reverse Direction) Finance Department Administrative Department HoD Intimates Administrative Departments’ Budget Branch on approval Views FD approved amount against Admin. Department proposed amount Communicates to HoD(s) Views final sanctioned Estimates Finance Department

    15. Process Flow A Expenditure • For Standing Charges / Revised Estimates : • HoD  Administrative Department’s Budget Branch  Administrative Department’s Hierarchy  Finance Department • New Items and Continuous Item: • HoD  Administrative Branch of Department  Administrative Department’s Hierarchy  Budget Branch of Department  Finance Department • Supplementary Demand: • Budget Branch of Administrative Department  Finance Department BReceipts and Revised Receipts • HoD  Administrative Branch of Department  Administrative Department’s Hierarchy  Budget Branch of Department  Finance Department Finance Department

    16. 3. Benefits Finance Department

    17. Benefits Electronic flow of data saves time, manpower and hence cost Validates selection of Head Structure Ensures the correctness of calculations Automates the consolidation process in case of more than one HoD Online printing of finalized estimates, which eliminates errata publication Provides information of pending estimates Integration of actual expenditures detail provided by AG Easy to use as no changes in existing process flows or formats Finance Department

    18. Benefits • Generates reports like • Estimates provision for various levels like State, Admin Department, HoD, etc. • Department’s Receipt and Expenditure Head Structures • Grant-in-Aid details • Centrally Sponsored schemes details • Details of New Item introduced during the budget year • Query based reports to see specific Estimates details Finance Department

    19. 4. Missing Links Finance Department

    20. Prerequisites • Infrastructure requirements • Installation of Computers to all the Budget Users of the Department as recommended for IWDMS • GSWAN Connectivity to all the Computers of Budget Users • Training to all users involved in Budget preparation • Configuration Requirements • Administrative Department budget branch needs to verify the existing Head Structure loaded in IWDMS system by 09-OCT-2006 • Administrative Department needs to provide budget related configuration Subject hierarchy & HoD List) details by 16-OCT-2006 • HoDs need to send proposal in Excel format • MS-Indic or Shruti font’s installation is required for Gujarati Support Finance Department

    21. 5. Milestones Finance Department

    22. Milestones Reached • Official Direction issued by Finance Department on 13-Jul-2006 • Status of Infrastructure • Training to Users • Phase 1 : Imparted to all Admin. Departments’ DySO, SO, US, DS involved in Budget Procedures • Phase 2 : Imparting training in individual Admin. Department as requested. (IMD and Forest Department has already taken this training) • User Manual is made available online in IWDMS • Logon to IWDMS  Application  Budget  User Manual (In Left side Tree) • Status of Configuration Finance Department

    23. Road Map Extension of IWDMS Budget applications to HoD(s), Commissionerates, Boards and Corporations Integration with Treasuries, Sub Treasuries and Pay and Account Offices to get the information regarding actual expenditure on real time basis with cutting down the duplication of work Online Grant Distribution to Departments as per sanctioned Budget Estimates Finance Department