Social policy in africa
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Social Policy in Africa. Gustave NEBIÉ Chief Social Policy UNICEF Mali. outline. Data and Analysis for evidence ; Influencing Policies : the PRSP and SWAps ; Monitoring Public expenditures : Social Budgeting ; Protecting the most vulnerables : Social Protection

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Social policy in africa

Social Policy in Africa

Gustave NEBIÉ

Chief Social Policy



  • Data and Analysis for evidence;

  • InfluencingPolicies: the PRSP and SWAps;

  • Monitoring Public expenditures: Social Budgeting;

  • Protecting the mostvulnerables: Social Protection

  • Collaboration withotherdonors and UN Agencies

1 evidence
1. Evidence

  • Data collection and Management: DHS/MICS/SMART/DevInfo

  • Analysis/Studies: 7 studies funded by UNICEF Mali in the past 3 years and more than 15 studies sponsored:

    • Social protection and children;

    • Child Poverty and Disparities;

    • The impact of food prices increase on Children Poverty and the Policy responses;

    • Gender Inequality and Poverty, etc.

2 influencing policies
2. Influencing Policies

  • Engaging in the PRSP preparation

    • AnalysingPoverty and Vulnerability

    • Priorityareas for the next 5 years: Producing Policy notes to influence; (Governementtoo focus on growth)

    • Objectives to beachieved: DevInfofullyused

    • Strategyto achieve the objectives: Studies and analysisproduced by UNICEF used;

    • Monitoring and Evaluation: UNICEF Expertise in M&E and DevInfoused;

  • Fullyparticipating in itsannualreview

3 social budgeting
3. Social Budgeting

  • Linkage between the PRSP and the national Budget: how does the planned budget reflect the priorities of the PRSP?

  • Public Expenditure Review: Which sector is getting what in the budget ex post?

  • Expenditure tracking: Do the resources allocated to a sector really reach the targeted beneficiaries?

  • Benefit incidence analysis: Who is benefiting from the Public resources?

Social policy in africa

Social Budgeting: UNICEF Engagement in 95 Countries

Social policy in africa

Social Protection in Africa: cash transfers

Countries withonlyconditionnal cash transfers

Countries withonly non conditionnal cash transfer

Countries withbothconditionnal and non conditionnal cash transfer

Countries with not known cash transfer programmes

Transfers to poorhouseholds:

Ethiopia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia,

Zimbabwe, Ghana

Child Benefit:

Ethiopia, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania,

Kenya, Lesotho

Disability pension :

Lesotho, Namibie, South Africa

Social Pensions :

Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia,

South Africa

Source : Garcia et Moore (résultats préliminaires)

Countries not included in the study

4 social protection
4. Social Protection

  • Pilot cash transfer for education during the past programme cycle 2003-2007;

  • Study on social protection for children in 2008;

  • National Forum on Social Protection for Children in 2009;

  • New National Social Protection Plan 2011-2015, including for the first time cash transfers;

  • Discussion with the Gate Foundation and the Sweedish cooperation for scaling up SP

5 collaboration with other development partners
5. Collaboration with other Development Partners

  • UNICEF is leading the UN task force to influence the next PRSP;

  • UNICEF ischairing the donorthematic group on Health;

  • UNICEF has an agreement with the World Bank on Social Protection;

  • UNICEF isworkingwith the IMF to set floor on social spending in the programme between the IMF and the Government

  • UNICEF isfullyparticipating in the donorsMacroeconomic and Poverty Group