solutions to social jolt in africa boost social policy in africa via strategic relationships n.
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Solutions to Social Jolt in Africa “Boost Social Policy in Africa, via strategic relationships” PowerPoint Presentation
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Solutions to Social Jolt in Africa “Boost Social Policy in Africa, via strategic relationships”

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Solutions to Social Jolt in Africa “Boost Social Policy in Africa, via strategic relationships” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solutions to Social Jolt in Africa “Boost Social Policy in Africa, via strategic relationships”. Cliff Yumba Mpiana WANE, Consultant Tel: +243815777775 CLIFF WANE consulting Synopsis.

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solutions to social jolt in africa boost social policy in africa via strategic relationships

Solutions to Social Jolt in Africa “Boost Social Policy in Africa, via strategic relationships”

Cliff YumbaMpiana WANE, Consultant Tel: +243815777775 CLIFF WANE consulting

  • Africa remains a continent of contradiction, despite blessed with every kind of mineral and natural resources. However, People are living under rocketing poverty, despite its significant growth at macroeconomic level, and so on. Who should be responsible for our poor community? Crime, corruption, illegal immigration from Africa to Africa will increase dramatically, abusive revolution are about to double in Africa; if things worsen increasingly.So, we should include the contents of agenda 21 in our evaluations; Earth summit, Rio de Janeiro 1992
  • With regard to the abovementioned paragraph, deserving people of Africa must finalize appropriate strategies to accompany social boom; such as FORCE approach. In addition, entrepreneurship and relevant Education are able to pour abetter future for all. For sure, redistribution is not at all fair in Africa. So, profitable PPP is needed.
  • Consequently, every successful policy needs Public intervention; otherwise, people will no longer explore their abilities. So, Senior officials have to consider better initiatives from fellow countrymen, by providing key assistance and decisive intervention in order to make possible whatever impossible.
leading innovation
Leading Innovation
  • Leading innovation is a collection of relevant solutions. Therefore, it is materially impossible to implement a successful framework without it.
  • Leadership is the leading concept of whatever we know. First of all, leading innovation hides leadership; even steering a company/ country. Who should be deserving leader?_A good leader, even if uses a participative leadership, must carry a relevant “practical” experience. Otherwise, his input will never provide successful solutions.
  • With regard to the abovementioned conclusion, I have come to understand that_empirical strategy is powerful than imaginative approach” I wish I were attractive; but you are not”. For sure, Vision is a focus and a determination, such as “Today I am a dreamer, Tomorrow People will follow my example_”. Therefore, every deserving leader went through grievous challenges, before any leading innovation. So, leadership is a house of solutions, because full of experiences._
boost social policy in africa via strategic relationships
Boost Social Policy in Africa, via strategic relationships___
  • DevelopingSustainableRelationships « FORCE Approach »
  • Relationship remains the most attractive idea of eachgeneration, because of itsinterference in everydayproblems. FORCE Technique aidsindividuals to developsustainable and securerelationships, as men and womensay « All is not gold thatglitters» eachrelationshipis not essential, Likeit or not. So, How targeting a essential Relationship? In way to answer to the present question, I foundexceptional to finalize FORCE model throughmy consulting. “CWConsulting”
  • FORCEF: Concentrate/FocusO: OpportunityR: Purpose/ReasonC: Cohabitation/CollaborationE: Exercise/Experiencing
force strategy
FORCE Strategy
  • When I call the present technique FORCE model, my thoughts refers to my life expertise and included the natural which means of force. It signifies that obstacles are no longer effective, simply because I could experience its effects throughout tights/tough situations. For confident, I did succeed.With reference to the abovementioned paragraph, to force somebody to do something or to come into force indicates imposing some thing without having prior commitment. So, an institution or a single man utilizes a special capability/privilege to impose his will or to veto. In the same manner, individuals are necessary to impose in current circumstance their will. Therefore, we have to force items “happening” in order to get whatever we want. “With FORCE model I need to be successful, in spite of obstacles “. This model signifies moving the achievable to the impossible, like DARE model which moves the accessible to the inaccessible.
force strategy1
FORCE Strategy
  • Even so, Felicia show, a South African talk show inspired me a lot when living in that nation the presenter, Felicia Mabuze, mentioned:”ordinary folks do extraordinary items”. From that expression, I located myself in a position to challenge big obstacles. Oh yes, every person is in a position to challenge whatever hits/hurts his heart, via existing method. Please, take note that this method is the most useful/practical a single because of its impact on each and every single matter.Concentrate/Focus : Feasibility study
  • Constructing sustainable relationships wants a concentrate, which is able to produce happiness afterward. In fact, a focus takes the dimension of foundation. Why building this kind of relationship with P? Is my image/personality safe? What can be my profit/soon or later? What kind of relationship shall I build? Each and everyone must improve his legacy to Africa.Chance/Opportunity Tomorrow is one more day as soon as possible, individuals have to develop new relationships, but vital « for Africa ». CARPE DIEME, take/capture opportunity.
force strategy2
FORCE Strategy
  • Purpose/ReasonAny relationship is built for a particular cause/profit. A 25 year- old came to see me for suggestions. He said:” Why people preserve on loving, instead of analyzing nature of relationships? He wanted to say that enjoy provides pain, headache, illness, broken heart, blood pressure… when it collapses”. My mind was perplexed, simply because every person demands enjoy as it accompanies happiness, often. COHABITATIONRight after capturing chance, folks must have a clear thought on how things are going to perform. Getting portion of that group/Company fashionable due to the fact a focus/dream. Am I going to execute nicely? Right after sharing suggestions, experiences and privacy is my image safe?Physical exerciseOn everyday basis, men and women have to physical exercise if completely committed to lead a relationship to its destination. Practicing the 4 tactics in every matter in other words.
force strategy3
FORCE Strategy
  • Evaluation about FORCE:I am not attempting to persuade people about a new philosophy, which is not accessible to all. Nonetheless, I like often those people who believe in themselves I mean believing in their potential of moving a dream into reality. In addition, every one is architect of his future.I was an ordinary foreigner when living in South Africa, from 2001 to 2007. Because of my dream, I could face so numerous challenges. Even so, in my position of Head of Excellence Africa «in Pretoria” NPO 028-702, I built strategic relationships/capturing chance with a lot of institutions of that nation, and included diplomatic representatives/Nepad/DFID. Moreover, I created even a proposal to the prestigious province of Western Cape to develop a social partnership with Katanga/ from the DRC
force strategy4
FORCE Strategy
  • . Every achievement is followed by challenges, based on the impact of its contents don’t forget when I said in my very best article “My want/Life: moving accessible to inaccessible (DARE approach)”: “Big dream requires/needs huge action”. Challenges:I wanted to organize a important conference in order to raise funds/increase Africa’ social policy. Consequently, invitations have been forwarded to chosen speakers such as the national Director of public prosecuting Authority, the president of the nation, the deputy president, Nepad chief of the steering committee and other individuals. Sadly, all of them apologized. So, I could not procedure booking at Sheraton and finalizing the rest. With regard to the abovementioned, SCORPIONS/ particular security services came to me for investigations. They stated:”Who is behind you? Let us see your NPO registration certificate you are dealing with the presidency, with the workplace of public prosecutor Authority, with Nepad, with Diplomatic representatives in Pretoria, with the DFID.
force strategy5
FORCE Strategy
  • Even so, we went to Sheraton for investigation they told us that you did not book for the conference» Invest in Africa”. I was trembling because of that grievous presence of giants/Boers from that particular security unit of the nation. Suddenly, I began by thanking them for the go to, by providing my registration and all other correspondences from all more than the planet. At the end, I mentioned:”My vision is so huge for Africa no one is behind me…” consequently, they dropped the charges and asked me to make copies of all my correspondences with officials.” Prior to leaving my flat, they gave me a Enterprise card «the chief mentioned: if someone troubles you, call me quickly”. Wow! When I was about to leave South Africa(I told to myself that it was wise to set up a bilateral in order to preserve in touch with South Africa so, I did extend a proposal «partnership with Katanga ” to the office of the Honorable premier of Western Cape, HE EbrahimRasool, December 2006. Following analyzing the matter, his special advisor approved it ,which means each provinces will exchange social applications.
force strategy6
FORCE Strategy
  • In June 2007, Katanga province welcomes a delegationfrom the Western Cape (belowmy coordination), Headed by the provincial Minister for Social Development and povertyalleviation to discuss the matterwith the governor of Katanga, HE Moise KatumbiChapwe (heis the presentGovernor). Pleasetake note thatexistingachievementwassotough” to persuade/to convince a prestigious provincial government” but accomplishmentfollowed via FORCE technique. Tryitshortly, factorswill change automatically.” Some of officialsstatedthat I was an opportunist/capturinganyopportunity… Maybe… But dreambecame visible to the nakedeyes”.Therefore, Social policyis the responsabilty of everyafrican ; itmeansthatevery single involvementis able to bring change.
my recommendations
My Recommendations
  • FORCE strategy is one of the relevant in Africa; because of its impact on every single issue. However, any coordination policy and advisory services unit in a country must carefully follow key recommendations; otherwise, by 2015 Africa cannot meet MDGs requirements. Therefore, innovation becomes important at this stage.
  • The abovementioned matter refers. African Countries are building strategic partnerships via specific initiatives; and most of policy makers are dreaming to be part of emerging countries. Strangely, some countries are not issuing visas to fellow Africans, in order to prevent illegal immigration. Failure of social policy in Africa encourages illegal immigration to speed up its process, from Africa to Africa. So, deserving governments should take into consideration current strategy, in way to reduce its negative impact.
  • Strategic relationships must be the major focus of policy makers; otherwise decision makers will face terrible challenges due to mismanagement and rocketing unemployment.
solutions to social jolt in africa
Solutions to social jolt in Africa
  • Exchanging/Collaboration expertise via practical actions is needed; than diversifying African meeting on social policy. How to proceed, in way to deliver shortly? What kind of expertise to consider? EEE et TTT methods, by cliff Wane
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship via policy of favor/equality: giving chance/opportunity to every entrepreneur to succeed
  • Cutting additional taxes, in order to promote social policy
  • Focusing on the highest priority; it means that any country must focus on a specific programme, which is able to embark some others. Social policy alleviates poverty; that is why people must keep on following advice from relevant strategists. On this matter, a document that is finalized by international experts cannot at all respond to key expectations. Consequently, local experts have the responsibility to propose practical solutions to decision makers.
solutions to social jolt in africa1
Solutions to social jolt in Africa
  • People or countries are building strategic relationships for a purpose/Reason. So, chief negotiators and officials must develop strategic proposals in order to capture more partners. In other words, Africa is about to sustain its positive trend via innovative strategies, such as FORCE.
  • Most of Africans are not relying on implementing shortly a project; consequently, some frameworks fail to deliver accordingly. FORCE model encourages people to exercise or materialize shortly what have been planned initially.
  • These five are able to reduce illegal immigration from Africa to Africa, because there are parts of empirical approach; Cliff Wane said that. FORCE
  • F: Focus
  • O: Opportunity
  • R: Reason
  • C: Cohabitation/Collaboration
  • E: Exercice/Experiencing
about cliff yumba mpianawane
About Cliff YumbaMpianaWane
  • Very focused and fully committed to my vision.
  • My remarkable achievements are; exchanging with the DFID 2002–2003, Presenting my way of thinking to Nepad 2002, exchanging (on social policy of Africa) with Diplomatic representatives of Pretoria 2001– 2004, and « having a special privilege of dealing with the South African Presidency/Union Buildings 2002– 2006», and Building a project of social bilateral between Katanga Province and Western Cape Province 2007; in my position of Head of Excellence Africa NPO 028 702 Pretoria
  • With regard to Africa’s social policy, many evaluations have been done.