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Agency Workforce Programs Performance Reports PowerPoint Presentation
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Agency Workforce Programs Performance Reports

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Agency Workforce Programs Performance Reports - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Agency Workforce Programs Performance Reports. Idaho Workforce Development Council November 15, 2012. Presenter: Kevin Bittner Administrative Services Manager Senior Community Service Employment Economic Independence Community Service. Idaho Commission on Aging. Employment Planning

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Agency Workforce Programs Performance Reports

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Presentation Transcript
agency workforce programs performance reports

Agency Workforce Programs Performance Reports

Idaho Workforce Development Council

November 15, 2012

idaho commission on aging
Presenter: Kevin Bittner

Administrative Services Manager

Senior Community Service Employment

Economic Independence

Community Service

Idaho Commission on Aging
idaho commission on aging1
Employment Planning

Skill Training

Community Work Experience

Job Placement Assistance

Idaho Commission on Aging
commission for the blind and visually impaired
Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Presenter: Bruce Christopherson

Rehabilitation Services Chief

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Assist clients in making informed career choices for successful employment.

  • School-to-Work Transition (for ages 14+)

Prepare students to transition from secondary to post secondary or work experience.

commission for the blind and visually impaired1
Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Assessment and Training Center

Training individuals to perform any task, on the job or at home, as well as his/her sighted peers.

  • Business Enterprise Program

Helps blind individuals be financially independent and earn a living through the management and operation of small businesses located in public buildings.

department of commerce
Department of Commerce

Presenter: Randy Shroll

Economic Development Manager

  • Business Expansion and Attraction
    • Start ups, Expansions, New Markets
    • Fund Local Economic Development Efforts
  • Community Development
    • Financial Assistance to local governments for construction and rehabilitation of public facilities
    • Supports economic diversification, job creation, business expansion and sense of community
department of commerce1
Department of Commerce
  • International Business Development
    • Assists businesses export goods and services
    • Develops new markets
    • Increases foreign awareness of Idaho products
  • Tourism Division
    • Market the state at home and abroad
    • Distribute grants to communities to promote tourism
department of correction
Department of Correction

Presenter: TerressaBaldridge

Director of Reentry Services ET&R

Vocational Professional – Technical Education

Robert Janss School

  • Provide offenders with the skills needed to obtain employment
  • Skill sets include:
    • Soft Skills (now termed “essential skills”)
    • Practical, hands-on training in selected skilled trades
    • Registered Apprenticeships and Pre-apprenticeships
department of correction2
Department of Correction

Agency Partnerships

  • Idaho Department of Labor
    • Partnering with the Education program to deliver the Job Search Workshops in Probation and Parole District Offices across the state
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Co-author of the FY12 Heavy Equipment Operator Training grant project
department of education
Department of Education

Presenter: Jason Hancock

Deputy Chief of Staff

  • School Programs and Initiatives
    • Idaho Math Initiative
    • Idaho Reading Initiative
    • ISAT Remediation
department of education1
Department of Education
  • School Programs and Initiatives (cont.)
    • Limited English Proficient Student Program
    • Idaho System for Educational Excellence
    • Idaho Building Capacity Project
    • Network of Innovative School Leaders
state board of education
State Board of Education

Presenter: Dr. Mike Rush

Executive Director

Division of Professional-Technical EducationPresenter: Todd Schwarz, State AdministratorNumber of ABE Clients Meeting Stated Goals
division of professional technical education
Division of Professional-Technical Education

Number of Secondary PTE Completers Who Transition to Postsecondary Education or Training

division of professional technical education1
Division of Professional-Technical Education

Percentage of Technical College PTE Completers Who Achieve a Positive Placement or Transition

department of health and welfare
Department of Health and Welfare

Presenter: Rosie Andueza

Program Manager

A Department primary role is to help families and individuals develop the natural supports, skills and tools necessary to effectively manage their lives without government supports.


  • To improve work supports for low-income, working families and help them maintain those services when they are eligible to ensure stability in meeting critical needs for their families.
  • To provide job search assistance to recipients of Temporary Assistance for Families in Idaho (TAFI) and Food Stamps.
department of health and welfare1
Department of Health and Welfare

Work Support Strategies: include the integration and alignment of programs and policies, increased agency efficiencies through automated verifications, the creation of a universal workforce and by providing improved customer interaction through a self-service portal.

  • Idaho Child Care Program:
  • Average days for application approval decreased from 15 days in September 2011 to 10 days in September 2012
department of health and welfare2
Department of Health and Welfare

Self Reliance Programs

  • The Temporary Assistance for Families in Idaho (TAFI) and the Food Stamp programs require participants to engage in self-reliance activities including looking for employment, attending job training and job search courses. These services are provided through a contract with Working Solutions (a subsidiary of Easter Seals Goodwill)
  • Additional activities: CATCH (Housing First), Individual Development Accounts, Weatherization
department of labor
Department of Labor

Presenter: Dwight Johnson

Assistant Deputy

  • Employment Service

Provides a broad array of automated and personalized labor exchange services to job seekers and businesses.

  • Job Training
      • Workforce Investment Act
      • Trade Adjustment Assistance Program
      • Workforce Development Training Fund
  • Career Information Systems
      • Explore Career Opportunities
      • Find Education Programs and Scholarships
      • Find Work that Fits Career Goals
division of vocational rehabilitation
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Presenter: Jane Donnellan

Planning and Evaluation Manager

  • Project Search

A training effort to prepare transition students identified as requiring long term supports for the world of work, helping them move into community employment after high school.

      • Two hours daily of classroom training
      • Four hours daily of unpaid internship
  • Prepared and Connected

Collaboration with Idaho Department of Labor that provides specialized job search assistance.

division of vocational rehabilitation1
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • WorkStrides Demonstration Project

A Career Development Program designed to improve and expand the preparation of eligible customers preparing for plan development and employment.

      • Three day, six hour/day training
      • Exploration of interests, aptitudes, values
      • Identifying barriers to employment
      • Vocational Goal Setting
links to agency performance reports
Links to Agency Performance Reports