performance reports for vaw prosecutor funded programs n.
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Performance Reports for VAW Prosecutor Funded Programs

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Performance Reports for VAW Prosecutor Funded Programs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Performance Reports for VAW Prosecutor Funded Programs. Presented by Donna Phillips. Performance Report Due Dates. Performance Reports are in Microsoft Word & Excel Tab through the report automatically. In Excel any cells with “0” have formulas to automatically calculate

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Performance Reports are in Microsoft Word

& Excel

Tab through the report automatically.

In Excel any cells with “0” have formulas to

automatically calculate

Report will be available around

December 20th for downloading from the VSS website:

Click on “Performance Reports” and scroll down to the Performance Report section.

written instructions guidelines
Written Instructions/Guidelines
  • There are written instructions that can be downloaded to be used as a guide in assisting your completion of the Bi-Annual Performance Reports.
  • Page 1 & 2 of the Bi-Annual Performance Report Instructions/Guidelines provide you with basic instructions on tabbing through the Performance Reports as well as unprotecting the document when necessary.
  • Instructions will be available by December 20th to be downloaded from the VSS website: then click on “Performance Reports”
narrative section
Narrative Section
  • Please write a minimum of a paragraph for each question.

Question 1:

Summarize innovative projects, program successes, and/or positive changes.

    • This is an opportunity to sell your program or talk about what has worked.
narrative question 2 is optional
Narrative Question #2 is Optional

Describe assistance your program has provided to clients/victims that your would like to share with VSS staff

  • This is where you can describe assistance you have provided that may not be reflected elsewhere in the report
  • If you have an example you would like to share, but doesn’t fit under service statistics or other parts of the narrative, this would be the place to share it
media section
Media Section
  • Tells us the number of times your agency/program has had contact with the media.
    • Count contact with media if you are putting an advertisement in the paper regarding your services. But only count this once not every time the advertisement runs in the paper.
    • Count it if you contact the media to discuss SA, DV, Crime Victims, Stats.
    • Count if you contact the media regarding doing a television or radio interview or newspaper article.
  • Report the number of presentations given and the number in the audience
  • Presentations are considered to be when an individual provides general information about the services offered by your program.
  • Report the number of professionals trained.
  • Report the number of training sessions conducted.
  • Training is providing more in-depth information with the specific objective and intent for the receiving party to learn and potentially improve their work with victims of crime.
  • Provided by your staff to other professionals in other agencies. (I.e., VS training LE, LE training VS, PR training LE, etc.)
prosecution statistics section
Prosecution Statistics Section
  • This section is the same as your STOP VAWA Annual Report, specifically
    • Question #37A – Number of cases received, accepted for prosecution, decline or transferred
    • Question #38 – Disposition of cases table
    • Do not use the “other” category on the disposition of cases table.
submitting the reports
Submitting the Reports
  • Submit the reports to your Primary Victim Services Support (VSS) Program Contact.
  • Submit report via e-mail
  • If you need an extension please contact your Primary Contact as in some cases we can provide extensions & in others we cannot.
    • Please do not assume you will get an extension if you have not heard back from your VSS contact.
  • VSS contact will send you confirmation of receipt of your Performance Report
violence against women vaw annual report
Violence Against Women (VAW) Annual Report
  • You will complete the VAW Annual Report on the calendar year.
  • Reporting Period calendar year 2011 (Jan. 1– Dec. 31, 2011)
  • Due on February 15, 2012.
vawa annual report continued
VAWA Annual Report Continued
  • For programs that receive multiple funding streams: Report only on VAWA-funded activities within your program/agency for the VAWA Annual Report.
  • So, if you do not receive VAWA funding to provide training then do not complete that portion of the report.
  • Victim Service Agencies who receive VAWA funding: it is recommended to designate one individual/position that is paid for with VAW grant funds
  • If you do not designate a staff person please pro-rate VAWA funded staff statistics as best as you can.
general information top cover sheet
If you have any questions regarding the VAW Annual Report please call or e-mail your VSS primary contact.

Do not contact the Federal Office (OVW) with the question.

Please complete the report using Adobe and e-mail it to your VSS Primary Contact.

If you have any problems with Adobe, please contact your VSS Primary Contact immediately.

General InformationTop Cover Sheet
general information pg 1 and 2
#1 Date of Report – Date you complete it.

# 2 Year – 2011

#3 Throughout report “Subgrantee” refers to your agency or program. Write in the agency name.

#4 Subgrant Numbers – This would be the two contract numbers for VAW for the calendar year. (I.e., VW-11-_ _ &

VW-12-_ _)

#5. Type of funded organization – Check all that apply.

5a and 5b ask about faith-based and culturally-specific community-based organizations

#6. Complete your Point of Contact.

#7 Regarding tribal populations: answer Yes or No (Remember if you are using VAW funds specifically for this purpose.)

General InformationPg. 1 and 2
general information page 2
General Information – Page 2

Question 8:

  • Percentage of the VAW program grant funds are directed to
      • Sexual Assault
      • Domestic Violence
      • Stalking
  • Percentages add up to 100%
a2 staff information pg 3 b purpose areas pg 4
#9 Report the number of FTEs funded with VAW grant funds.

You can use increments. (i.e., 0.25; 0.5; etc.)

#10 Check all of the purpose areas that apply to your VAW grant.

At least one of these should apply for you to receive VAW funding.

DARTs/SARTs/Crime Units

Prosecutors– 2nd one down

Victim Services including Victim Witness Coordinators – 5th one down.

A2. Staff Information – Pg 3 & B. Purpose Areas – Pg. 4
vawa annual report continued1
Training – Pg. 5 & 6

If the VAW grant funds a position that provides training

Complete pg. 5 & 6

You will need to track as best you can the types of professionals trained.

Optional question – page 7, question 14

Coordinated Community Response – pg.8

All VAWA programs must complete this section

Check off all that apply

Optional question-page 9, question 16

VAWA Annual Report Continued
vawa annual report continued2
Policies – Page 10, 11

VAW funded personnel were used to create/edit policies

Check the type of policies/protocols.

Optional question—Page 12, question 18

Products – Page13

VAW funds used to develop, substantially revise or distribute products?

Brochures, Manuals, Training curricula, Training materials, and “other”

Number Created, Title, Audience, Number Distributed,

& Other languages.

VAWA Annual Report Continued
vaw annual report continued
Data Collection & Communication Systems – Page 14

Only entity this should apply to is the Court Improvement Project and the newly funded Protective Order Notification System

Specialized Units –

Page 15

All DARTs and SARTs complete this section.

If you receive VAW funding for team members, activities, etc.

VAW Annual Report Continued
page 16
System Improvement – Pg. 16, #24

If your VAW grant funds were used for any of the functions in Question 24, then check what applies.

D. Victim Services

Skip this section unless your are a VAWA funded Victim Witness Coordinator

Pages 17-23

Page 16
law enforcement pages 24 26
Skip the law enforcement section.

Click “No” and it will automatically skip you to the next section of the report.

Law EnforcementPages 24-26
prosecution section e2 pages 27 31
Prosecution Section E2 Pages 27-31
  • Click “Yes” to complete this prosecution section
  • Question 37A
    • Report the number of cases received, accepted for prosecution, declined and transferred
    • Report by the following categories:
      • Domestic Violence/Dating Violence
      • Sexual Assault
      • Stalking
prosecution section e2 pages 27 311
Prosecution Section E2 Pages 27-31
  • Question 37B:
    • Of the questions reported in #37A that were declined report the number declined by the corresponding reason:
      • Insufficient evidence (returned for further investigation)
      • Insufficient evidence/victim unavailable (no further action requested)
      • Request of victim/victim safety
      • Other: _________
    • Must report reason for declining by type of case: domestic violence/dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking.
definitions and examples
Definitions and Examples

Insufficient evidence (returned for further investigation):

  • The case has been evaluated and determined to not have sufficient evidence to support prosecution at this time. However, the case has been returned to law enforcement, or given to a prosecution-based investigator, for the purpose of developing sufficient evidence.

Insufficient evidence/victim unavailable (no further action requested):

  • The case has been evaluated and determined to not have sufficient evidence to support prosecution. This may include insufficient physical evidence and/or the unavailability of the victim/survivor or other witnesses necessary to prove the case.

Request of victim/victim safety:

  • The case has been evaluated and the prosecutor was made aware that bringing charges could further endanger the victim/survivor and/or her children. Based on this information, a decision was made not to move forward with the case.
prosecution section e2 pages 27 312
Prosecution Section E2 Pages 27-31

Question 38: Disposition of Cases Table

  • Report the disposition of listed types of cases that occurred during the current reporting period, including dismissals, deferred adjudications, convictions, and acquittals.
prosecution section e2 pages 27 313
Prosecution Section E2 Pages 27-31

Definitions of Types of Dispositions:

  • Dismissed: Report cases that were dismissed.
  • Deferred adjudication: Report cases in which there was a deferred adjudication. Deferred adjudication is a process in which adjudication of the case is deferred pending successful completion of certain terms. If a defendant successfully completes those terms, the case is then dismissed.
  • Convicted: Report cases in which there was a conviction, and indicate whether the offender was convicted as the result of a
    • plea to, or
    • was found guilty of, the highest offense charged (“plead as charged” or “guilty as charged”),
    • of a lesser charge within the same category (e.g., another felony or misdemeanor),
    • or of a lesser charge in a lower category (e.g., a felony reduced to a misdemeanor).
  • Acquitted: Report cases in which the offender was acquitted.
prosecution section e2 pages 27 314
Prosecution Section E2 Pages 27-31

Question #39:

  • Optional narrative response on issues present in cases that reached disposition.
  • If possible, discuss the extent to which cases that were characterized as domestic violence/dating violence, sexual assault, and/or stalking also included additional charges or elements of domestic violence/dating violence, sexual assault, and/or stalking beyond that case characterization. For example, x % of cases reported above as domestic violence cases also included counts of sexual assault, and x % of cases reported as domestic violence or sexual assault also included stalking charges.
  • The purpose of this question is to gather information on how often multiple crimes were present in the cases reported. If detailed information is not available, feel free to provide estimates based on your experience.
prosecution section e2 pages 27 315
Prosecution Section E2 Pages 27-31

Question #40:

  • Skip as it doesn’t apply to any currently funded VAWA program.

Question #41:

  • Report the total number of victim/survivor referrals to victim services by
    • Governmental victim services such as county or city based agencies.
    • Non-governmental victim service agencies such a local nonprofit Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Assault Programs.
prosecution section e2 pages 27 316
Prosecution Section E2 Pages 27-31

Question #42 Protection Orders:

  • Report the total number of temporary and/or final protection orders STOP Program-funded prosecutors requested and the number granted.
  • Count both civil and criminal orders.
  • Report by the following categories:
    • Domestic violence/dating violence
    • Sexual Assault
    • Stalking
prosecution section e2 pages 27 317
Prosecution Section E2 Pages 27-31

Question #43 Optional Narrative Question

  • Use the space provided to discuss the effectiveness of prosecution activities funded or supported by your VAWA funded Program.
  • You may provide examples, data, or any other information about your prosecution activities that you have not already provided.
courts section probation parole section batterer intervention program section
Courts SectionProbation & Parole SectionBatterer Intervention Program Section
  • Pages 32-35
    • Only Applicable to Courts that are VAWA funded. Specialized Courts Only – Skip by clicking on the “No” box
  • Pages 35-38
    • Only Applicable to Probation & Parole that are VAWA funded – Skip by clicking on the “No” box
  • Pages 39
    • Only Applicable to Batterer Intervention Programs that are VAWA funded Skip by clicking on the “No” box
narrative on vaw annual report pg 40
Narrative on VAW Annual Report – Pg. 40
  • Question #60 & #61
    • Must be completed as it relates to VAW funds.
  • Question #62 & #63 are Optional Questions.
    • You can complete – not a requirement
  • Report Due February 15, 2012 for the Reporting period of:
    • January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011.
crime victim assistance division victim services support vss staff
Donna Phillips

Victim Service Support Administrator

515-281-7215 or

Rhonda Dean

Community Specialist


Nikki Romer

Victim Specialist


Crime Victim Assistance DivisionVictim Services Support (VSS) Staff