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the crocodile and the vulture n.
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The Crocodile and the Vulture PowerPoint Presentation
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The Crocodile and the Vulture

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The Crocodile and the Vulture

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  1. The Crocodile and the Vulture By: Lauren D.

  2. One day in the late afternoon a crocodile and her offspring were resting in the Nile River.

  3. “Mommy I am hungry and there aren’t any fish out today,” said the baby croc. Mrs. Croc looked up to the trees and saw a vulture getting ready to eat a big piece of meat. “Watch this my child, I will get you something to eat,” she replied.

  4. With that Mrs. Croc went up out of the river and started to talk about the vulture loudly so he could hear. “Oh what a lovely creature you are sitting high up in that tree. You must be able to see Ra every morning before everyone else,” said Mrs. Croc. With that comment the vulture was pleased and decided to make a friendly conversation.

  5. Ra Sobek “Why yes, I do see Ra every morning but you must see Sobek everyday,” questioned the vulture. “Why yes, I do see him and he greets every animal in the Nile personally. But you must be able to fly very high where you can see all of Egypt,” answered the Crocodile.

  6. “Of course that is true, but you must have many friends of that second world under the water.” “Actually no, we crocodiles are feared as great predators. But you are harmless and must know the finest of animals,” said Mrs.Croc.

  7. “Yes that is true of me. I must bring a friendly appearance everywhere.” During this time Mrs. Croc looked back at her young and then winked. “You know you must have a song that you sing just like the quails and the other morning birds,” Mrs. Croc continued…

  8. “Why yes would you like to hear some?” asked the vulture promptly. “Oh, yes please,” said Mrs. Croc sarcastically. With that the vulture opened his mouth and the meat he was holding dropped right into Mrs. Croc’s mouth.

  9. She quickly walked back to her young and said, “Let us eat and get out of here! This vulture’s song is irritating and off key, besides we need to be prepared for Sobek’s party tonight.”

  10. And with that the two crocodiles left without the vulture even noticing that he had just lost his dinner.

  11. Common Sense is Greater than Beauty