enhancing the speaking skill n.
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Enhancing the speaking skill

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Enhancing the speaking skill - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enhancing the speaking skill. Mai Abdo Language begins with listening. Key word. Parents . Do they real help?. Basic rule. I bidi hut book fi bag Teacher Thank you welcome. Drama acts. Different goals can be achieved My name is Cinderella and I am very sad

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enhancing the speaking skill

Enhancing the speaking skill

Mai Abdo

Language begins with listening

  • Do they real help?
basic rule
Basic rule
  • I bidihut book fi bag
  • Teacher
  • Thank you
  • welcome
drama acts
Drama acts
  • Different goals can be achieved
  • My name is Cinderella and I am very sad
  • Her name is Cinderella and she is very sad
simple conversations
Simple conversations
  • Throw the ball
  • Can be any singer or actor
general comprehension questions
General comprehension questions
  • Hobbies
  • Siblings
  • Travel
  • Use their imagination
getting the full story
Getting the full story
  • Characters
  • What are their names?
likes and dislikes
Likes and dislikes
  • I like….
  • Tala likes
  • Rana and Tala like
they just wanted to speak
They just wanted to speak
  • segment from erics talk.mp4
  • fun.mp4
reading different verses
Reading different verses
  • That included new vocabulary
  • reading.mp4
  • teaching from a song.mp4
lesson learned
Lesson learned
  • Put them in real life situations
  • Teach them idioms
  • Teach them through songs
  • Self confidence
to summarize
To summarize
  • Make sure that students are aware of the fact that improving their speaking skill would help them communicate more easily and effectively

Where they can

When they can

Any practice is good whether with a native English speaker or not

  • It is built and it is very important to help students build it
  • Do their best to experiment with the English they know (rule)
  • Tolerate them especially grammar ones
  • Let them experiment with the words and phrases
put them in real life situations
Put them in real life situations
  • Try to respond to what people might say to them
  • Not to translate from their language. This takes time and makes them hesitant
  • Helps you become less hesitant and more confident
  • Do not speak too fast
  • Use a natural rhythm