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Champaign CUSD 4 GERMAN: “Our Department” PowerPoint Presentation
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Champaign CUSD 4 GERMAN: “Our Department”

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Champaign CUSD 4 GERMAN: “Our Department”

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  1. Champaign CUSD 4 GERMAN:“Our Department” Centennial High School 913 S Crescent Dr Champaign, IL 61821

  2. Our Philosophy:5 Great Ideas from German Class • EnglischisteinegermanischeSprache. English is a Germanic language.: This means German is easy! Most vocabulary words are cognates. Teaching methods are modern and interactive. • Klein aberfein. Small but fine.: we don’t have the enrollment of Spanish or the popular attention of Chinese, but German in Unit #4 is a classy department with lots of cultural activities and pathways for success. We form a tight learning community. • Deutschland isteinemoderneDemokratie.Germany is a modern democracy.: Young Germans responsibly acknowledge their country’s past while presently taking on respected and trusted international leadership roles. Germans are our defense partners in NATO, our business partners in the G-8, and our academic partners in STEM. • Das 21. Jahrhundert. The 21st Century.: Knowing about Europe is a 21st century skill. Germany is the driving force behind the European Union. • Deutsch ist cool! German is cool!: Rick Steves told his own son, “Learn German and go to Berlin!” Germans love sports, theater, movies, literature, music, travel, cars, and other languages, and they excel at them!

  3. Recruiting 8th graders for high school German:Our Promotional Flyer

  4. Our German Room at Centennial H.S.

  5. OUR CURRICULUMGerman I: Intro (STEM focus numeracy); German II, III-1st Semester: Honors (application); German III-2nd Semester: Pre-AP Honors; German IV: AP Honors; Parkland College: Dual Credit • German Department for both Central High School and Centennial High School housed in Centennial • Lesson Plans – UbD and Standards-based Grading • IPA summative and formative assessments; Rubrics • Deutsch Aktuell Thematic Units • Literacy Methods and Classroom Library • Sony e-readers with German Literature • Culture • Technology – wiki page with student submissions • Communicative Participation Structures

  6. Our German Teacher, Frau MalloyHer motto: “Talk Drives Acquisition.”

  7. Our Ties to the Business Community Pekara Bakery in Champaign, IL (fund-raising with Pretzels, money stays in community) ThyssenKrupp in Danville, IL (next slide: from our field trip to the plant)

  8. Students assemble a camshaftat the ThyssenKrupp Foundry

  9. Our Outcomes: Wall of Honorof students by year since 2000 who have taken the AP Exam and/or placed on the National German Exam

  10. Our International Travel: World Languages Hallway Display of individual students by year and destination who participated in the AATG Summer Study Trip: 3 weeks, family stay, daily German lesson, weekend excursions

  11. Our EU Essay writers • • Every year we participate in the Essay Contest at the European Union Center at the University of Illinois placing numerous times.

  12. Our Trophies from the Illinois State “Global Connections” Knowledge Bowl at the Foreign Language Festival “Globalfest”

  13. Our GlobalFest Team 2014

  14. Our Webpage • Calendar of Activities • Alumni Stories • Year in Review • “Our German Department” Powerpoint

  15. Our Technology“digital story-telling” on the smartboard

  16. OKTOBERFEST Our big event of the year is our Family Outreach Night “Oktoberfest” held on the last Monday of October every fall: singing, dancing, brass band, potluck dinner, knowledge contest, games, and play all in German.

  17. Potluck Meal Sharing

  18. Play & Blaskapelle: Friedrich der Groβe

  19. Next Generation

  20. Our Honors Students: New National German Honor Society Initiates May 1st, 2013

  21. Our German Alpine Rock Garden Centennial Courtyard (PTSA)

  22. Our Guests and Helpers:Mentors, Student Teachers, Native-Speaking Presenters

  23. Our Parents Unit #4 German Parents Booster Organization Join us on Facebook! Fall 2013: Selling Pekara Bakery Pretzels October 12th for Developmental Services of Champaign County April 2014: National Pretzel Day Sales at both High Schools

  24. Our Costs & Funding • Costs: AATG Membership, Outstanding Senior Awards, National German Exam for III/AP, Summer Study Trips, German Honor Society Memberships and Scholarships, Senior Honor Cords, Globalfest Registration, ICTFL Fall Conference, Workbooks for German III/AP, Field Trips, Online Resource Accounts, Oktoberfest Invitation, Service to German Awards, Recruitment Flyers, T-Shirts. • Funding: Scholarship Accounts held at First Federal Bank, Unit #4 German Parent Boosters Account held at Busey Bank, German Activity Account at Centennial, District World Languages Coordinator Fund, Principal Fund, Students’ Families, and Teacher personal funds.

  25. Our Senior “Trilingual Award”for German and one other language

  26. Keep studying after you graduate!IL Colleges & Univ. with GERMAN • PRIVATE COLLEGESAugustana COMMUNITY COLLEGES Black Hawk College • Columbia College Chicago College of DuPage • Elmhurst Harper College • Illinois College Heartland College • Knox College Highland College • Lake Forest College Illinois Central College • North Central College Illinois Valley Comm College • Rockford College Joliet Junior College • Kaskaskia College • PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES Bradley University KishwaukeeCollege • University of Chicago College of Lake County • DePaul University Lake Land College • Illinois Wesleyan University Lewis & Clark Comm College • Judson University Lincoln Land Comm College • Lewis University McHenry County College • Loyola University Chicago Moraine Valley Comm College • Northwestern University Oakton Comm College • Quincy University Parkland College • Robert Morris University Rend Lake College • Richland Comm College • PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES Chicago State University Rock Valley College • Eastern Illinois University Southwestern Illinois College • Illinois State University WaubonseeComm College • Northern Illinois University John Wood Comm College • Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, Edwardsville) • University of Illinois (Chicago, Springfield, Urbana-Champaign) • Western Illinois University (Macomb, Quad Cities)

  27. Where we’re going:Our Strategic Plan • Enrollment: Recruitment for a German One of at least 30 students at each high school. (Offering German One during Summer School.) • Retention. (What are we doing to keep kids enrolled? Most students who drop do so because they are failing English /Math, have schedule conflict, etc.) • Get German II approved for Honors. (ongoing) • Build and strengthen German III 2nd semester in a Pre-AP class. • Outcome: Build and strengthen new AP class with most students taking the exam. • Promote Dual Credit German for cross-over language learners. • Send at least 2 juniors on the AATG trip. (now we have one a year) • Send a yearly group to Washington Univ. St. Louis “German Day for High Schoolers”. • Expand Unit #4 German Parent Boosters. • Develop business partnerships. (Thyssen-Krupp, Pekara, others?) • Get more U of I members into the mentor program. (2 this year) • Databases: German-speakers in CU; former students who’ve studied college German • Teacher: work on “Advanced Certificate in Second Language Teaching”

  28. Our Goal: Become an American Assoc. of Teachers of German “K-12 German Center of Excellence”