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The OUR FATHER. Understanding our call to Prayer. The Sea of Galilee – The Mount of the Beatitudes . The Our Father. The “Our Father” is the prayer that Jesus gave his disciples.

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the our father


Understanding our call to Prayer

the our father1
The Our Father
  • The “Our Father” is the prayer that Jesus gave his disciples.
    • It is the only prayer that Jesus gave us directly. So, for Christians the “Our Father” is one of the most important prayers.
  • According to the CCC, the “Our Father” is a summary of the entire gospel! It summarizes Jesus’ whole message of salvation – of trust and love for the Father.
the acts of prayer
The ACTS of Prayer
  • Adoration: Take time to adore the Lord and give Him the affection of your heart.
  • Contrition: Here, we take time to recognize our sinful nature, and we ask God for forgiveness.
  • Thanksgiving: We thank Godfor the blessings in our lives.
  • Supplication: We ask God for things. We realize that we need God, and in God all things are possible, so we lay down our wants and needs before God.


breaking it down
  • “Our Father, who art in heaven… hallowed be thy name”
    • This is a prayer of adoration. The “A” of Acts!
      • Holy (or hallowed) is God = adoration.
    • “OUR” is important here. It’s not just because we are saying this prayer together as a church.
      • We as individuals are sons and daughters of the Father because we are united to the True SON of the Father. We become adopted sons and daughters of the Father. So when we say OUR FATHER, the OUR here also refers to OURSELVES and JESUS!
        • For Christians, this unity between us and Christ happens at BAPTISM.
breaking it down1
Breaking it Down
  • Thy Kingdom Come… Give us this Dayour Dailey Bread
    • Thy Kingdom Come…
      • Supplication… ask God to bring the Kingdom down
        • This is a prayer asking God to make the World a better place, and we remember our role in making the kingdom come!
    • Dailey Bread
      • Not just about our food!
      • St. Jerome compares this to manna from Exodus, calling it our Supernatural Bread.
        • For the Church this is a reminder of our Supernatural Bread – the Eucharist!
breaking it down2
Breaking it Down
  • Forgive us our trespasses… As we forgive those…
      • Contrition: here we ask God to forgive our sins.
        • It is a reminder for us of the power of God’s forgiveness – especially in Reconciliation!
  • We are also reminded of the Beatitudes
    • Blessed are the merciful!
breaking it down3
Breaking it Down
  • Deliver us from Evil
      • Supplication again. Here we ask to preserve us and protect us from all temptations and evil.
      • In the Greek language, the word used here for evil actually means “evil one” – or Satan!
        • We are reminded in this prayer that there is a spiritual war going on. We need God’s help to strengthen us from the snares of the devil.
          • If Christ was tempted, so are we!