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Our Father

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Our Father

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  1. Our Father The fourth pillar of our Catholic Faith Presented by J.P. Pacis

  2. Our Heavenly Father

  3. Jesus taught to pray to our Heavenly Father

  4. The First Half of the Prayer The ‘R’ Father • An invitation onto RELATIONSHIP • A Title of Divine REVELATION • The Art of RESPONSE • The Journey toward Our REUNION • The Invitation to REVERENCE • The Challenge of RENOUNCEMENT • REAFFIRMING Whose Will We Seek • The Opportunity for REMEMBRANCE Our/ Father/ who art/ in heaven./ Hallowed be thy name./ Thy Kingdom come./ Thy will be done/ on earth as it is in heaven./

  5. “Our” – An Invitation into RELATIONSHIP

  6. “Father” – A Title of Divine REVELATION

  7. “who art” – The Art of RESPONSE

  8. “in heaven” – The Journey Toward Our REUNION

  9. “The name of God is consecrated. It is holy. God’s name is not merely transcendent and mysterious; it is intimate and personal and interpersonal.” – Dr. Scott Hahn “To be holy means to be ‘consecrated’ or ‘set apart’ for a reason. We set things apart and revere them in an effort to keep them special, to maintain a level of purity. It is through an awareness of sacredness, an awareness of holiness, that we are invited into reverence.” – Mark Hart “Hallowed be Thy Name” – The Invitation to REVERENCE

  10. “Thy kingdom come” – The Challenge of RENOUNCEMENT “The sacraments are designed to destroy you…designed to destroy you and leave only God within you. We call this life of God within us grace.” – Mark Hart

  11. “Mary’s perfect faithfulness paved the way for God to accomplish his will through her.” “God’s GPS is the Holy Spirit. If we heeded the directions offered through Him, we would get to heaven.” – Mark Hart “A saint give God permission to remove anything and anyone from his life that keeps him from sainthood. They reaffirm God’s promise in a bold and practical way.” Christ’s prayer reminds us that love is far more than a feeling; love is a decision. “Thy Will be done” – REAFFIRMING whose will we seek

  12. Every single Mass, God is offering to become one with me – to re-member me – as I receive Him in the Eucharist, to become one member, again and again, with him. The mass is a sacrifice. The mass is not intended to entertain us but to enrapture us. It is for our salvation. Sacrifice helps us put and keep God in the center of our lives. God is love. God desires to share that perfect love. Through the death on the cross and through baptism, we are invited into that love in an intimate way. “On earth as it is in heaven” – The Opportunity for REMEMBRANCE

  13. The Second Half of the Prayer The ‘R’ Father • The Necessity of RELIANCE • The Intimacy of RECONCILIATION • The Need for REPENTANCE • Living in REALITY • Children in Need of RESCUE • Strengthening Our RESOLVE Give us this day our daily bread / and forgive us our trespasses / as we forgive those who trespass against us. / And lead us not into temptation / but deliver us from evil. / Amen

  14. “Give us this day our daily bread” – The Necessity of RELIANCE

  15. “(and) forgive us our trespasses” – The Intimacy of RECONCILIATION

  16. “as we forgive those who trespass against us” – The need for REPENTANCE

  17. “(and) lead us not into temptation” – Living in REALITY

  18. “(but) deliver us from evil” – he Children in Need of RESCUE

  19. “Amen” – Strengthening our RESOLVE